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5 Best swing away heat press machines for everyone

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One of the most frequently asked questions about heat press machines is, “Is swing-away design better than clamshell design, and if yes, then why is it considered a better pick?”

It might get confusing, but there are some clear benefits to buying a swing-away heat press machine rather than investing in a clamshell design.

For instance, the swing-away design provides a heat-free workspace offering extra safety from unpredictable events such as burning hands. Moreover, this design is intended to deliver even and innovatively leveled pressure every time. It carries the potential to accommodate materials with a greater thickness.

Additionally, it swivels 360 degrees, making it a more efficient and cost-saving machine. Its rotatable style adds to the convenience of adjusting garments (making it easy to position the items meant for printing) and accessing layout transfers, along with providing more than enough space for working. Undoubtedly, swing-away designs are the ideal selection for top-quality sublimation heat press tasks.

I bought 15 top rated swing away heat press machines from Amazon. After spending thousands of dollars and 40 days, I was able to find the top five performers. Here is my complete analysis:

5 Best swing away heat presses

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo swing away Heat Press

We want to start the countdown of the best and most efficient swing-away heat press machines with this one from F2C. It has a lot of different uses, is easy on the wallet, works well, and is of high quality.

Everything is up to the mark, from its robust quality to its professional swing-away design. It has a large heating surface area of 12″ x 15″. The use of industrial-grade aluminum alloy makes its cradle sturdy and long-lasting.

The cradle is removable, doubling the ease of use. Moreover, it serves five functions and has the required attachments for creating custom items.

The pressure knob seems pretty adjustable and easy to access. On the other hand, the digital controller display for temperature and time looks stylish and gives precise readings. The surface is non-stick. All because of its Teflon sheeting!

This swing-away heat press delivers sublimation printing for ceramic tiles, glass, and fabrics/textiles.

40lb*15.2 x 15 x 17 32-430°F0-999S
  • Full 360-degree rotation boosting performance and printing efficiency
  • Feel free to print flat-surfaced and curved items, including caps, mugs, hats, etc.
  • It quickly and efficiently transfers the colorful graphics, letters, alphabets, and characters, giving a crispy look.
  • One customer reported the timer failures.
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TUSY Heat Press Machine 15×15 inch

When it comes to heat-press, TUSY comes second to none! This brand has designed one brilliant swing-away heat press that delivers overall satisfaction and ensures to offer a great value for money.

This digital heat press is not only easy to use but also offers a quality transfer of colors and graphics. In terms of functionality, it seems impressive. It has a temperature range of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. For a time, the range is 0 to 999 seconds. It runs on a power of 1400W and requires 110 Voltage.

This 15×15 swing-away heat press machine has a built-in LCD display that makes it easy to see and set the time and temperature exactly. For pressure, the knob is mounted.

It shows higher-level sturdiness in build quality.

Consider this 15×15 swing away heat press a flawless choice for printing large t-shirts. Due to its large heating platen, you can use it for personal and industrial use!

The safe Anti-overheating feature is the highlight of the product. It shuts off the device automatically, preventing cases of overheating, burning, fire, etc.

45lb*15 x 15 x 1832-482°F0-999S
  • Pressure is easy to adjust with the full-range pressure adjustment knob.
  • The machine structure ensures better control of time, temp, and pressure.
  • You will get an optimized result reflecting good quality, fresh looks, and crispiness.
  • It has great ability to dissipate heat for safety purpose.
  • A bit on the expensive side.
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Slendor 5 in 1 Heat Press 12×15 inch

This one machine can serve plenty of purposes and provides a golden chance to create custom shirts, mats, mugs, caps, and whatnot!

It measures 12×15 inches, making it useful for printing colorful pictures and characters on T-shirts or hats, cups or mugs, ceramic plates or tiles, coasters or pads, puzzles, and fabrics.

It runs on 110 Voltage. The temperature range is pretty acceptable up to 482℉ or 250℃. Moreover, it has a similar time range as others are up to 999 seconds. A digital control box is used for the precise setting of temp and time. You can easily convert F to C.

The biggest attraction is the bonus of two Teflon sheets. The heat-resistant Teflon coating makes it smooth-surfaced, offering protection to textiles. Furthermore, the press-cast aluminum, non-sticky heating platen deserves to be praised for its durability.

The utilization of an innovative alloy guide brings the benefit of convenient conversion between different heating pads.

The handle comes with non-slip rubber for maximum comfort in handling. The sound alarm is for extra safety.

39.1lb12 x 15 x 14.50-482°F0-999S
  • Platens are easy and quick to clean.
  • The package comes with a fully-assembled machine and every necessary element.
  • Temperature can be set at either Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Detachable silicone pad and cotton pad.
  • It requires some getting used to.
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ZENY 5 in 1 Swing Away Digital Heat Press Machine

With 220 volts and 1200 watts, this swing-away heat press from ZENY transfers the desired pictures and designs effortlessly. It offers a good combination of modern looks and elite functionality.

It is respected as a cutting-edge digital combo heat press that carries out sublimation brilliantly. You can use it on any material.

This multifunctional machine is thoughtfully sized at 12″ by 15″, providing plenty of heating surface area. Apart from a big heating pad, the full-range multi-spring pressure adjustment knob brings ease.

Complete 360-degree rotation lets you access the heating elements safely and position the substrates freely.

The precise LED display aids in precisely setting temperature and time. LCD Control Board is one of the biggest qualities. Completely digital temperature and time control show quality.

The temperature range starts at 32-degree F and goes up to 399-degree Fahrenheit or up to 203 Centigrade. The timer control works up to 999 seconds.

47.9lb20.5 x 20 x 1932 – 399°F0-999S
  • You can adjust pressure as per the material’s thickness.
  • Use it for flat-surfaced as well as curved items.
  • Workable for every kind of hot stamping.
  • Supports durable and continuous printing.
  • There is a detachable lower platform for easy exchange.
  • It might leave press marks
  • Prone to wear and tear rapidly
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EOSAGA 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 12×15

EOSAGA has pretty much everything one might like to see in its heat press machine. As a machine with an innovative and useful 360° swing-away feature, it is better at doing many printing tasks.

This digital swing away press machine is an ideal pick for various flat items, including fabric, glass, ceramic, metal, and wood. Customize it the way you want!

Make fun items with this machine by readily setting temperature, time, and pressure.

The advanced digital LED controller complements the design and function. Additionally, the surface has a non-stick Teflon coating. The digital control box allows you to keep an eye on temp and time settings. The structure has a robust timer that goes up to 999 seconds.

Kiss goodbye to overheating accidents and avoidable burning incidents. Moreover, the package is delivered with instructions for quick guidance about the easy operation and faster installation.

Specially chosen commercial-grade steel is used in constructing the sturdy frame. In short, the machine is built to serve years of use. For extra safety, the overheating protection function is integrated. The functional stability is insanely good.

42.4lb15 x 12 x 150-500°F0-999S
  • For ease, the aluminum alloy cradle is made detachable.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • Innovative yet straightforward pressure setting
  • Quick installation and service
  • Free of cost exchange of faulty parts
  • Strong and adjustable handrails make the process easier.
  • Top-quality silicone pads are used in construction.
  • The manual lacks detailed instructions up to some extent.
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Swing Away Heat Press Buyer guide

There are some features of the most significant concern when buying a swing-away heat press machine. After all, it will be a hefty investment. You must be aware of all the best options to make a well-informed decision. You will come across plenty of workable options in the market, but choosing one can get really hard, especially if you don’t know what factors you must look into. Following are some of the most vital elements that need your attention while searching for the best swing away heat press machine:

Heat Distribution Across the Platen

It should be your top concern as it will affect your performance and efficiency. The swing-away design must come with a heating plate that has the capability to distribute the heat evenly and uniformly. Consistent temperatures are needed across the heating pad for steady printing. The heat distribution must be excellent.

If you take heat pressing seriously and have a professional use, look out for the platen quality.

Precise Temperature

Next comes the temperature, which must be precise! Look for heat press machines that allow you to set and control the temperature.

For a crisp, fresh-looking design transfer, the correct temperature is essential. For instance, too little heat will make your print scrape away. And too much heat will trigger burning and overheating problems. Typically, expensive heat press machines tend to offer more reliable and safe temperature readings.

Uniform Pressure

The swing-away heat press must have a full-range adjustment knob for pressure setting. To support efficient sublimation and printing, the machine must have centralized pressure adjustment. The device needs to handle pressure better and more precisely. Uneven pressure will destroy the quality of the print. Here is a temp and time chart for all materials.

Digital Time and Temperature

The best pick will be the heat press with a digital controller box for setting temperature and time. Apart from the digital setting, its LED screen needs to be clear and readable for better management. Say goodbye to all manual controllers. Having a digital panel will ease the processing of heavier workloads.


Look for the size! But first, look for the workspace available! Once you have decided on the purpose of the purchase and have an idea of how much space you can manage, pick the machine according to its size.

Small machines are good for personal use. Whereas medium and large are good for industrial practice. For shirt printing, large with 15 x 15″ is the best! Typically, the swing-away models demand a minimum of 3 feet.

Alarm and other safety features

It might not be that important, but it definitely is because we prefer safety for us. The machines having a timer accompanied with the alarm is a top preference. It lets you know when your print is ready or the device reaches the pre-set temp and time. Moreover, the built-in fuse is a must-have for safe processing.

Video Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better: clamshell or swing away heat press?

Both have their perks and drawbacks. Both are good options, but when compared, you might see the swing-away design getting a little of a competitive edge due to certain reasons. Where clamshell is good for beginners and offers easy portability, swing away is ideal for professional use and comes in a more compact footprint, covering less space.

Clamshell offers limited access to designs and materials, but swing away gives complete accessibility and ensures easy positioning. With swing away, the chances of burning hands are less. The selection totally depends on your choice of workload, specs you desire, and budget. Here is a detailed comparison of both.

How to use a swing away heat press?

  • Plug in your heat press to electric switch
  • Choose your material on which you intend to print
  • Get your print/design ready on the required paper
  • Set the temp and time on the heat press
  • Considering the thickness of the material, set the pressure
  • Once the alarm beeps, your pre-set temp and time will be reached
  • Open and expose the heat platens for easy access and quick setting
  • Position the design and material
  • Close the machine

How to adjust the pressure on a swing away heat press?

Before setting the pressure with an adjustment knob, close your swing-away heat press. If closing it demands high-level effort and energy, it means the pressure is pretty high. In case of easy closing or locking, for instance, with one hand, the pressure is considered light or medium.

To distinguish between medium and light pressure, you need two or three pieces of paper or small pieces of fabric. Open the machine, place the fabric or paper so that half is on the platen and half is exposed (sticking out) for holding, close the press, and now pull.

In case the paper isn’t moved, it is medium pressure. And if you successfully move it, the pressure is light with minimum resistance.

How much room is needed for swing away heat press 15×15?

For a 15×15 swing-away heat press, you need enough space to keep the area available for the swinging arm to rotate and let you access the design and substrate easily. Although it does not require much space, you cannot simply trash it in the corner.

Typically, the swing-away models demand a minimum of 3 feet.

Additional Questions

What is the best all in one heat press machine?

Identifying the “best” heat press machine primarily depends on your specific needs, budget, and operational requirements. However, considerations such as versatility, functionality, durability, and ease of use can guide the decision-making process. All-in-one heat press machines, as the name implies, include a variety of functions and accessories that transform them into a one-stop-solution for transferring designs onto different mediums. These devices are ideally suited for both personal crafts and commercial use.

For example, the Cricut EasyPress 2 is consistently hailed as a high-performing heat press machine. User-friendly and lightweight, it effortlessly blends the convenience of an iron with the power of a heat press. Its ceramic-coated surface ensures a consistent temperature, while the intuitive control panel allows for precise heat and time settings for different materials.

In my personal experience, the VEVOR Heat Press 6 in 1 is another fantastic option, particularly for commercial applications. It's an all-in-one equipment that's designed for multi-function use. It allows you to perform heat transfers not only on flat fabrics but also on curved items like mugs, hats, or plates with its range of attachments. And it's a sturdy, durable machine built to stand the test of time.

These and many more on the market fall under the best category, depending on individual needs and applications.

Is a swing away heat press better?

The choice between a swing away heat press and other types is largely guided by the kind of work to be accomplished. However, the swing away heat press shines in various respects.

The most remarkable aspect of the swing away heat press is its ability to adapt to thicker substrates like plaques or photo tiles. The top platen 'floats' in a vertical position and adjusts to the thickness or unevenness of these items. It applies pressure evenly and consistently, which adequately transfers the desired design onto the item.

In my experience operating a swing away heat press, I've noticed that this type of machine provides better visibility and accessibility to the work area, reducing the risk of accidental burns or unintentional design transfers. The press "swings" away, giving you a clearer and safer workspace – it's a feature that has come in handy when I work on complex designs.

Keep in mind, though, the swing away heat press requires more space because of its design, so you need to consider your working area before purchase.

Is a swing away heat press better than a clamshell?

Comparing a swing away and a clamshell heat press, both have strengths and weaknesses, depending on the nature of items and the workspace size. For thick items, the swing away heat press is the preferable choice. This owes to its straight down motion, which guarantees even pressure application.

I once worked on a project involving transfer designs to ceramic tiles using a swing away press and a clamshell press. While both presses did a decent job, the results with the swing away press were noticeably better. The design came out more accurate and even, owing to the machine's ability to handle thick items better.

However, it's worth noting that swing away presses call for ample workspace due to their design. In contrast, a clamshell heat press operates in a smaller space, so depending on the layout of your workspace, it could be a better fit.

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