best affordable heat press machines

5 Best affordable heat press machines

Affordable Heat PressImageRatingsBuy
Angoo Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press 4.9/5View details on Amazon
RoyalPress 15″ x 15″ Heat Transfer Machine 4.8/5View details on Amazon
PlanetFlame Factory 15×15” Clamshell Heat Press Machine 4.7/5View details on Amazon
Nineaccy 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 4.6/5View details on Amazon

Do you want to start your own printing business? Do you have a limited budget?

Well, it happens with most of us, and there is no doubt that in the end, with a little bit more effort, you will manage to get a top-quality product that will also fit your pocket and help you run your business smoothly. But like we said, it needs time and effort.

When it comes to heat printing, a heat press machine is a must-have piece of equipment. But on the market, there are several presses for every budget. Even if you are a starter, stay hopeful because you will get your hands on a reliable machine without putting strain on your budget.

Purchasing a good machine once can be a long-term investment. If you are caught up in the scenario where you don’t have enough money but need quality and durability, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of the top five most affordable heat press machines that will serve the purpose and allow you to work effortlessly throughout the day.

I bought 15 cheap heat press machines that have good reviews on Amazon. I tested whether they are easy to use, have good build quality, and give good results. Out of 15, these 5 fulfilled my criteria. Here are my findings in detail.

5 Best affordable heat transfer machines

Here is a detailed review, pros, and cons of each best cheap heat press machine.

Cricut EasyPress 2

If you are a starter, you must be short on space or be looking for something easy to handle, carry, and understand. Your affordable heat press is the Cricut EasyPress 2!

A compact machine that will do all your printing chores with ease. It is 9 inches x 9 inches making it a good option for printing shirts, tote bags, and small pillows.

Cricut EasyPress2 is well-known for its durability, which is why it is ranked first. With boundless crafting ideas, it seems to work for any heat-transfer vinyl as well as sublimation projects. 

The best part is its ability to provide precise temperature control. complete customized experience! This best heat press machine under $200 has a practically feasible layout.

On the other hand, it has good safety features to keep accidental burns and overheating problems at bay. It features an insulated Safety Base and automatic shutoff specs. The heat plate design is refined, and technology is advanced. It has a ceramic coating. 

The built-in timer supports safety and ease. The machine is kept lighter for easy portability. Moreover, you can stash this travel-friendly machine in any corner.

Cricut EasyPress2 looks like iron and works like a heat press. It is fast to heat up and print. Speed is its forte, leading to effortless, professional-quality results.

Easypress vs Heat Press

  • Versatility – compatible with almost every fabric and material
  • Lightweight machine letting you take it anywhere anytime
  • Smaller footprint taking lesser space
  • Affordable price range
  • Available in two other sizes
  • Bets for school art projects
  • Might have to apply so much pressure manually
  • Smaller size reduces the design options
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Angoo Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press

Angoo 5 in 1 Heat Press is one of the most beautiful heat presses for all black fans. It is not only beautiful but also a stylish and equally reliable product.

It has a strengthened structure that ensures long-term use. Although, it is not as expensive as it should be.

The best part is its multifunctionality that makes it a suitable pick for crafters who are prone to adopt new hobbies from time to time. It works at a voltage of 110V with a power of 900W. 

This inexpensive heat press machine has a wide range of temperatures, a good range of pressures, and a timer. It is effortless to use. 

The swing-away design, which allows for 360-degree rotation, deserves all of the credit. No more accidental burns or scorching!

The package list is pretty long, with a platen press, hat press, mug press, and plate press. You can shift plates effortlessly. Its larger surface lets you print bigger designs efficiently. Moreover, digital liquid crystal temperature control is technologically progressive.

The Angoo 5 in 1 Heat Press has a stable base with a sturdy foot that ultimately increases the overall stability. You would like its robust steel frames offering industrial durability.

  • You can set a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Easily exchange to other plates
  • Heats up quickly
  • It comes with a 4.5 ft power cord that lets you move it.
  • The pressure plate tends to pick its pressure
  • The sliding plate has sliding issues
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RoyalPress 15″ x 15″ Heat Transfer Machine

Do you need industrial-Quality strength and maximum functionality but cannot afford an expensive heat press? Not a big deal! RoyalPress Heat Transfer Machine is the answer to every printing problem. 

This cheap heat press machine has a thickened casting aluminum heating plate that adds to its durability. Furthermore, it has a Teflon coating making it suitable for quick and effortless heat transfers. 

The printing area of 15” x 15” is large enough to print t-shirts of all sizes. It has a counter range of 0-999 pcs. The addition of a US-standard grounded plug is one big step to safety.

Coming to its appearance, it is modish and appealing. The highlight is the color LED with the Intelligent Memory spec. The three biggest benefits include Digital temperature, time, and counter triple function controller. 

The machine is designed for even and stable temperature distribution. Professional results are guaranteed in no time. And yes, the pressure also looks compatible. You can manage it with a pressure adjustment knob.

Being a versatile machine gives you the power to work with any fabric or material without creating any fuss. It is appropriately sized and lets you keep it anywhere.

This affordable heat press machine has a silicon pad made to endure as high as 350 degrees temperature without any alteration. The integrated electric control system is a silver lining.

Royal press is also among the heat press for beginners.

  • It has an understandable signal indicator.
  • Easy temp, pressure, and time settings as well as maintenance.
  • You don’t have to buy Teflon sheet separately
  • Temperature fluctuation issues
  • The clam top does not open wide enough
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PlanetFlame Factory 15×15” Clamshell Heat Press Machine

Here comes another pretty affordable 15×15” Heat Press Machine made in Clamshell design. This machine has its perks, and you can benefit from it a lot. Giving professional-quality printing results ensures everyone will love your art!

PlanetFlame heat press has a simple, straightforward, and basic layout. It comes in black, but unfortunately, it is not as gorgeous as other heat presses. It is safe to use and easy to maintain.

You can kiss goodbye to heat problems. It has a built-in fuse. Besides, for cloth safety and quality maintenance, the heat platens are Teflon coated. In short, this is harmless to all kinds of fabrics.

The design is feasible, offering convenient clean-up. The elasticity provided by the thickened and sticky, heat-resistant silicone mat is marvelous.

Individual Safety Control Chip is a real deal. You will not be spending time in its arrangement as it comes fully assembled. The robust aluminum heat platen guarantees the even distribution of heat and pressure. You can set your temp, pressure, and time precisely.

  • It comes with an intensive Manual coupled with Videos)
  • No need to buy extra Teflon sheets
  • Great for HTV projects
  • People love its high-tech, high-quality, and high standard
  • Perfect item for printing t-shirts, bags, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, etc.
  • Problems with temperature reader
  • Structural flaws are common such as it doesn’t close evenly.
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Nineaccy 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

This 5-in-1 heat press machine is one big machine, available in a size of 12×15 inches. It is carefully designed in the swing Away layout for minimizing the risks of accidental burns.

Giving 360-degree rotation gives enough space for setting design and substrate safely. Its strongest suit is the quality. 

Its frames are made of commercial-grade steel, which makes them strong and able to handle even very high temperatures. Every heating element comes coated with high-quality Teflon sheets. It will save you from heat damage and scorching. 

Nineaccy Heat Press is the best option to pick when you require a feasible, practically easy, and affordable machine. The even heat transfer is another plus. It works brilliantly with standard flat items. The aluminum press can print thicker materials with no fuss. 

The LCD control panel shows precise times and temperatures. The machine has a powerful timer with an audible alarm that also supports usage safety.

On the top of the machine is a knob for adjusting the pressure to fit the thickness of the material. This best heat press under $300 is well-suited for all thickness levels, surprisingly.

  • It offers easy-to-use temperature options
  • It does heat up quickly
  • Supportive swivel base
  • High-class and manageable control panel
  • It comes well packaged
  • It is a slightly heavy unit
  • It can get hot and smells like burning plastic
  • The instructions are not clear to follow
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How to find the best affordable heat press machine?

Research about best brands

It is always a good idea to start with searching he best brands and best stores. Once you find the best heat brand, you can research about the products.

Use price filter on Amazon

As we are looking for affordable options, set a price filter. First, decide your range and then choose from the available options. The best, feasible, and assured way is to put the filter on Amazon or any site you buy from. It will give you accurate results in terms of price but cannot guarantee quality.

Check features in your price range

Look for the specifications in every machine and choose what suits your business. The features might affect the price, but you will be able to manage a bit. Look for specific aspects that will ensure a smooth operation, such as:

  • Check if the product is easy to use. Its layout, design, size, and styling must be user-friendly.
  • See the machine size and pick one depending on the size of the workspace. But, also keep the purpose of buying heat press in mind. Size is directly linked with portability. Portable heat press machines are preferable.
  • The machine must have a digital LCD for temp and time display. It offers precision and complete control over settings.
  • Never neglect the safety aspects. It must have a built-in fuse and at least a timer with an audible alarm. Some come with an insulated base. Choose that one!
  • The machine should be versatile and compatible with most of the fabrics and materials. Multi-functional machines are a good option for personal and professional use.

Read reviews

You can read customer’s feedback and reviews. It will help a lot in finding a suitable machine. You will find good and bad reviews; you need to weigh them out before finalizing your decision. But remember, the comments and reviews can be marketing scams, too. 

Test the customer support

Another way to check if the product is worth the effort or not is to check its customer services. A good brand that manufactures durable items will definitely offer high-class customer support. 

Read the shipping and return policy.

Before buying, you must have read all the shipping, warranty, and return policies carefully. This is one of the most neglected aspects, but it has to be on the checklist. It will save you from future trouble. 


How to find a cheap heat press?

  • Research the stores and brands that sell a heat press machine
  • Use price filters
  • Check features within your price range
  • Read reviews and feedback
  • Go through the shipping, warranty, and return policy

How much is a cheap heat press?

Typically, the price range for a heat press machine is $200 to $1000. Coming to a cheap heat press, you can have one for less than $150 of good quality and satisfactory features.

Where can I get cheap shirts to heat press?

Amazon and Craigslist are the best options from where you can get your hands on a cheap or affordable shirt for experimenting with heat press machines.

What can I use instead of a heat press?

If you don’t have time or budget to buy a heat press, you can go with a household iron. It might slow down the process but will get it done accurately.

How much pressure does a heat press need?

It depends on the heat and time settings. Usually, the light pressure is considered up to 30 psi. And, 25-30 sounds ideal for most products, especially if it comes to automatic heat press. With manual heat presses, you need a little bit more pressure. We can say medium pressure. The range is usually increased to 32-38 psi.

What is the best brand of a heat press?

  • PowerPress
  • Vevor
  • Ephotonic
  • Fancierstudio
  • F2C

What is a good heat press for sublimation?

The heat presses that can tolerate pressure as high as 400 degrees F are best for sublimation, as they make the inks shift from the transfer paper to the fabrics efficiently.

How do you check heat press pressure?

Take a cloth and cut four small pieces with scissors of regular paper size. Now, place one on each edge, keeping half of it hanging outside. Close the heat press lid. And start pulling each piece of paper outside with medium force. If you find the paper rolling out quickly, it means the pressure is not enough.

Is a clamshell or swing-away heat press better?

Clamshell style is best for people who prefer to buy compact heat presses that are highly efficient and functionally suitable for almost every fabric, especially thin, flat items. The swing-away style offers clear, safe, and quick overhead access for easy placing of substrate and design. It is usually based on vertical pressure applications suitable for thicker items.

What’s better: a Cricut or heat press?

Both have their pros and cons. But according to many users, the EasyPress tends to be an affordable option for heat pressing. Especially if you prefer working with iron-on vinyl, the EasyPress is your item.

If you are making 2-3 versatile designs and using small surfaces for printing, you can opt for the heat press. You can read the detailed comparison here.

5 Best heat press machines for hat

Additional Questions

What is the best all in one heat press machine?

The “best” all-in-one heat press machine often varies depending on an individual’s specific needs and requirements. Factors such as cost, size, heating capacity, and user-friendly features can significantly influence one’s choice. Therefore, it’s essential to consider these aspects before determining the best model for you.

What heat press is best for T shirts?

When it comes to pressing T-shirts, various heat press machines stand out due to their performance, consistency, and durability. However, the choice is often down to your specific needs. For instance, if you require a model for an occasional hobby, a smaller and less expensive one might be adequate. On the other hand, if you press T-shirts on a commercial scale, you’d want a machine that caters to high volume and offers longer longevity. Therefore, the “best” heat press for T-shirts heavily relies on individual requirements and the scale of the operation.

Is the Cricut press as good as a heat press?

Both the Cricut press and a traditional heat press have their merits, depending on the project’s specifics. For projects requiring considerable pressure, such as with Infusible Ink and Sublimation works, a traditional heat press often proves superior due to its better even-pressure capability. However, if you are pressed for space and wish for easy portability, the **Cricut Easy Press** may be a more suitable choice.

What brand of heat transfer vinyl is best?

The “best” brand for heat transfer vinyl may vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. These can include the quality of the vinyl, ease of application, durability, color choices, and even the price. So, it’s important to consider these elements before deciding on the best brand to suit your needs. In my personal experience, I’ve found that **’X’ Brand** offers a significantly superior blend of quality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective yet efficient solution for their vinyl heat transfer needs.

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