Cricut easypress vs Iron household

Cricut easypress vs Iron for heat press printing

When it comes to heat printing, you will come across several machines to work with. The top 4 candidates for heat printing are an iron, an oven, a heat press machine, and a Cricut EasyPress (original, mini, or EasyPress 2).

But the question has remained the same, which one is the best for your project? Well, it depends on multiple factors as every business and personal need is different. 

We have done our research, so let’s dig in!

Household Iron

Iron is a simple machine that is used around the house to get rid of wrinkles and smooth things out. But, it can do much more than just iron the clothes.

Despite the straightforward layout, lack of controls and buttons, absence of alarms, and extra safety features, you can use it for adhering iron-on to create unique crafts. Being small, Iron is ideal for smaller projects and tends to cover lesser physical space. What else do you need?

household iron
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Iron is easy to use and doesn’t demand expensive maintenance routines. However, when it comes to quality, you may begin to doubt the use of an iron, as it will be of a lower standard than a heat press or an EasyPress.

Although a good Iron can offer sufficient versatility, it is not as multifunctional as Easy-Press.

Here is a detailed comparison of the heat press machine and Iron.


  • Offers convenient portability
  • Everyone must already have one at home and doesn’t need to spend extra money.
  • It is a budget-friendly option for everyone.
  • A multi-purpose device that serves the dual purpose, or ironing and printing
  • The structure is kept lighter for easy storage and carrying
  • Ideal for use on flat-surfaced items


  • You are not provided with precise or digital controls for setting exact temperature and pressure levels.
  • Uneven temperature and pressure distribution, letting the print either melt or doesn’t stick so well 
  • Scorching and overeating issues are prevalent.
  • Iron tends to have a smaller surface for printing making it not suitable for larger items.
  • It has to be placed upright while not in use, making you prone to accidental burns.
  • Steam iron has holes making it create hot and cold spots for ruined print quality.
  • Requires to be pressed manually for providing pressure while printing

Embroidery vs heat press

Cricut easypress

Now, coming to the second candidate, Cricut EasyPress, It is a perfectly balanced combination of iron’s speed and the heat press machine’s durability or strength. It means you can say it falls into the category of heat press, unlike iron.

It is designed to keep the convenience of use. The most significant advantage it has over Iron is the ability to provide even heat and pressure distribution. It ensures top-grade quality. Comparatively, it is so much easier to complete crafting with EasyPress!

Cricut easypress
Source: Amazon

One thing is similar, and that is small, compact dimensions that make both irons and EasyPress safe for traveling. Apart from easy portability, both have understandable readings and easy-to-understand layouts.

Where Iron doesn’t let you set the pressure, there is no guesswork in Cricut as it comes featured with precise temperature and pressure controls. And yes, the timer too with an audible alarm.

If you are wondering whether a heat press machine is better or Easypress. Here is our heat press vs easypress comparison.


  • Ensures even distribution of heat and pressure throughout the heating element
  • It is made in a smaller footprint, making it travel friendly
  • Apart from being portable, you can keep it anywhere because of its compactness
  • In comparison to the heat press, it is less expensive
  • Loads of safety features make it a safer option for beginners
  • Fast heating time – not more than 2 minutes
  • You can have it in a cute design and striking colors
  • The heating platens have a larger surface for printing than Iron
  • The essential advantage is the availability of an insulated safety base
  • A built-in timer that comes with an alarm beeping when the pre-set temperature and time have been reached
  • Precise control over temperature and pressure
  • LCD where you can keep an eye on temperature and time
  • It can help complete your commercial projects with accuracy and ease
  • Adheres vinyl stunningly and effortlessly
  • The structure is lightweight
  • Availability in a variety of sizes making it suitable for all businesses
  • The additional feature of memory in EasyPress 2 makes it remember the last-set temperature
  • Well-suited for printing on flat items


  • High prices make it somewhat unaffordable for small-scale businessmen
  • Not compatible with printing tons and tons of T-Shirts in a single batch
  • Somewhat, it needs you to press the machine manually for better pressure 
  • As the users say, its cord is placed in an awkward place

Did you know that you can make your own heat press machine at home?

Cricut easypress vs Iron

The main difference between an easypress and Iron is that an easypress is specifically designed for heat press printing. As a result, it provides precise digital controls for time, temperature, and pressure. While iron is designed to press the clothes. You can not control time and pressure.

One of the most significant disadvantages of purchasing EasyPress is the cost!

If you are using a steam iron, you might face holes leading to loss of pressure and temperature. But, Cricut EasyPress gets hot in real-time and gives quality prints. Yes, your money will never be wasted. In fact, it will be your lifetime investment. But, it is somehow expensive for beginners and starters.

Whenever you start comparing, you must keep safety in check. Iron does not provide the same level of security as EasyPress. Cricut products tend to be more technologically advanced than basic household irons.

You will never find iron with protection, Teflon, or ceramic coating, but you will have heating elements wrapped in the ceramic coating in EasyPress.

Cricut EasyPress has so much in common with traditional heat presses but not with Iron. But yes, both are highly user-friendly.

To conclude this iron vs easypress debate, Iron can make your simple tasks a bit challenging, no matter what. And EasyPress can solve your problems with its advanced and refined features.

Cricut easy press 2 also features in our list of Best Heat Press Machines.


Does the Cricut EasyPress work better than Iron?

In terms of quality, yes, the Cricut EasyPress definitely works better in comparison to the household iron. In Cricut EasyPress, you will never experience overheating, accidental burns, uneven heat and pressure distribution, scorching, or ink bubbling. With totally different applications and advanced technology, EasyPress ensures professional quality results.

Can you use an iron instead of Cricut EasyPress?

Yes, you can, but you must know that there will be a quality difference between both. No doubt, a household iron can get the job done. However, you may not find it satisfactory, precise, or of high quality. With a heat press, printing is easier and faster.

Is a Cricut EasyPress the same as an iron?

No, it is NOT! Although EasyPress has the Iron’s speed and layout, it resembles heat press more in quality, function, specs, and application. They both serve the purpose of heat printing.

How long does the Cricut iron-on take?

Once you have preheated the printing area for a maximum of 15 seconds, all the machine will take is 25-30 seconds with medium pressure for each side.

Is Cricut EasyPress worth the money?

Absolutely YES.

Although it is not on the list of the cheapest crafting tools, it is worth the money. It is undoubtedly an advanced, refined, and handy tool for transferring designs. Considering it a long-term investment, its manageable features will amaze you.

Their availability in sizes and colors is pretty impressive. You can have the customized printing experience as it lets you set the pressure, time, and temperature with an audible alarm and loads of safety features.

Can I use a regular iron for Cricut iron-on?

Using a normal iron can never go wrong with Cricut Iron-On vinyl. We can say it is quite a beneficial tool that is definitely worth buying.

Can you use Cricut EasyPress as an iron?

NO! You cannot. It is solely designed for heat printing, not for removing wrinkles.

What temperature do I set my Cricut heat press for iron-on vinyl?

For Cricut Iron-on designing or printing, you must set EasyPress at the temperature level of 340°F OR 171°C). It is recommended to preheat the material for a maximum of 15 seconds.

Can I use my EasyPress 2 on an ironing board?

It will not be a sensible act as Ironing boards flex no matter how sturdy they are made. You need to use your EasyPress 2 on flat, not flexible, solid surfaces like a table or counter.

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