What stores sell heat press machines?

  1. Amazon
  2. Cricut
  3. Walmart
  4. eBay
  5. Swing Design
  6. TomTop
  7. ProWorld
  8. Vevor

Do you want to buy a heat press machine? 

Are you looking for a good store that sells heat transfer machines?

Well, you can buy a heat press machine from a shopping mart near you. However, you will not be able to choose from different brands and models as most stores only have one or two heat press models.

This is where online shopping proves to be a blessing. Not only you can compare different brands, but you also have the luxury of choosing a heat press that is backed by reviews from thousands of buyers. The machine is delivered to your door. Moreover, almost all stores offer a money-back guarantee. So, buying a heat press online is a win-win situation.

Here is a list of stores that sell heat press machines:


Amazon sells over 1000 heat press machines. You can search and filter the heat presses according to your requirements and budget. You can also read reviews and watch videos posted by genuine buyers. There is also free shipping for all orders that are over $25.

Currently, the following heat press brands are available on Amazon:

VEVOR, Cricut, HTVRONT, Fancierstudio, SURPCOS, TUSY, VIVOHOME, BetterSub, Seeutek, Dollate, Slendor, sopbost, G HEAT-GOO, O BOSSTOP, SmarketBuy, CREWORKS, Fierton, OFFNOVA, PowerPress, SHZOND, WOOKRAYS, MYSUB, Realkant, ephotoinc, Angoo, Rosineer, Dulytek, CO-Z, USCutter, AGH, MECOLOUR, HIFRRUY, GO2CRAFT, Mlife, Qomolangma, BRRERR, POWLAB, ReArt, and POVOKICI



Cricut sells everything you need for printing. It includes the vinyl cutting machines, heat press machines, heat transfer papers, mats, and lighting tools. Moreover, Cricut offers graphic editing software too.

The heat press machines include Cricut Easypress 2, Easypress 3, Minipress, Mugpress, and hat press machines. The vinyl cutting machines include the Cricut Maker, Explore, and Cricut Joy.

This is one of the most popular brands. It frequently offers deals and discounts. If you are a Cricut Access member, you also get discounts on every machine you purchase.

The Cricut items are the best. However, there are no user reviews on product pages.



Walmart offers 800+ heat press machines to choose from. You can also visit Walmart near you and buy the heat press machine of your choice.

 The feedback from buyers can also help you choose the machines. However, no video reviews are available when we compare it with Amazon.

You can also get a free shipping offer for all orders over $35.

Currently, the following heat presses are available at Walmart for sale:

Cricut, VEVOR, Preenex, TUSY, Zimtown, ZENY, Costway, SLAOUWO, ZenStyle, MECOLOUR, Penson & Co., Penson & Co., Powerpress, Slendor, Viribus, ePhoto,A-SUB, Avery, Intbuying, and Silhouette.



Currently, there are 1800+ heat press machines on sale on eBay. It includes new as well as second-hand machines. 

This platform works differently compared to Amazon and Walmart. You have to deal with sellers directly. The heat presses are available on sale under two options:

  1. You can bid on a sublimation machine if the seller wants to sell through a bidding system. The highest bidder gets the products.
  2. You can buy the product directly from the seller by pressing the buy now button.

Although you can see the seller ratings, there are no reviews from the buyers. Most of the listings do not mention the brand of the heat press. Another disadvantage is that there is no free shipping offer unless the individual seller agrees to offer it while listing the product.

Currently, the following heat press machines are available for sale on eBay:

Amprobe, B&K Precision, Carejoy, Fancierstudio, Focusbinding, Geo Knight & Co., HIX

Hotronix, QOMOLANGMA, Seal, Segawe, USCutter, and VEVOR.


Swing Design

Although not as popular as Amazon or Walmart, Swing Design has established itself as the hub of heat press printing.

Currently, over 500 heat press machines are on sale at the Swing Design store. There are no filters to choose the products by features or price. However, the feedback from the buyers is available to help you choose.

You can buy the heat press machines like Geo Knight, Swing Design, and Hotronix from Swing Design.



It is an online store that offers thousands of products at cheaper prices. Currently, TomTop sells 7 heat press machines. It includes mini, portable, tumbler, and combo heat press machines.


ProWolrd offers over 200 heat press machines. You can filter the heat press machines by category. Currently, they offer heat press machines like Silhouette, Hotronix, Maxx, Transpro, and Geo Knight heat press machines.



Vevor is a leading heat press machine brand. They only sell their own products. However, they have the best collection of 5 in 1, 6 in 1, 8 in 1, 15×15, 12×15, mini heat presses, and heat press combos.

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