F2C heat press review

F2C Heat Press Review – Is It The Best Swing Away?

  • Price
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Supported materials

F2C Heat Press Review

With digital controller, non-stick surface, 360 degree rotation, and a wide range of supported materials, F2C heat press machine is a good professional swing away heat press machine.




  • Detachable non-stick surface
  • Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Cotton pads and adjustable silicone pads
  • It has a wide range of features
  • It can be used on several materials
  • It is sturdy.
  • Smart controls
  • Prevents scorching of design transfers.



  • No accessories provided
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • A significant investment being expensive machine


F2C is a brand that provides a variety of products to assist people in their daily lives. Customers have been happy with this brand because of its quality, style, precision, and range of uses. You will find their products a valuable addition to your DIY kits. 

F2C heat press machines have modern styles and reflect high standards. They have been selling heat presses since 2014, which is a pretty long time. F2C has been in the market for several years now, and everyone accepts it as a reputable brand to buy the heat presses from.

They give you the value for your money and ensure to provide you with the item you exactly want for your projects.

Today, we focus on one of the most famous, best-selling, and durable heat presses out of its vast collection, “Pro 5 in 1 Combo Digital, Sublimation Heat Press Machine,”

I bought it last December and have been using it for my printing business quite often. I like it because it is best suited for versatile projects, as it comes with multiple heating elements. F2C’s 12 x 15-inch heat press machine is a genuine piece for professional starters and hobbyists.

Let’s dig in…

F2C Heat Press Machine Review


Voltage110 Volts
Wattage1200 watts
Temperature range32 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit (0 – 250 degrees Celsius)
Timer control0 – 999 seconds
Cord length11.43 cm
Adjustable height13 1/2 inches to 17 inches
Dimensions15 1/4 in. L x 15 in. W x 17 in. H
T-shirt Panel30.48 cm x 38.1 cm (silver plated)
Cap/cover press15.24 cm x 7.62 cm (curved)
Ceramic Press Plate7.62 cm – 8.89 cm diameter (311.84)
Plate press #15 inches max. diameter
Plate Press #26 inches max. diameter
Advanced CharactersFahrenheit and Celsius optional, Multi-spring balancer, Enclosed 4/5″ thick heated plate back, Built-in structural support, Upgraded aluminum stand
Package Includes1x fully assembled machine, 1x Hat Press, 1x Cup Press, 2 x Plate Press, 1x Silicone Pad, 1x Cotton Pad, 1 x User Manual

Machine type

This PRO heat press is available as a sublimation press machine. It works brilliantly and smoothly, ensuring clear and sharp print results that also tend to last longer. Moreover, it has a swing-away layout. It is also absolutely a good design and style that comes in handy. Being a swing-away machine, it guarantees ease of use by letting you rotate it up to 360-degrees. You will find this item pretty usable.

F2C has swing away layout


As far as the size is concerned, it falls to the large-sized heat press machines. It measures 12” x 15” provides a massive heating surface for efficient and quick printing.

You are welcomed to print your custom T-shirt or mug, hats or caps, etc., just like a breeze. Well, it has a good enough size to be used for home projects as it is not so tiny that you face issues pressing large t-shirts and is not so big that it will be dominating your room. Moreover, it’s easy to clean.

It is portable but not travel-friendly because it is somewhat huge and pretty heavy to carry.

F2C heat press is compact and takes less space
F2C heat press is compact and takes less space

Display – Temperature, pressure, and time

Digital LED controllers can be found designed upfront. Pressure adjustability is also offered with easy knob rotation. It has a temperature range of 32 – 430℉. The timer comes with an intelligent audible alarm that can be set for up to 999 seconds. 

You can put the pressure as per the thickness of the material. The readings are always accurate and show precision. 

You would love how easy it is to use its electronic pointer coupled with an advanced digital time display. You can handily adjust the time and heat level to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

F2C has digital time and temperature controller
F2C has digital time and temperature controller

Build quality

Aluminum alloy has been utilized in the most appropriate ways. The upgraded, thick aluminum plate is reliable and fits its rugged construction. This heat press offers not only industrial-grade design but also industrial-grade quality. 

Its overall durability gives you a competitive advantage, too. 

F2C layout allowed me to add attachments easily

Supported Materials

In multi-functionality, nothing can get better than this 5-in-1 heat press machine set. Having five different heat platens boosts everyday life usage from printing flat surfaced items to the curved surface. It is used widely for transferring bright, colorful pictures and even characters through sublimating and dissolving printing ink. 

It leaves tremendous prints on ceramics, glass, mousepads, and textiles, including cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, etc. There is no limit. It supports heat transfer on every material. Feel free to use it for any project!

F2C heat press results
F2C heat press results


Yes, it does have heat platens provided as accessories: hat, mug, plate attachments for customizing curved surfaces such as mats, pads, and hats apart from just printing t-shirts. Besides these platens, no other accessories are provided in the kit.

  • 5-inch max diameter plate press
  • 6-inch max diameter plate press
  • 11-ounce mug press
  • 6 x 3 curved cap press
F2C heat press comes with all accessories
F2C heat press comes with all accessories


This swing-away heat transfer machine has a one-year limited warranty.

Customer reviews

With a pretty high overall rating, it is suitable for creating attractive designs regardless of the materials. People appreciate how it works beautifully and provides a good grip. It is a multipurpose machine offering easy control and unbelievable printing ease. The F2C heat press reviews shows that customers love its excellent rubber grip, and Teflon coated sheets. 

I used this heat press for printing this logo on my cap
Customer love f2c heat press
Customer love f2c heat press

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My Experience

After thorough research, I made the decision to purchase this heat press machine. Although I had read some negative reviews, it seemed that most problems were caused by not following the instructions or improper handling.

Assembly was quick and easy, and I was up and running within five minutes. The press already had an appropriate amount of pressure, so I made some adjustments just to familiarize myself with the machine.

The controls are located on a side-mounted keypad for easy access. I suggest reading the straightforward manual before setting the temperature and time.

Before using, let the machine heat up to temperature and wait 15 minutes for even heating. Make sure to follow the recommended heat and time settings for your vinyl. Firm pressure is key, as over-tightening can cause issues.

I have used all the attachments and am very pleased with my purchase. Each attachment has a unique function, so it’s important to understand how to use them. I had some difficulty with the hat press, but it was due to the hat type rather than the machine itself. Once I figured out the placement, it worked fine.

I was impressed with the cup press and don’t understand the negative reviews.

In conclusion, after several months of use, I am satisfied with this heat press machine.

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How to use the f2c heat press?

f2c heat press in use
  • Turn on your machine 
  • Set your temperature and time
  • Choose pressure 
  • Now, wait for the heat press to warm up
  • Place the design and substrate
  • Once all set in place, close the lid and wait for the alarm to beep 

Is F2C a good brand?

Yes, it is a good brand that values the money and delivers the best quality products. It is a worth-investing brand when it comes to heat press machines. Although items are a bit pricey but ensure to last longer and provide professional quality work right within the home comfort zone.

If you are looking for an excellent brand to buy electronics, F2C can be your one-stop solution.

What is the best temperature when using the f2c pro 5 in 1 digital sub heat press?

For pro 5 in 1 digital sub heat-press, the best temperature is 350-400-degree F.

This heat press machine features in our lists of:

  1. Overall best heat presses
  2. Best affordable heat press
  3. Best heat press for small business

Additional Questions

Is a swing away heat press the superior option?

From my expertise in this sector, if you’re often dealing with thicker substrates like plaques or photo tiles, a swing away heat press would be the clear winner. The advantage lies in its unique design, where the heating elements move vertically, almost “floating” over your material. This characteristic allows the press to adapt to the uneven surfaces and deliver consistent pressure application, ensuring an even and quality result every time. Therefore, I would say yes, a swing away heat press stands out, especially when dealing with thicker or uneven bases.

Is a swing away heat press more effective than a clamshell?

I’ve often been asked this question, and the answer isn’t as straightforward as one may think. If you’re primarily pressing thicker objects or those with irregular surfaces, your best bet would be a swing away press. Its clever design permits its top platen to descend straight on your item, and it can distribute pressure more uniformly. However, space can be a challenge with swing away presses as they tend to require a larger workspace than their clamshell counterparts. So perspective is critical here; swing away heat presses edge out in the department of versatility, but if space is a premium, the clamshell may be more suitable for you.

What are some practical uses for a swing away heat press?

Can you recommend a trustworthy brand for heat press?

Over the years, I’ve used several brands of heat presses, but one that particularly caught my attention is RoyalPress. This heat press stands out for its top-notch materials that ensure longevity and its user-friendly pull-away design. The pull-away feature is beneficial in allowing you to hone your press techniques without the risk of getting too close to the hot platens. Such careful consideration for the user’s safety is why I’d recommend RoyalPress to both novices and experts in heat press application.

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