take care of batteries of heated apparel

How to take care of batteries of heated apparel?

Heated apparel like battery-operated jackets, electric heated gloves, and USB charged socks have different batteries in them. These batteries help these heated gadgets to achieve the best performance. As a result, your body gets better heating and compatibility.

If you own a heated gadget or plan to have it in the future, here is How to take care of batteries of heated apparel?

Heated clothes like battery heated jackets, vests, and battery heated sweatshirts are made to cover the maximum body space. Ultimately, these heated clothes require batteries with larger output and capacities. Usually, batteries used in good heated jackets have a capacity ranging from 4000mAh to 10mAh. The power output for eclectic heated jackets and vests range from 3.7v to 12v.

Smaller heated gadgets like battery heated socks, electric heated gloves, and mittens carry batteries of smaller capacities like 1000mAh to 3000mAh at an output of 3.7v to 7.4v. It is because there is limited space in heated gloves and socks.

Taking care of batteries in heated clothes

Charging the battery

1) Fully charge the battery before the first use.

This is one of the most important steps involved in taking care of batteries of heated jackets, vests, gloves, and socks. Usually, the battery goes to dormant mode when it’s not used for more extended periods. Usually, the capacity of the battery is reduced in this scenario. Once we fully recharge the battery of heated clothes, the capacity is restored.

2) Use only the official charger and cable.

Since different batteries of heated jackets, vests, socks, and electrically heated gloves have different specifications. So, it’s a good idea to use only the official charge and cable.

3) Charge at normal temperature

Do not charge the battery of heated clothes at extreme temperatures. Charge it at normal room temperature, which ranges from 20°C-45°C (32 ℉-113℉). 

4) Do not overcharge

Avoid overcharging of battery heated jackets, electric heated gloves, and USB heated socks. Usually, the light changes from orange to green. However, every heated gadget has a different indicator.

How to take care of batteries of heated apparel

How to store the battery of heated clothes?

Maintain lower power level

If you plan to store the battery heated clothes, maintain a lower power level of the battery. Do not store the battery when it’s fully charged.

Charge at regular intervals

If you do not plan to use the heated gloves, socks, vest, or heated sweatshirts for longer periods. Charge the battery every three months.

Always store at normal temperature.

If you are going to store the battery heated jackets, vests, or eclectic heated socks, store them at normal room temperature. It’s a good idea to keep the battery inside the clothing.

Avoid humidity

Humidity can kill the performance of a battery. That’s why store the battery at a place where there is no chance of moisture. This will ensure proper care and safety of the battery of the heated clothing.

Note: If you feel the battery is swelling, do not charge or store it. Replace the battery or contact the manufacturer.

I hope you liked these care tips for battery heated clothes. If you follow these tips, your battery-operated garments will last longer.

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Additional Questions

Can you wash battery heated jackets?

Before answering this question, please allow me to clarify an important piece of information. While heated vests are great for keeping you warm in cold weather, washing them requires a little more attention. However, yes, you can indeed wash your battery heated jacket. Nevertheless, keep in mind that special care should be taken into consideration. Most importantly, always remove the battery before washing. And do your best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions which are usually provided along with the garment when you purchase it. Generally, you should use a gentle cycle and cool water. Also, it’s safer to hand wash and line dry. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the jacket contains electronics so certainly no ironing or bleaching and try to avoid wringing out the jacket.

How long does a battery for heated vest last?

It’s fascinating how technology has advanced, providing great conveniences in our lives. Heated vests, such a stylish yet practical winter accessory, one of my personal winter essentials. Now, regarding your question on battery life, well, it actually depends on a couple of factors. Typically, you can count on **anywhere from three to 10 hours** of use per charge. However, with higher quality vests and some mindful usage, you might be able to extend that all the way up to 20 hours. The extent of battery life is largely influenced by whether or not the heat is constantly running, the quality of the vest’s battery, and the heat setting selected –higher heat level means faster battery consumption. So, my advice is to adjust the heat level in accordance to your needs in order to make the most out of your battery life.

How do you charge the battery for a heated vest?

Recharging the battery for a heated vest is, in essence, an easy task. You would start with ensuring the battery is fully charged, most importantly prior to the first usage or after a long rest period (say 2 months or more) of non-usage. To charge the battery, you’ll simply need to connect it to the charger that comes with the vest. When the charger’s red light comes on, that indicates the battery is still charging. **Remember**, don’t be in a hurry, allow it to fully recharge. Trust me, being patient during the charging cycle will provide you with optimal heating during use.

How long does ORORO heated vest battery last?

ORORO is well-known for their heated clothing, providing quality products that come with reliable batteries. These batteries are also UL-certified. **They can provide up to 10 hours** of warm comfort, which I believe is quite reasonable for a full day out in the cold. In my experience, what’s truly impressive about ORORO is their warranty service. They provide a best-in-industry 3-year warranty for the carbon-fiber heating elements. Additionally, their batteries are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. I’ve used ORORO products and found them to be totally worthy of their reputation.

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