Best heat press machine 2022

The Best Heat Press Machines in 2023

Heat PressRatings
F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine9.9
Fancierstudio Digital Sublimation Heat Press9.8
RoyalPress 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine9.7
VEVOR 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine9.6
TUSY 12×15 Pro 5 in 1 Swing Away Heat Transfer Machine9.5
ePhotoInc Digital Heat Press Machine 1515YB9.4
SURPCOS 12×15 Heat Press Machine9.3
Weanas 12 X 15 Professional Swing Away Heat Transfer Machine9.2
SHZOND 15x 15 Heat Press for T-Shirts Hat and Mug9.1
PowerPress Industrial Quality 15×15 Inch Heat Press9.0
Cricut EasyPress 2 HTV Vinyl 9 x 9 Machine8.9

Are you looking for a good heat press machine?

Well, it can be difficult to choose when we consider that it requires a bit of investment and there are so many options available.

During my printing career, I have used over 50 heat press machines. I have found these 11 machines to be the best when we consider the ease of use, portability, functionality, and results. Here is my complete analysis:

11 Best Heat Press Machines

Here is a detailed review of these heat presses:

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

F2C Heat press is an all-rounder machine with an industrial-grade design. It is large, covering a greater surface area. This machine is designed to be multipurpose. It is useful when printing on mugs, hats, and mousepads.

Whether you want to print on ceramics or glasses, textiles, or any other material, it will deliver quality prints.

The addition of a multi-spring balancer ensures maximum flexibility. You will get complete control over temperature and timing.

No matter whether you throw mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, heat transfer vinyl, silicon pads, household linen, or baseball caps, it will be able to meet all of your printing needs in an affordable price range.

The best part is the alarm system that makes this best heat press machine 2023 safe to use.

Talking about the drawbacks of this tee shirt press, it requires more space than others and does not come with a manual.

1200W110v32 – 430℉0-99922 pounds15.1x15X17
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Good quality and durability
  • Good for beginners
  • Great for sublimation and vinyl designs
  • Seller has good customer service and willing to resolve issues
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with additional attachments for various substrates
  • Lack of clear instructions on how to use the digital temperature gauge
  • Produces a toxic smell when turned on, which can be unbearable for some people
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Fancierstudio Digital Sublimation Heat Press

Fancierstudio Power Heat Press is listed among the top achievers for its solid build quality. The ability to offer good functionality makes it a good option, as does the ease of use and maintenance.

Everybody needs a machine that is safer to use, for home crafting. You can set the timer and temperature as per your need. It gives you the full capacity to take the procedure in your hand.

This black piece of a top heat press measures 15 inches by 15 inches, which seems reasonable enough. It is different from the previously mentioned machine because it has a unique Clamshell layout.

The pad of the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press is made of top-quality silicon. It has better color accuracy and richness in its printing. Furthermore, modularity and usability are its strengths.

You can use it for commercial as well as personal purposes. This heat transfer machine is made to give professional results because it permanently embeds the graphics into the substrate.

The handle requires some energy in order to be pulled up and the Fancierstudio Power Heat press is a bit heavy. Other than these, we could not find any flaws in this product.

1400W110v0-500℉0-99943lb30 x19 x17
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Works well for making t-shirts and heating kydex
  • Quick heating
  • Beeps when the time is up
  • Good starter press for the price
  • Control panel is pretty easy to operate
  • Initial smell when heating for the first time
  • Difficult to position shirt onto the bottom plate
  • Handle assembly can creak and clang loudly
  • Temperature may drop a few degrees when platen is clamped down and pressing
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RoyalPress 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

This Royal Press was another heat machine that we enjoyed using. It is about the same size as the machines that came before it, but it is different in style, design, quality, and construction.

It comes equipped with the most advanced, newest technology. It has controllers that are digitized and are easier to control. You can see temperature or heat and timer settings on the LCD. It has Teflon-coated surfaces for better printing quality and makes your machine work longer with total efficiency.

This hot press machine needs no assembly. It means it saves your time and effort. Electronic time and heat control let you experience precise programming. An ideal pick for consistent and supreme-quality results!

You can even manage pressure with a simple knob. It is best for printing T-shirts, bags, mats, ceramic tiles, or any flat surfaced item.

This heat press is perfect for canvas bags, silicone pads, t-shirt business, sports shirts, crafting business, and home use. The working area is perfect for small business owner’s needs.

Heat press reviews show that it benefits Crafters and business owners alike with its durability, accuracy, and ease of use. It can withstand excessive wear and tear caused by daily use.

The flaws include sharp edges around the handle area and it comes with a very short cord.

1400W110v0-480℉0-99942lb30 x19 x17
  • Mechanical quality is decent for the price
  • Large and heavy machine provides an even press
  • Simple control unit once you understand how to use it
  • Can be used to make a variety of products, from T-shirts to circuit boards
  • Operates from any normal 15A or 20A residential or industrial 120VAC circuit
  • Good for beginners to experts
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • The control unit has somewhat dim display
  • A Chinese woman in the instructional video speaks with poor English pronunciation, making it hard to understand
  • Noisy beeping alarm when the timer count down reaches zero
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VEVOR 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Vevor is one of the best heat press brands. Explained as a 5-in-1 multipurpose, versatile, and brilliantly made tool, the Vevor power heat press is one of the essential tools for the printing business.

It has a unique swing-away design that rotates 360 degrees, making it a feasible option to deal with. It has the safety certification making sure that you face no burning, overheating, or mechanical faults.

This hat heat press machine has enough protocols to prevent scorching of transfer. With its large heat platen, you can print anything you want!

There are minimal chances of accidental contact; you can place it in any corner of your house. Set the desired time and heat level and leave the rest to this incredible apparatus.

This power heat press comes with an audible alarm that rings only when your task has been completed. You can see a small red button that will pop up in case of unstable voltage. This best affordable heat press is undeniably an affordable and practical heat machine.

It has precise digital controls. The control box ensures safety for home users. This power heat press has 4-mm aluminum silicate paper insulation with a 10-mm thick thermostable sponge. Brilliant!

The pitfalls include bleak instructions and mats that might slip when you put on a hoodie.

1050W110v0-4800℉0-99957lb‎20 x 18 x 19
  • Versatile machine with multiple functions.
  • Easy to use and small enough to hide when not in use.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Affordable price.
  • Difficulty in figuring out the time settings.
  • Some users report issues with uneven temperatures and difficulty in maintaining consistent heat.
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TUSY 12×15 Pro 5 in 1 Swing Away Heat Transfer Machine

Cheers to this 5-in-1 for its durability, reliability, and feasibility. Oh, yes, extreme practicality and functionality. And how can we forget to admire its safety in complementing the Simple Program System?

Umm…is there anything left that you would desire to have in the machine? No? then this is your answer to the printing problems.

This sublimation machine is delivered in a pre-assembled package so that you can work on heat transfer projects in no time. Its large surface transfers heat to the substrate quickly and leaves a print that lasts for a long time.

The LCD is made with cutting-edge technology that gives you full control over the time and temperature settings. This heat transfer machine has built-in support, like pads, that help keep it as flat as possible and make it as stable as possible.

This is one great multifunctional heat press that reduces the risk of heat damage. Bringing 360-degree rotation, the heating elements can be moved safely.  The flat platen of this vinyl heat press machine is perfect. Pick this t-shirt printing machine if you need a tool for a long time of use.

Be aware that one of the reviewers on Amazon received a faulty machine and support was not much helpful.

1100W110v32-480℉0-99948.5lb12 x 15 x 18
  • Good quality product that comes well packaged
  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • Quick heat up time
  • Makes pressing easier than a regular iron
  • Great customer service
  • Some difficulties with using the timer and temperature settings
  • Ticking sound can be annoying
  • Missing pieces in one case
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ePhotoInc Digital Heat Press Machine 1515YB

One of the most versatile and adaptable heat press made by ePhotoInc, is now in the market. It runs efficiently. It prints supremely.

This swing-away heat transfer machine by PhotoInc is designed brilliantly. And there are several admirable services it has to offer. With ease and quality, it transfers graphics to your shirts, bags, mats, puzzles, ceramic tiles, utensils/plates, and other flat-surfaced items.

The thing that makes it unique is the installation of the latest digital technology. LCD is made clear for telling precise temperature and time.

It feels like the photoinc heat press machine is specially designed with a handy layout where heat platen guarantees even heat distribution.

The platens are made to withstand higher temperatures for professional quality end products. It is made for safe use. The power output is perfect and it also ensures energy efficiency. This an excellent press for families with kids to guarantee they do not get inadvertently burned.

The user reviews show that the temperature settings not matching with those on the manual and it feels a bit flimsy.

1400W110v0-500℉0-99950lb26.75 x18 x14
  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • Efficient timer
  • Fast heating up time
  • Inaccurate temperature readings across the heat platen
  • Difficulty unlocking the locked position
  • Handle is difficult to lift after the timer runs out on a project
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SURPCOS 12×15 Heat Press Machine

What makes one machine a desirable item? Durability, strength, functionality, and safety. This has it all!

The heat press machine that prevents accidental burns also tends to be a reliable source for printing. It has a sturdy construction that is built to last. It is capable of bearing the intense heat produced by these presses.

Its structure and quality combine to provide you with astounding results. Usable for commercial and personal use, it transfers heat quickly and evenly.

The swing-away design adds to its feasibility. It has a detachable lower platform that lets you set the design and substrate quickly. Maximum safety for easy use is the most vital asset it has to offer.

The handrails are made Easy-grip and non-slip. This heat press is installed with a multi-spring balancer assuring the even distribution of pressure. With sturdy arms, you can operate it without putting in too much energy.

It’s difficult to figure out how the timer works. Other than this, there are no major defects.

900W110v200-450 ℉0-99950lb15 x 12 x 18
  • Easy to use
  • Works well with vinyl
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for entry-level
  • Multi-functional (able to do shirts, plates, mugs, and hats)
  • Affordable
  • Instructions are unclear
  • Cup press requires extra parts to assemble
  • Temperature is hottest in the middle and lukewarm around the edges
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Weanas 12 X 15 Professional Swing Away Heat Transfer Machine

Want to print a mug, shirt, tile, or plate? With this great piece of equipment, you can print all of your essentials with the graphics and designs you want.

Highly versatile to use, this 5-in-1 heat press is something that will leave you stunned. With the ability to transfer bright to dull, and vividly colorful to subtle images, it delivers impressive outcomes with the precision of heat and pressure.

This cheap heat press machine has maximum durability to offer. It stays as new as the first time, even after regular use.

The addition of Teflon adds to the safety of use as well as the quality of work. The layout is taken under consideration for quick and effortless, even transfer of heat.

The 5-in-1 set includes 1 x Teflon-coated platen, a cap press, a mug press, and two plate presses. No matter how hard the job is, this shirt presser will make sure the result is better. It provides a comfortable feel with consistent use.

The catch is it does not get as hot as other presses and it is difficult to adjust the settings.

900W110v200-450 ℉0-99939.8lb15 x 12 x 18
  • Good for sublimation and vinyl
  • Fast and friendly customer service
  • Works well once you get the hang of it
  • Arrived earlier than expected
  • Not sturdy; top plate falls over when fully swung away
  • Uneven heating
  • Parts may break easily
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Weanas also features in our list of top vinyl heat press machines.

SHZOND 15x 15 Heat Press for T-Shirts Hat and Mug

SHZOND heat press machine is available in large size (15’’x15″) that fits t-shirts of any size on its platen for better printing outcomes.

It can transfer heat quickly, efficiently, and evenly. Being a versatile option, this t-shirt heat press machine has five several heat-shifting elements. It ensures a premium user experience by printing the design on the substrate permanently.

The swing-away mechanism adds up to its ease of use and safety. The use of durable and quality-made “heat transfer elements” makes it a preferable choice as a commercial heat press for professionals.

You can set the timer and temperature with advanced digital control. It’s a feasible and practical layout of the anti-skid long handle, Teflon used on the platen, broad area for setting design, and full rotation saves your time, money, and effort.

Depending on your ease, pick either Fahrenheit or Celsius for the heat scale. You can set timer control for a maximum of 999 seconds.

Working with this press machine is harmless. The platen is made heat resistant, so you get professional results. No problems of sticking or burning when you are working with this heat transfer printing machine.

They do not sell other mag attachments separately and it is made in China. The tech support is non-existent.

1000W110v32 – 430℉0-99949.4lb22.7 x 19.8 x 17.5
  • Great customer service
  • Lots of options with the addition of cap, mug, and plate presses
  • Side swinging top plate makes it easy to get garments on and off
  • Great value for the price
  • Timer feature is nice once you figure it out
  • Some attachments are not plug and go, and require taking the main plate apart
  • Some attachments, such as the mug/cup attachments, are difficult to bolt together
  • Power cord is too short
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PowerPress Industrial Quality 15×15 Inch Heat Press

PowerPress has made a one-of-a-kind heat machine that can be used for printing a variety of items. With maximum flexibility, adjustability, and customization, this small machine makes your job easier.

Pressure and heat levels are adjustable, ensuring better printing results. The machine can withstand higher temperatures without annoying you with overheating or burning problems. And yes, the Powerpress heat press does come with the advanced tech of LCD.

It displays precise information. This fully digital temperature and time control let you set them as per your need.

For safety and quality, Teflon is used on the heating element. Powepress heat press is harmless to all fabrics. Unlike many other options, it is equally attractive in design. The use of industrial-strength material for construction offers maximum durability. Even the minute details are carefully laid out.

For instance, the handle of this studio power heat press is appropriately lengthened and weighted, offering optimum and snit-slip grip. It is perfect for the t-shirt business.

Other than this studio power heat press, they also offer silk screen printing presses.

We were able to find only two weaknesses in this Powerpress heat press. First, it does not come with proper instructions and the heat might drop 2 degrees when you start to use this studio power heat press after setting up the parameters.

1400W110v32 – 455℉0-99947.9lb28 x 17 x 16.5
  • Effective in making shirts and other crafts.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Economical and worth the money.
  • Has good reviews even outside Amazon.
  • Does an awesome job in heat pressing.
  • No instructions included in the package.
  • Can be dangerous to work with due to the lack of pull-out feature.
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Cricut EasyPress 2 HTV Vinyl 9 x 9 Machine

Are you looking for an ideally sized heat press machine for printing shirts, bags, mats, and pillows? Why waste time when the solution is right here?

Cricut EasyPress2.

Buy from Amazon or Cricut Store directly.

This starter heat press can transfer heat to the substrate for vinyl or sublimation projects without causing any safety issues. It provides you with limitless opportunities to experiment with unique customization touches.

For maximizing safety, you can see several advantageous features added. The best part is, it is portable.

Feel free to carry it or store it anywhere, anytime. This marvelous tool is designed solely to offer fast, effortless printing results that also last longer.

The use of an advanced heat plate design with a ceramic coating makes it transfer heat seamlessly.

This last candidate in our list of best heat presses heats up quickly within a matter of minutes. It applies the desired heat and gentle pressure to give you designs that last even after repeated washes.

The cons of this starter heat press are it is a bit too small, the instructions are not that good, and you have to buy the mat separately. Finally, this is a perfect machine for home craft use.

Cricut also features in our list of top portable heat presses.

1350W110v0-400℉0-9990.139 ounces13.07 x 13.98 x 7.36
  • Creates quality designs on various fabric types
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Provides even heat distribution
  • Accurate temperature settings
  • Great for beginners
  • Ideal for DIY craft projects
  • Fragile ceramic heating plate
  • Pricey for some customers
  • Not suitable for professional and frequent use
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Heat Press Machine Guide

We will cover the basics of heat printing, types of machines, and pros and cons in this heat press guide.

What is a Heat Press Machine?

Do you like customizing your shirt, mugs, or hats? If yes, a heat press machine is for you! It could be essentials, alphabets, designs, or something personal.

For those who don’t know…

A heat press machine is a piece of equipment that uses heat and pressure to transfer images or designs to a material. That material can be anything—wood, glass, fabric, etc. It is used for producing a professional-quality graphic illusion. Moreover, it can help you design marvelous, customized gifts!

Manufactured in straight and curved designs, it transfers the imagery to all straight and curved surfaces. They help apply pre-designed or custom-designed patterns to many items.

It is one of the most efficient digital printing methods.

Types of Heating Press Machines

Clam-Shell Designs

Just like its name, it comes in a clamshell shape. But it is loved for its simplicity. Open the machine by removing the upper platen, place and adjust the material that needs to be printed on the bottom platen, choose the design, close it like a clamshell, set the heat and pressure with time, and let the machine do the rest. Wait for the beep!

Without any learning curves, it is a pretty straightforward machine used for printing in a single step.

It is made small in size, making it a space-efficient design. It offers convenient portability. You can operate it efficiently. If you are dealing in vinyl, it is a great option. This design seems to work brilliantly for thin materials. It is suitable for beginners.

The clamshell design is surprisingly time efficient. Being a cheaper option compared to other designs, it has become a must-have for efficient and effortless printing.


  • Not workable for thick materials
  • Uneven heat distribution

Swing-Away Designs

A swinger model that is not only operational but also looks modern and unique. Unlike clams that work as a mouth, the swing-away machine has an upper plate that swings on the side when opened. Its safe-to-use design protects you from burns.

You can easily arrange this machine and set the substrates and designs. It can print even thicker fabrics, including mats.

With even heat and pressure distribution, the quality is guaranteed. It requires maximum care and attention, precision, and focuses on arranging the items. 


  • Takes more space
  • Complex working
  • Time-consuming assembly

Advantages of a Heat Press Machine

Here are the advantages of the heat press system:


One of the most significant advantages is its versatility and adaptability. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, it is absolutely a multi-functional tool. Choose manual or automatic, choose straight or curved, choose big or small dimensioned, and the list continues! Its versatile nature gives you unlimited options.

Ease of use

It is not only easy to maintain but also easy to use. It needs no extra time to unpack, assemble and install. It goes straight to the table from the package. A good heat press saves your time, effort, and labor. Once you have read the provided manuals, you don’t have to worry about using them. It needs no experience to use it.

No Mess


In comparison to screen printing, where you would need liquids, dyes, solvents, and many accessories, heat transfer machines require no such things. No spilling! No ruining! No cluttering! With no contact with ink makes it a better option to have a clean printing process.

Quality Work 

A great machine ensures high-quality work. With heat and pressure in a perfect balance, the printing outcomes are usually straightforward, striking, and long-lasting IF TAKEN PROPER CARE OF.

Fits the budget

Yes, the press machines should be pocket-friendly. You can buy these Amazon heat press machines without putting a strain on your budget. Even if you are tight on budget, you can purchase these machines for a small setup.

Other benefits

There are several other benefits mentioned by industry experts such as:

  • It can be used for several colors of layered printing
  • Even Photographic material can be heat pressed
  • It usually covers less space and is made compact
Heat press machine vs. Iron

How to Choose the Right Heat Press Machine for Your Business?

Are you looking for a quality, functional, durable, and a great machine for personal or professional use? If yes, then you should know, it is an expensive investment to make.

Heat presses are pricey, and that is why you must be vigilant in selection whenever you are purchasing them. Whatever the reason you are buying the machine for, the following factors are necessary to be taken under keen observation:


The very first thing you need to be careful of is the type you want, depending on the style and intended use. There are three main designs available, and all three serve different purposes. You can choose draw, swing-away, or clamshell. Every type has its pros and cons. Choose what suits you!


  • Apart from the style and type, the most important thing is the size of the machine:
    1. Clarify your purpose.
    2. Look for the space you have to set the machine.
    3. Look out for the item or item size you are going to print.
    4. Pick the size.
    • You can opt for a smaller one when you need to print smaller items such as mugs, shirts, etc.
    • If you require a larger size, for instance, to print a T-shirt, the best recommendation is to pick either the 14 x 16” or the 16” x 20”
    • The largest format presses go up to 20 x 25” and upwards.
    • Multifunction heat presses like 5 in 1 and 8 in 1 are also available.
    • Other than these, Easypresses, and press mini machines are also available especially for t-shirt entrepreneurs.


They are designed in two different shapes. If you know the purpose, it will be easier for you to pick the shape. One has a flat surface, and the other has a curved surface. The flat surface tends to be best used for printing shirts and glass pieces or wooden blocks.

A curved surface machine is an ideal option for mugs and cups, where you need to bring a curve for complete heat transfer printing.

Manual vs. Automatic

Both options work well for personal and professional use. But if we compare, a manually operated machine sounds like a better option.

If you use a machine for printing intermittently, have no constant use or urge of printing daily, or prefer printing in a small batch, a manual machine is your jam. Moreover, they fit your budget being a cheaper option.

Well, if you are into a big business that needs daily printing or for a minimum of 4+ hrs. a day, an automatic-operated machine is a good fit.

Materials Being Pressed

Keep an eye for this factor, too. As every fabric doesn’t seem to take the heat equally, it is sensible to choose a machine keeping the materials you are going to print in mind.

Research which heat presses will help you achieve the best results on the materials in heat transfer printing. For example, a thirst design might be too big for a machine.

Single or Multi-Purpose Ability

Do you need a printing machine for one business, such as shirt printing, mug printing, wood printing, or glass printing? Purchase a single-purpose model. If you are planning to stick the machine to several products, invest in a multi-function machine. They come with super-easy interchangeable heat platens to let you make state-of-art pieces.

Controls and Pressure Knobs

What makes the machine best? Its functionality, especially if we are talking about a heat transfer machine. For maximum functionality, the machine must have a practical design. But the controls and pressure knobs are equally important.

Choose a machine that has digital controls for easy temperature/heat and time setting. Pressure knobs are essential to maintain reasonable pressure while printing. These factors exclude the risk of burning your product.

Certain other factors you must consider…

  • Quality of the material
  • Budget
  • Extra accessories are available in a package
  • Ability to distribute heat evenly for better printing results
  • Digital timer
  • Dont’s forget to read heat press reviews

Which Types of Materials Can Be Heated with a Heat Press Machine?

But, be extra careful with certain fabrics because pressing and exposing them to heat can affect the quality. You must avoid using thin materials and synthetics for pressing as they are more sensitive to high temperatures.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using a Heat Press Machine?

  • If you are planning to print in bulk, the heat press gets expensive.
  • The heat press is never a good option for layered colors as it will make your garment slightly heavy.
  • The printing done with heat press machines is usually not so durable. They are prone to fading when continuously washed or respectively used.
  • There is a possibility of the printed area sticking to the iron ruining the quality.  
  • Sometimes, not a suitable pick when printing dark t-shirts
  • Heat printing inhibits the air circulation in the printed area, making you sweat more than usual.
  • The heat press machine stiffens the printed area.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Heat Press Machine

  1. If you ever want to make your machine last longer, you need to put effort into its maintenance. It will only serve you long if you treat it right. Here are the easiest tricks to keep your heat press machine safe and valuable for longer durations.
  2. Always keep your working area/Heating Platen clean and free of dust.
  3. Don’t forget to lubricate the Joints (pistons and rods) for smooth movements with high-temperature lithium grease.
  4. Keep an eye on the temperature.
  5. While pressing, always remember: all pressures are not created equal.
  6. Protect the Silicon Pad with Teflon to avoid the material from sticking to the machine’s upper platen
  7. Take some time to clean the Air System regularly.
  8. Always preheat your fabric/material.
  9. Beware of nylon transfers.

What else do I need for a heat press business?

You need a good heat press table to place the machine. A good laptop to create designs, A quality printer for printing the designs, and a good cutting machine to cut the fabrics, vinyl, and paper.


How to use a heat press?

As far as the question “HOW TO USE A HEAT PRESS MACHINE” comes, it depends on the type and style, design, and size of the machine you are using. If you plan to use a heat press machine, remember that you would need other accessories, such as a PC for designing, scissors, cutters, heat tape, a printer, quality ink, and most importantly, transfer paper. But there are general steps that need to be followed:

  • Start with selecting your materials, and don’t forget to press-wash them.
  • Now, pick the design you want to get printed. Focus on colors and background schemes.
  • Choose a good transfer paper as it has multiple variations. Choose from inkjet and laserjet and give attention to the color of the transfer paper as it can be light or dark.
  • Set the machine to a specific temperature through its manual dial or digital control and let the machine get heated
  • Once the machine is heated, set the pressure and time for the printing duration. Try starting with medium pressure.
  • Set the fabric/substrate you intend to get printed. Ensure that it is not crumpled or bunched up. You can pre-press the fabric if needed to avoid wrinkles.
  • Finally, when the shirt is all stretched on the platen, put the design that you have cut the HTV (if you are using HTV)
  • With everything set up, it’s time to press!

How much is a heat press?

The general range of heat press machines is “$150 to $3000”. Typically, the cost depends on the printing quality, added accessories, and extra features it offers. The style can also affect the price. You can get a good quality t-shirt heat press machine for $300. Higher the quality, the higher the price.

How to avoid heat press marks on polyester?

  1. Use low temperature
  2. Don’t forget to put the layer of protective paper between the substrate and design.
  3. Avoid using a thick stretchy rubber sheet.
  4. Preheat the shirt as it helps in removing moisture
  5. Press once with complete pressure and desired heat level
  6. Always tape the shirt to the platen
  7. Use link remover

Here is a complete heat press temperature and time guide.

How to clean a heat press?

The first question is, WHEN should you clean your heat press machine. Well, it is easy. Did you see residues, ink, fabric prints, or unnecessary remnants on the platen? It is a GREEN signal for you that it is time to get your machine all cleaned up.

For Teflon Coated Heat Press Machines:

  • Unplug all the electrical outlet
  • Let the heat press cool down.
  • Take a bucket, pour non-abrasive cleaner (liquid dish soaps and liquid hand cleaner), and mix it in a specific amount of warm water.
  • Take a soft fabric piece and dip it in the soapy water.
  • Wipe down your press platens with the rag.


  • Wear heat-proof gloves
  • Make a soapy mixture (as mentioned above) and dip a rag.
  • Wipe the residue on the platens while it is on.
  • Turn off the heat press once you are done cleaning.
  • Let the machine cool down.
  • Rinse the pads/platens with cold water.

For Non-Teflon Coated Heat Press:

  • Unplug all the electrical outlets and let the machine cool down
  • Get yourself a cleaning product with gravel and gritty surface such as sandpaper
  • Remove the residue from the platens by scrubbing gently
  • Plug back the device and let it heat up.
  • Put on the heatproof gloves and now scrub the remaining remnants
  • Turn off the device
  • Once cooled down, rinse the platens with water (cold, not icy)
  • Dry it with a towel

Is a heat press a good investment?

Yes, it is a good investment. After all, it makes your job easier. with a quality heat press machine, you will be able to customize every product expecting supreme printing results. The versatility, flexibility, and adaptability make the heat press machine a smart choice for professional and personal use. It might be a pricey option but worth the money. It gives you long-lasting prints that stay intact or never fade even after repetitive use and washes.

Are heat press prints profitable?

Yes, why not!

Heat press prints tend to last longer. Once printed, they will withstand excessive use and repetitive washing schedules. Besides, the broad range of heat press transfers is something fascinating and equally profitable. They work on low-temp adhesives, never scorching sensitive fabrics. With one machine, you can print plenty of items of different materials, sizes, and styles.

Because of their super-durable construction, they offer more extended use – giving you more bang for your buck!

What size heat press do you need for T-shirts?

The ideal sizes for press machine that will make your t-shirt printing easier are:

Is a press better than iron?

Yes, in most ways, YES! And here are the benefits heat press machine has over iron use:

  • It has timers that let you set the timer for easy and efficient printing
  • The built-in audible alarm helps maintain the safety
  • Heat presses allow you set a temperature or heat level with advanced digital controls
  • More temperature resistant
  • Pressure can be adjusted by turning a knob
  • Variety of styles that can be used for straight and curved items separately
  • Lots of safety features
  • They never burn or scorch your fabric
  • Quick heat uptime
  • They tend to have a larger surface area covering more significant space in one press
  • Useful for versatile fabrics, even wood, glass, ceramic, and others
  • Better quality product with accuracy and precision
  • The print lasts longer if taken proper care. Here is a detailed comparison of Heat press and Iron

Are heat press machines worth it?

Yes, they are worth the effort and value of the money you are paying. We agree that heat press machines are inexpensive but as they are usually made super-durable, they compensate for the money. If you are into some business, it is a valuable addition. The versatility in its design, styles, shapes, timer and temperature settings, sizes, and digital displays…just remarkable!

Additional Questions

What’s the best heat press to buy?

When it comes to buying a heat press, one brand stands out among the rest – the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press. This machine offers an impressive 15 x 15 inch heated plate, providing ample space for diverse projects. Its digital temperature and time control functions allow for precise settings, ensuring your design transfers perfectly every time. Its silicone-gel baseboard is also a nice feature, providing a sturdy and smooth platform for your artworks. Having used it myself, I can vouch for its efficiency and effectiveness. It truly is one of the best options on the market! Check it out here.

Which press machine is best?

The best press machine really depends on your specific needs. For instance, if you’re more oriented towards t-shirt prints, then the F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine would be the top choice. Known for its versatility, this machine can transfer onto various items- from caps to mugs, plates, and of course, t-shirts. From my experience, its easy-to-use design, and excellent implacability ratio further substantiates its high recommendation. You can also adjust its swivel and height which gives you maximum flexibility.

What brand of heat transfer vinyl is best?

In my extensive experience with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), I’d highly recommend Siser EasyWeed HTV. This brand has established a strong reputation for its top-quality products, and their heat transfer vinyl is no exception. Siser EasyWeed HTV offers a wide array of vibrant colors and is known for its durability and ease of use. It cuts and weeds easily, making it suitable for detailed designs. In addition to this, it’s compatible with a variety of fabrics, and has excellent wash durability.

What is the best multifunction heat press?

If your projects require a machine that can tackle a variety of tasks, then the Vevor Heat Press 8 in 1 Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press would be your best bet. From mugs to caps, t-shirts, and other flat surfaced items, this machine has got you covered! Having used this product on multiple occasions, I can confidently say that its rightful place is at the top of any list of multifunction heat presses. Its user-friendly digital controls, adjustable pressure, and included attachments for different items make it a truly versatile workhorse and worth every penny spent. You really can’t find a more cost-effective and functional option than this.

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