Is Heated Clothing Safe

Is Heated Clothing Safe? 12 Safety Tips For heated clothing

The heated clothes trend is on the rise. Today, heated jackets, heated socks, and heated gloves are available to save us from the freezing cold.

When we think about electric cables, batteries, and chargers used in heated clothing, the question arises “is heated clothing safe?”

The short answer to this question is yes. The heated clothing is as safe as normal clothing.  This is because low voltage batteries, carbon fiber elements, and insulated wires that are available in the heated clothes.

  1. The batteries used in the battery-operated clothing are of extremely low voltage. Usually, the batteries used in heated clothing range from 5v to 12v. A 12v battery is as safe as your smartphone battery.
  2. The carbon fiber elements are used as heating elements because they are rigid and last longer.  They do not emit radiation and are proven to be safe.
  3. The connected wires are properly insulated o that there is no chase of heated clothing catching fire.
  4. Most brands use conductive threads instead of electric wires, which not only makes your heating clothing lightweight but also minimizes the risks involved.
  5. The current generated through this system is not enough to cause skin burns.
  6. The chargers of the heated clothing are the same which are used to charge your phones. So, there is no risk involved.
  7. It’s been a decade since heated clothing was introduced. No single case of electrocution has been reported.

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Safety Tips for Heated Clothing

Safety Tips for Heated Clothing

Safety should always be our top priority, no matter what we do. Following are the safety instructions for heated clothing:

  • Children, infants, or anyone who requires supervision, should not use heated jackets, gloves, and pants.
  • If you are sensitive to heat or have poor circulation, avoid these products.
  • Do not use heated clothes, if the inner lining is wet.
  • The heating elements should not be in direct contact with bare skin.
  • If you feel discomfort, disconnect the heating system immediately.
  • Do not pinch the cords.
  • If you feel that the heat is inconsistent in different heating zones, inspect whether all the heating elements are working properly. Avoid using heated products until the issue is resolved.
  • Do not use pins as they can damage the wiring.
  • If you want to wash the heated clothes, do not forget to remove the battery pack.
  • Do not remove the sewn labels as they carry important information regarding the heated battery-operated apparel.
  • If you are not using the heating system, turn off the device, and disconnect the batteries. 
  • If you want the heated clothes to be repaired, get them repaired through a qualified person.
  • Always read the manual. It usually carries all the safety information.

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Additional Questions

Are electric heated clothes safe?

Yes, without a doubt, electric heated clothes, like jackets and pants, are incredibly safe to don. This comes down to two primary reasons. Firstly, the batteries that power these clothing items simply don’t have enough voltage to pose any risk of electrocution. That’s because these are specifically designed batteries to be low-voltage and hence, safe. Secondly, most, if not all, reputable heated apparel manufacturers prioritize user safety. As a result, these clothes are thoroughly waterproofed, rendering them not just safe to wear in inclement weather, but also efficient with their heat dispersion. Having worn these garments in rain, I can attest to the robustness and safety of their design.

Do heated jackets emit EMF?

No, heated jackets or any battery operated heated clothing for that matter, do not emit EMF or electromagnetic fields. Just to delve a bit further into the science behind this – EMF can typically be produced by AC electrical sources, but the batteries used in heated clothing operate at less than 13V DC voltage and have a frequency of 0 Hz, which means electromagnetic fields are not generated. As someone who has used and researched this clothing, I’ve found this to be the case across all reputable brands.

How safe are heated jackets?

Heated jackets are unequivocally safe to use. The underlying technology for heated clothing has been in use since the World War 2 era when pilots wore heated flight suits to battle frigid temperatures at high altitudes during long flights. If it was safe for them, rest assured it is safe for us too. There’s no risk of getting electrocuted or sustaining burns to your skin when wearing heated jackets. As a long-term user of heated jackets, I’ve never experienced any safety issues throughout my experience. It’s a comfort-enhancing tool apt for severe cold conditions, not a health hazard.

Are heated pants safe?

Yes, heated pants, much like heated jackets, are absolutely safe to wear. The technology and design of heated clothing are crafted around wearer safety. That being said, it’s crucial to note that these items should not be submerged in water while switched on, as this could damage the battery and compromise the garment’s safety. Over years of using heated clothing, I have found them to be extremely reliable and safe as long as you adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance and usage instructions.

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