Best clamshell heat press machines

5 Best Clamshell heat press machines

  1. TUSY Clamshell 15×15 Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine
  2. Transfer Crafts Clamshell T-Shirt Heat Press and Sublimation Machine
  3. SHZOND Heat Press Machine 15×15 Inch Clamshell Heat Press Machine
  4. Bettersub Heat Press Machine Clamshell Print Press Machine
  5. GOLDORO Pro Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts

There are two types of heat press machines, clamshell and swing-away. The clamshell heat press has a heating element that opens at an angle of about 70 degrees to the surface.

Clamshell heat press machines are ideal for printing most materials like T-shirts & sweaters, and they can be operated quickly. They’re efficient, compact, and easy to use.

I bought 15 different clamshell heat press machines. I spent thousands of dollars and 30 days to find the best one.

Here I have shortlisted the top 5 that performed the best in my analysis.

Best Clamshell heat press

Here is a short overview, user reviews, pros, and cons of each clamshell machine.

TUSY Clamshell 15×15 Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine

TUSY offers several large-size presses for your everyday printing needs. These presses are easy to change to fit any need, whether it’s for a business or for personal use.

TUSY heat press provides a firmer, more robust heat press than many other rotating machines. The clamshell heat press reviews of this machine are primarily favorable.

This clamshell heat press allows you to adjust the pressure that it applies as you transfer materials. It also has a high-quality heating panel with two temperature settings that will help you get the most out of your transfers while you’re making things.

When the temperature of this machine is too high, it will automatically turn off to prevent accidents like burning and fire and is super safe and convenient to use.

This versatile clamshell machine can put letters, pictures, or embroidery designs on cotton, fabrics, and other textiles. It will be the most accessible machine for you to use in your home or a small business.

Transfer Crafts Clamshell T-Shirt Heat Press and Sublimation Machine

Transfer Crafts Heat press machine arrives fully assembled and ready to use. It will save you a lot of time and effort because it has an automatic timer that lets you program the precise settings for the desired results. It also has a dial knob where you can easily adjust the pressure levels.

The Transfer Crafts Heat press machine comes with a digital temperature controller and LCD display. The temperature ranges from room temperature to 500F, the time range is 0-999 seconds, and the aluminum heat plate is Teflon coated for even heating.

This Clamshell Heat Press is a great option when you’re looking to specialize in design. Heavy pressure and high heat make sure that the process makes a permanent result with little damage to your project, like wrinkles or other marks.

This clamshell machine is versatile and robust so that it can do a lot of different tasks. It can help you customize t-shirts, pillows, garments, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles plates & other items like these for you!

SHZOND Heat Press Machine 15×15 Inch Clamshell Heat Press Machine

SHZOND Heat Press Machine is a reliable and easy-to-use tool with a durable and versatile design. It works with various materials from fabric to paper, helping you to create anything from t-shirts to banners.

It’s simple to use, with digital temperature control and an LCD display. With its Teflon-coated heat plate, it is more accurate than ever before.

A pressure adjustment knob and transfer effect optimization can better control the pressure during transfer and optimize the transfer effect. And it’s also easy to use and built for commercial and home use.

It’s time to transfer your design to your home textiles.

This clamshell heat press with attachments is the perfect tool for you. Use it to transfer images and text on cotton, fabrics, and more! It is simple, easy, and quick, with 80% faster pressing time than an iron.

Bettersub Heat Press Machine Clamshell Print Press Machine

Get professional-looking heat-pressed t-shirts for your business with this reliable yet affordable machine! Heat press your t-shirts without getting too close to the fabric and protect them with easy-to-use digital temperature control. It is very easy to clean.

With the ability to press almost anything, this clamshell printing heat press machine is a must-have for anyone doing work on T-shirts, tote bags, aprons, hats, sweatpants, and more.

It offers a fully digital control over parameters. It has a temperature range of 0-440℉ and a time range of 0-499s.

Whether you’re a professional, a home enthusiast, or an industrial machine operator, you can now produce professionally printed heat-pressed items with the use of this clamshell heat press.

GOLDORO Pro Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts

The GOLDORO Pro Heat Press is a professional-grade heat press designed to give you the control you need to turn out high-quality products with ease. The temperature range and timer range make it versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of items and processes.

As a professional heat press, it can change the pressure to match the properties of the material being printed on. This makes the pressure more stable and appropriate.

Goldorobuy Pro Clamshell Heat Press helps you apply heat to all kinds of fabric and non-embroidery materials, such as leather, metal, paper, plastic, and more. It has a unique auto safety protection that can automatically switch off the machine when the temperature exceeds a certain degree.

Whether it’s business cards, shirts, home decor, phone cases, or something else, this clamshell heat press with slide-out will press your idea into life with ease. This powerful machine is perfect for producing high-quality, durable pens and prints for all of your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clamshell heat press machine?

What is a clamshell heat press

A clamshell heat press is a portable, lightweight, and affordable device that can be used to quickly and evenly apply heat to a wide range of products. With the use of a clamshell machine, you can apply heat without using a forced air convection oven or hot plate.

Clamshell machines are often used for quick production runs on clothing, most often T-shirts or sweatshirts.

What is the best clamshell heat press?

Tusy Clamshell heat press

Our research shows that TUSY Clamshell 15×15 is the best clamshell heat press machine.

How to use a clamshell heat press machine?

  1. Prepare the raw materials
  2. Plug the machine into a power outlet.
  3. Set time, temperature, and pressure.
  4. Open the clamshell heat press machine’s cover and place the desired fabric between the top and bottom plates.
  5. Close the clamshell heat press machine’s cover.
  6. Once the desired temperature is reached, turn off the heat press machine.
  7. Wait for the material to cool down
  8. Please refer to the clamshell heat press instructions or manual given by the manufacturer, and they might differ slightly.

What is the difference between a clamshell and a swing-away heat press machine?

A clamshell heat press machine is a machine that is similarly shaped to a clamshell. These machines have the heating element on the top of the unit and the pressing area on the bottom. This type of machine features a “clamshell” like design and heat sealing area.

A swing-away heat press machine has a rectangular design, and the heating element and pressing area are located on opposite sides of the unit. This type of machine features a “swing away.” Here is clamshell heat press vs swing away detailed comparison.

What is better; clamshell or swing-away heat press machine?

The clamshell machine is better because it’s more professional and doesn’t require extra parts like the swing-away machine.

Why you should choose a clamshell heat press?

Small Investment

Buying clamshell can help you save your money. Heat press machines of this style are not only space-efficient but also cost-efficient. You don’t have to make hefty investments in a clamshell heat press.

Minimal Learning Curve

The significant difference between swing away and clamshell is the learning curve. Being an easy to operate machine, it offers maximum convenience in using and assembling. The learning curve is minimal, and you can understand its straightforward construction in no time. You don’t have to waste your time understanding how to use it, install it, or switch it on.

Great for small businesses

Being budget-friendly, they make an ideal option for start-ups and small-scale organizations. Businesses with limited finances and smaller printing orders must buy this piece and enjoy delivering projects on time and with quality. Its compactness makes it suitable for personal use, as well.


The clamshell heat press machines are respected as one of the most versatile items to print. It can help you transfer the desired designs on any fabric or garment, glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, etc. You can buy it in any size. It is ideally multifunctional.

How to put letters on a hat with a clamshell heat press?

It would be best to have a quality heat press machine, heat transfer paper/HTV vinyl paper, scissors or knife, cutting mat, and a hat for this project. First, prepare your design on software and then shift it to your transfer paper. Now, it is time to weed or cut the design with accuracy for professional quality. Moving on, switch on the heat press and let it heat. Once reached the pre-set temp, put the hat on and position the paper. Press the machine and wait for the alarm to beep.

How do I set the temperature on my clamshell heat press?

Setting temperature on a heat press seems pretty straightforward, especially if it is a digital machine with an LED controller box. For setting the desired temperature, start with resetting the numbers. Now press up for increasing the temp and down for decreasing the temp. 

Is a clamshell heat press worth it?

Oh, yes, they are totally worth your effort and money. A clamshell heat press is a good fit for professional and personal tasks. This is easy to use and store because it is small, and it can print at an industrial level for a reasonable price. It can be placed at home with no stress.

Their affordable price point makes it more attractive. They usually possess unique and practical features. You must go for multifunctional (5 in 1, 4 in 1, 8 in 1) options if you want to have fun with printing items.


A clamshell heat press machine is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal for all of your heat pressing needs. Clamshell heat presses can hold anywhere from 120 to 240 square inches wide of material. The capacity of your heat press determines how many pieces of clothing you can press at one time.

Most clamshell heat presses can also be used with larger sheets of material, which makes this machine versatile.

Our research found that TUSY 15×15 heat transfer machine is the best clamshell heat press machine.

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