Best hat heat press machines – Reviews and Buying Guide

RankHat PressRatings
1SHZOND Clamshell Hat Press Press Machine4.9
2VEVOR Clamshell Design Heat Press for Hats4.7
3PNKKODW Digital Baseball Cap Heat Press Machine4.6
4Smarketbuy Digital Baseball Hat Press Machine4.5
5DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine4.4

No matter the material and shape, substrate, or design, a heat press machine is necessary if you plan for a heat transfer print. We need the best hat heat press machine for shifting design from the transfer paper to the hats and caps over the selected spot.

Special heat presses for caps are designed with curved platens to ease the printing process. It helps press your favorite designs on your hets and caps easily.

The specialty and the only differentiating factor between a normal and hat heat press is its curved design. This special design for hats and caps guarantee quality print and design transfer.

I bought 12 hat press machines from Amazon last December. After using each machine for 3 days. Here is my analysis.

5 Best Heat press machines for caps and hats

Here is a detailed review, pros, and cons of each hat heat press machine.

SHZOND Clamshell Hat Press Press Machine

SHZOND cap press is the best machine that can help you print designs on caps by using its advanced technology. Undoubtedly, it is a highly affordable heat press. Now, you can buy yourself a heat press machine of high quality and advanced tech without putting strain on your bank accounts. It ensures a professional-quality result. And that is why they have 100% customer satisfaction ratings.

It comes loaded with manageable and likable digital controls that let you experience an easy operation. Besides, digital time & temperature readouts help you set them at a good reading.

Its layout is feasible, practical, and easy to use. The Cast-in tubular heating element is its specialty. It provides even heat and pressure distribution. Moreover, the patented design features 3/4″ (2cm) thick, non-stick upper platen AND 3/8″ (1cm) Silicone rubber-made bottom pad. 

Over-the-center pressure adjustment is another highlight included in a list of its advantages. The company provides optional platens to make your journey more amazing.

This heat press machine for hats has a 65° wide opening that is almost 10% broader than other clam-style heat presses. It helps you set designs and substrates with ease and safety. It is lightweight, better than iron, and offers convenient portability.

  • The industry’s best warranty is provided on the heat press
  • Leaves a quality print with a smooth-to-touch surface
  • The digital time and temperature displays are easy-to-read
  • Optional interchangeable platens are the most significant advantage for crafters who need to try new things all the time
  • Laser quality steel framework ensuring long term use
  • You need detailed knowledge to operate this machine

VEVOR Clamshell Design Heat Press for Hats

Vevor cap heat press is another hat heat press machine solely designed for effortless heat printing on hats and caps, bags and garments, etc. It is a good choice for quality heat printing. It is not only durable but is super stable & heavy-duty. It has a distinctive appearance that is equally appealing.

This efficient hat printing machine has premium quality die-casting aluminum plates representing fine artistry. With a working life span of 12,000 hours, it can be your long-term investment.

You can see precision in its automatic time controller and digital controller. Vevor comes equipped with an audible alarm that beeps when your task is completed automatically. Say goodbye to burning, scorching, and overheating issues! You can have a customized experience by presetting the time and temperature.

Its design has plenty of curved components, and every part is reasonably sized for printing hats and caps. Its ergonomic foam parallel arm handle increases the ease of use. What a grip it offers! No more hindrance in carrying or using this press machine. Being a versatile machine, you can use this best cap heat press for multiple purposes. It can shift any colorful mark, character, letters, or pattern.

This cap press is a good option for professionals as well as beginners. Vevor also features in Top htv machines 2022.

  • Most people like a service life of 12000 hrs.
  • It uses pretty advanced technology for printing and other tasks
  • The price range with the idea of a metal platen is great
  • It comes with a user-friendly clamshell layout
  • The heat plate feels a little smaller
  • Hard to open and close

PNKKODW Digital Baseball Cap Heat Press Machine

One thing this heat press ensures is a SAFE OPERATION. Designed in a unique swing-away design, the PNKKODW Baseball Cap Machine can be rotated 360º giving a straightforward approach to setting a design and substrate. Besides, it never hinders your practicality. In fact, it increases the functionality. It lets the heating element move aside without worrying about accidental burns.

This 5 in 1 machine is multi-functional for transferring colorful images and characters on multiple types of materials and fabrics.

Absolutely a sturdy, durable, and impressive layout to support easy heat transfers in daily routine! You can adjust pressure as per the materials’ thickness. This humanized design is supported by a 2 4/5” Long arm handle. 

The handle offers a firm grip and stability. Moreover, the comfortable rubber grip facilitates long-time use. There are detachable heat press silicone and cotton pads. Once tried, you will admire its ability to evenly distribute heat and pressure, leading to high-quality and most satisfactory printing results. 

The design has adjustable feet, too. It has a top finessed flat, mug, and plate press. For safety, this hat heat press features a built-in fuse. The heating plate has a classic non-stick surface, preventing the chances of scorching.

  • Works with almost every material
  • Best for beginners as well as professionals
  • People love how easily they can change the platens.
  • Loud whenever the timer goes off
  • Limited warranty for one year

Smarketbuy Digital Baseball Hat Press Machine

Smarketbuy is a durable machine for any hat crafter. With a curved heating element of appropriate size, it ensures to transfer the design brilliantly onto the hat or cup. It takes the power of about 150W, which seems like a pretty affordable option.

The time Range seems satisfactory and the temperature range as well. It can go as high as 570-degrees F. With a broad temperature and an impressive pressure range; it offers a better quality outcome. You can set it at any time with a full-range pressure adjustment knob.

Made in a handy clamshell design, it lets you do plenty of printing chores. No more burns while working due to accidental touch with a heated element! Hi-tech is infused such as digital LCD timer along with precise temperature control.

Once you have preset the desired time, all you need is to wait for an audible alarm to beep. It is a compact machine that is worth your money, for sure.

  • Detailed operating instructions/manual
  • Small footprint supporting easy storage and traveling
  • Quick heat uptime
  • Tremendous pressure with even distribution
  • It is lightweight.
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • The instructional guide can get better

DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine

If you are short on space but crave to perform heat transfers, you can have this fantastic and technologically impressive DODODUM Mini Heat Press. It is small in size but BIG in terms of functions. It offers ease of use for small-scale and unique heat transfer projects. It gives a sustainable printing quality that seems striking and clear. 

It has an auto shut-off feature for maximum safety. The machine is turned off automatically after the inactivity of 10 minutes. That is not all! It comes with FCC certification – a significant achievement.

This efficient machine has an insulated safety base to keep accidents at bay. Its 6.23 feet power cord seems satisfactory. With three adjustable heat settings, you can fulfill your craft requirements. The dry ceramic soleplate is sturdy and lets the heat distribute evenly, leaving no cold spots.

Being small, this best mini heat press for hats can be carried easily. The kit has a water spray bottle and a small canvas bag inside. A suitable machine for craft enthusiasts as it is small and very compatible. Finally, it is the cheapest heat press for hats.

Easy press vs iron

  • It heats up super-fast and evenly, too
  • The machine is easy to use
  • It works best for adhering HTV to thicker materials
  • Great customer service
  • Sometimes, reviewers faced overheating issues
  • Cord tends to come out slightly of back

What to look for in a hat/cap heat press?


Heat press machines are expensive, and if bought right, they can be your long-term investment. Always look for the quality, so you know if it is worth the money and will give you a satisfactory service life or not. You can check the quality by weight and features. A sturdy and durable machine will be slightly heavier due to the use of durable materials.

Size & Portability

Size is one vital factor to be noticed. It must not only be compatible with your physical space but should be able to print designs on hats in one go. Because hats are versatile, the hat presses are also versatile in sizes. Choose one that should be able to fit your workspace. The choice of size is also affected by the projects you are planning to do.

It is best to buy a hat heat press with interchangeable platens of diverse sizes. Size is directly related to portability. Smaller machines are more portable.

  • For bigger project: 16 x 20 inch
  • For smaller projects: 9 x 12

Time, Temperature, and Pressure

Even distribution of temperature and pressure is a big plus. The machine should have quality platens that ensure even and quick distribution of heat and pressure. Nowadays, every modern heat press machine has integrated digital time and temperature controls. It ensures precision. Look for the digital LCD for better management.

Choose a machine with a broad temp range. A built-in timer with an audible alarm should be the preference. Besides, the pressure knob should be easily adjustable.

Better the quality, correct time, and temperature values you will get!

Safety features

Safety is essential, and why not invest in a machine that will also take care of you? Look for certain safety features whenever you buy a device, as it will significantly reduce the risks of overheating and burning, marks, scorching, power upsurging, etc.

The device having a timer with an alarm and built-in fuse is recommended. Besides, the insulated base has its perks.


It is time to choose machines with understandable digital displays rather than wasting money on manual or bell timers. A digital time and temperature control panel looks best and is well-suited for professional artwork. It will handle even heavier workloads efficiently. Digital settings are fabulous because they offer you complete control to keep the settings on desired levels.


Don’t forget to check the length of the warranty. We advise you to buy a machine with a lifetime warranty, at least on the heat platen.


Teflon coating is a necessity if you need your machine to work smoothly and efficiently. A good coating also allows for easy cleaning operation. Heat platens need to be Teflon coated for seamless transfer of prints to hats and cups or mugs. If the machine has Teflon sheets on the plates, it is best. And if NOT, then you must buy Teflon sheets separately.


Can you make hats with a heat press?

YES, you can print hats with a heat press machine. Adding HTV to a hat is achievable. There are only two factors to consider: the construction quality should be satisfactory, and the layout should be curved instead of linear or straight.

What temperature do you set the heat press for hats?

The temperature is entirely dependent on the machine. But in general, if you are dealing with glitter HTV, you must set the device at 300-320 degrees for 15-20 seconds as a standard temperature and time. It is advised to keep on checking the timer to avoid any inconvenience.

In the case of using a hat heat press for sublimation, your temperature setting can go as high as 400 degrees but for a limited time of 1 minute for polyester hats.

How much does a cap press cost?

The typical price range for a best cap heat press machine is $150 to $500. If you are a starter, you can get one within the range of$100 to $200. The cost is affected by multiple factors such as multitasking, versatility, accessories, digital controls, technology, and style.

What vinyl is best for hats?

Flocked HTV and Glitter HTV are the best options because they are comparatively thicker and incredibly cover the design in layers.

What’s the difference between a heat press for hats and a normal press?

There is only ONE difference, and that is in its structure of heating elements. There could be straight or linear platen in a normal heat-press, but in the heat press machine, the heating element will be in the curved presentation, so it sticks the design better to all the sides of the mug.

Can I use a T-Shirt press for printing on hats?

No, you cannot. If it is specially made for the shirt, it must have linear platen that will not work on curved angles of a mug and hat. If it is multi-functional and has a curved element for heating, you can have it!

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