Heat pressing acrylic beanies

Can you heat press beanies? Method, Pros, and Cons

Customized headwear continues to do well in the apparel decoration industry. Beanies are one of the most popular products because of their acrylic content. Heat printers have been a bit wary in the past of heat pressing this type of headwear, but not anymore!

Can you heat press beanies?

Yes, you can heat press beanies. It’s as simple as ironing shirts or pillows. All you need is a hat attachment or a hat press machine, some beanies, and your favorite design. Make sure to set the time and temperature according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the heat transfer paper.

Heat pressing a beanie cap

How to heat press beanies?

In this section, I’m going to teach you how to heat press a cap with a hat press. Not only can it save time and effort for you, but it also provides high-quality prints.

Here is how to heat press beanies:

  1. Prepare your design by using design software.
  2. Cut the design by using a vinyl cutting machine.
  3. Print it on transfer paper by using a printer. Skip these steps if you have the design as an embroidered patch.
  4. Make sure the cuff lies in a single layer so that there is an even amount of heat on the top and bottom platens
  5. Now we’ll take the embroidered patch and place it. Then, we’ll cover it with the foam pad that came with your hat press.
  6. The bottom heat setting is 320 degrees and the top heat setting is 280. Embroidered patches are applied for 30 to 45 seconds. Given that this fabric is sensitive to heat, and we want it to stay for a long time in the embroidered patch, we’re going to go with a dwell time of 30 seconds.
  7. Once we’re finished applying the heat press to this beanie, we can go ahead and remove it. You’ll see that we have a customized beanie, with no damage to the acrylic fabric.

Note: If you have bulk orders, you can use an auto-open heat press.

Pros and cons of heat pressing beanies


  • Easy and fast
  • The logo/design will last the lifetime of the beanie
  • You can use any colors you want.
  • It is a very affordable way to personalize your company.
  • The design can be changed with each order, so every customer gets a unique hat.
  • The cap can be worn as a casual accessory, or to protect from the cold during winter.
  • Custom designs will make the wearer feel more unique and confident.


  • There are no disadvantages to heat pressing custom designs on beanies. The design might shrink after some washes if not applied perfectly. However, it does not happen most often.


Can you heat press vinyl on a beanie?

Yes, you can heal press vinyl on a beanie. However, you need to be careful as the material is too delicate to handle the heat.

Can you screen print on beanies?

Yes, but it is not without its disadvantages. Screen printing on beanies can be challenging for the following reasons:

  • They are difficult to keep flat because of their shape.
  • The inside of the beanie can imprint onto the outside of the beanie and vice versa.
  • If the wearer has a small head, there is a high chance that it will not fit over their head once they put it on.
  • There is no margin for error if you want to adjust.

Why are beanies made of acrylic?

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is easier to work with than natural fibers. Acrylic is a good material for beanies because it is durable, the fabric is easy to dye, and it is affordable.

How do you heat a beanie?

The most popular ways to heat a beanie are to use an iron or to use a microwave. Some people also like to use a hairdryer, but this requires more caution, as the hairdryer can cause the beanie to melt.

Place the beanie on a flat surface. Then, set your iron on medium-high and place it on the front of the beanie.

Can you heat press vinyl on socks?

Yes, you can heat press vinyl on socks and shoes. Use a household iron/ mini heat press set on medium-high heat. Place the vinyl on the desired area of the sock, then lightly place a cloth over top of it and press with the iron for 10-15 seconds.

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