cricut easypress vs heat press machine

Cricut Easypress vs Heat Press

Heat press machines offer great results in a short time span. Cricut has taken the heat printing to another level. From cricut vinyl cutters to mini heat presses, Cricut is head and shoulders above the competitors.

This Cricut easy press vs heat press covers why it’s a good option.

What is Cricut Easypress?

Cricut EasyPress is a machine that serves the purpose of heat transfer brilliantly. It combines the best of both worlds: fantastic speed of quality heat press machine and convenient layout of iron. A perfect blend of functionality, style, and ease! It is simply explained as a fast and foolproof machine for heat transfer that gives professional quality outcomes and retains the design even after frequent washes.

It is one lightweight, easy to store, durable, and portable tool that helps you get rid of guesswork. Cricut EasyPress lets you set the correct time, pressure, and temperature. It also has an audible alarm that beeps when the design is printed successfully and entirely. And, yes, it is considered a safe-to-use device. The company has loaded this tool with several valuable safety features. Once you have tried it, you will be convinced of its quality and working abilities.

All you need is 1 minute, and voila! The professional iron-on results will be in front of you. It ensures an even distribution of heat and consistent pressure. Moreover, it features adjustable heat settings making it work incredibly. The best part is, you can buy in any of the classic three sizes:

  • Cricut EasyPress 9″x9″ (25 cm x 25 cm) – the original version
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 has a set of items made in a variety of three sizes: 6” x 7” (15 cm x 17.5 cm), 9” x 9” (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm), and 12” x 10” (30 cm x 25 cm). It has a greater level of higher temperature and can heat up faster.
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini is perfect for small projects, including shoes, mousepads, hats, mugs, stuffed animals, etc. The best spec is the precision tip.

Easypress Advantages

  1. The design has a technologically advanced digital control panel providing complete control over the heat and pressure settings.
  2. Overall, it has a straightforward layout that is easy to learn and equally simple to use
  3. For Cricut EasyPress, the heat can be adjusted up to 360°F OR 180°C. Whereas, for Cricut EasyPress 2, you can adjust heat up to 400°F OR 205°C.
  4. The machine is compatible with Infusible Ink and iron-on projects.
  5. It has a smaller footprint letting you take it anywhere, anytime. Apart from being portable, it is lightweight and has understandable controls.
  6. Being a multipurpose item, you can use it with nearly all heat-transfer materials of significant brands.
  7. Super-convenient ceramic-coated heat plates
  8. It comes with a handy timer helping in setting time so you can multitask. But the timer has an alarm, too. It beeps when the time is up.
  9. Distributes heat evenly and with equal pressure just like the heat press
  10. It has insulated safety base coupled with an auto-shutoff feature ensuring maximum safety
  11. It seems to work for large or multi-layered projects requiring iron-on
  12. Quick heating time (It can reach 305°F usually within 2 minutes or less) coupled with a memory function where the machine remembers the previously set temperature and time settings
  13. You would fall in love with its variety of four sizes and multiple colors

Easypress disadvantages

  1. You must put enough pressure for better results
  2. Except for EasyPress 2, the machine doesn’t remember previous temperature settings.
  3. Pads are not included in the kit.
  4. Few models are comparatively heavier to carry, hindering use, easy storage, and portability.
  5. It is a bit pricey.

cricut easy press
Cricut easypress

Heat press machine

A heat press machine is a machine that applies a desired design to a product by pressing it with heated metal.

Heat press advantages

  • Saves time and effort
  • Saves money
  • Can be used for different materials
  • Can be used for different shapes and sizes
  • Easy to use

Heat press disadvantages

  • High cost
  • Heavy
  • Requires a lot of maintenance

Heat press vs easypress

The main difference between a heat press and an easypress is that a heat press machine is heavy, takes more space, and offers more control over temperature, time, and heat. You need a heat press table to place it. In comparison, an easypress is lightweight, takes less space, and offers less control over pressure. You can easily place it anywhere.

If you are a hobbyist, go for an easypress. If you have a lot of projects or want to start a business, go for a heat press machine.


What temperature do I use for Cricut iron-on?

For Cricut Iron-on designing or printing, you must set EasyPress at the temperature level of 340°F OR 171°C). It is recommended to preheat the material for a maximum of 15 seconds.

How hot does Cricut heat press get?

The heat level depends on the variant you choose (original version, EasyPress Mini, EasyPress 2). Typically, it takes a maximum of 8-10 minutes to reach 315-degrees F. 

Pretty HOT! For EasyPress Mini, the highest temp setting is 400 degrees. This temperature works best with infusible ink crafts.

What temperature should my Cricut easy press be set at?

The Cricut easy press should be set at 335°F. It is the most preferred temperature level where you will not face problems of overheating, burning, scorching, or under-heating.

What can the Cricut Easypress 2 do better than other heat presses?

Technically, EasyPress 2 works just like any other heat press. It offers even heat and pressure distribution. But, its greater heating surface gives you more space for bigger projects. Besides, it has advanced digital controls in comparison to few heat presses. It can heat up faster with a greater level of maximum temperature.

Heat press vs. DTG

Does the Cricut Heat press come in different sizes?

The best part is, you can buy in any of the classic three sizes:

  • Cricut EasyPress 9″x9″ (25 cm x 25 cm) – the original version
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 has a set of items made in a variety of three sizes: 6” x 7” (15 cm x 17.5 cm), 9” x 9” (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm), and 12” x 10” (30 cm x 25 cm). It has a greater level of higher temperature and can heat up faster.
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini is perfect for small projects, including shoes, mousepads, hats, mugs, stuffed animals, etc. The best spec is the precision tip.
Cricut easypress mini
Cricut easypress mini

What Kinds of Materials Can You Use on the Cricut EasyPress vs. a Heat Press?

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (Iron-On Vinyl)
  • Cricut Infusible Ink
  • Sublimation Ink

How well does the Cricut easypress 2 handle heat transfer vinyl?

The Cricut Easypress 2 handles HTV (heat transfer vinyl) brilliantly, giving high-quality results with professional finesse. It applies even pressure and heat for the print to get transferred. 

Cricut Easypress 2 manages large projects with ease. It includes XL shirts and pillows. Moreover, it goes gently on your electric bill. It is the perfect tool for the HTV job.

Is Cricut HTV hot or cold peel?

For Cricut HTV, first, you need to turn the base material facing front and then start applying heat all over the back of the print/design following the instructions. Once done, a cool peel is recommended. Always remove the liner when cooled down.

Even for Glitter Iron-On by using the Cricut Heat recommends a cool peel for removing the liner.

What is the best size EasyPress to buy?

It depends on the project you are buying it for!

Generally, 9″x9″ sounds like a good fit for the children’s use in crafting that includes garments, aprons, bags, sweaters or sweatshirts, pillows, table runners, or towels.

For adults, you can prefer buying 12″x10″. It can help create designs on t-shirts, banners, sheets or blankets, oversized pillows, garments’ sleeves, and pants.

Is Cricut coming out with a mug press?

Yes, luckily, it does have a mug press. The Cricut’s Mug Press is undoubtedly a brilliant creation solely designed to create memorable mugs designs to give personalized gifts to families and friends. It is the newest variation in its product list and worth the money. It was introduced this year.

You can create striking, seamless patterns that will retain dishwashing-safe and microwavable properties. It is compatible with Infusible Ink for transferring custom prints onto distinct polyurethane-coated mugs. It costs $199.

Do you need the Cricut heat press for shirts?

Why not!

Cricut can work on any shirt size and create state-of-the-art designs that never tend to fade or flake away even after multiple washes. Without needing a big heat press, you can print your shirts.

Is an EasyPress a heat press?

EasyPress 2 is a half heat press and half iron as it carries the most robust features of both items. It is compact and easy to use like iron but fast and has high heat settings like a heat press. It is one extremely configurable machine that heats up quickly.

Can I make T-shirts with a Cricut joy?

Yes, in fact, the Cricut Joy seems like a better option for making prints and designs on a shirt. Its Smart Iron-On features are responsible for simplifying the T-shirt-making procedure. All credit goes to the land-slide layout.

Can I use a regular iron for Cricut?

Apparently, using a normal iron can never go wrong with Cricut Iron-On vinyl. We can say it is quite a beneficial tool that is definitely worth buying.

Is Cricut easy press worth it?

Absolutely YES.

Although it is not on the list of the cheapest crafting tools, it is worth the money. It is undoubtedly an advanced, refined, and handy tool for transferring designs. Considering it a long-term investment, its manageable features will amaze you. Their availability in sizes and colors is pretty impressive. You can have the customized printing experience as it lets you set the pressure, time, and temperature with an audible alarm and loads of safety features.

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