Winter clothing guide 2021 – 4 ways to dress for the cold

Everybody feels cold and tries to wear as many clothes as one can. Winters can be harsh, but they also offer us an excellent opportunity to show our sense of style. This winter clothing guide will help you stay warm and look ultra-fashionable.

Winter clothing guide

First of all, avoid these three things if you want to look ultra hot and fashionable in winter.

Don’t go for all black.

Black is an elegant and classy color. But it doesn’t mean other colors aren’t. Winter colors such as blue, charcoal grey, and emerald green are perfect winter dress colors. However, You can mix up things and try different colors and patterns. Adding pops of colorful items does not make sense. You can wear accessories that complement the color of your outfit. For example, bright-colored boots with bright colored blouses look perfect. Meanwhile, the jacket will add further to your style.

Don’t leave your existing wardrobe.

You can always transform your existing spring and summer dresses to get more out of them. To instantly extend your wardrobe, combine them with winter staples. Why not wear a summer dress over the winter sweater to add more to your style? Did you know that heated jackets and vests are available in different colors to make sure your winter isn’t dull?

Say no to white shoes.

If you are wearing white or suede shoes, the snowy ground can be a problem for you. It carries a lot of sludge and mud. Your shoes will get dirty quickly while the suede will be damaged too. An alternative solution to this problem is to use waterproofing spray.

Now, always do these things to make your winter colorful and stylish:

Bundle up

It’s the first and foremost principle to avoid the unforgiving cold. However, when we say bundle up, it doesn’t mean over bundle up. Nowadays, you don’t need layers of jackets, sweaters, and tights to keep yourself warm. It’s a thing of the past. You can opt for a heated jacket, heated gloves, and heated pants. These heated gadgets always provide warmth no matter what the outdoor weather is. These are perfect gadgets included in winter clothing guide for hiking, clothing guide for camping, and winter bike clothing guide—no need to carry the burden of extra clothes.

Add some classic pieces.

The versatile classic pieces can be a part of your summer, spring, winter, and fall outfits too. Choose the items which complement the colors you like. The classic clothing items are usually expensive. However, they add style and to outfits of all seasons.

Wear leggings

Leggings are part and parcel of your winter dressing. You can also wear them with jeans. However, they become problematic during our outdoor adventures in the winter. The heated pants solve this problem. So, if you have a heated pant, you do not need leggings at all.

Always choose closed footwear.

We all agree that sandals add style to our clothing. However, if you plan for winter clothing, don’t forget closed footwear like pumps, boots, and sneakers. Winter shoes also save you from frostbite. You can also choose heated socks to avoid the inconvenience of wet and cold socks. 

Winter clothing infographic

I hope you liked this winter clothing guide. At, I find and review all the items which can save us from the unforgiving cold.

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