Cricut Easypress 2 Review: Small yet Efficient

Cricut Easypress 2 Review
  • Price
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Supported materials


Light in weight, portable, and comfortable to handle, the machine is an ideal solution for people who need a unique, less expensive, and reliable heat press.

Most small business owners in the advertising or printing industry know the quality products of the Cricut store. They offer thousands of quality products and machines.

Today, we will review the Cricut Easypress 2 Heat press by this brand.

Cricut Easypress 2 review

Unlike other complex machines, it has a comfortable and straightforward layout. This heat press machine has six buttons that let you control almost everything you want to do with it.

It is very suitable for banners as well as the fabrics of several kinds of stuff. This machine is your ultimate no-stress kind of heat press as it combines the ease of the iron and speed of the heat press in the same model. 

Dimensions13.07 x 13.98 x 7.36 inches
Batteries1 12V batteries required.
Item Weight0.139 ounces
Heat press sizes9″ x 9″, 12″ x 10″
ColorsLilac, Raspberry, Mint


A portable and easier-to-handle machine will be an ideal gadget for a small business, and this press is precisely that. There are different sizes and versions of this machine. You can select 9″ x 9″ and 12″ x 12″ variants. This machine is a perfect choice if you own a Cricut Maker cutter, Explore Air 2, or Cricut Joy cutting machine.

Cricut easypress 2 size


Physical buttons are also in the press if the machine needs some adjustment of time and temperature. There is a handle in the machine’s center that you can hold during the heat press process. Using the buttons for time and temperature makes the process less complex and quick. 

The digital display makes it easier to change time according to the type of fabric.

Cricut easypress display

Temperature, pressure, and time

Temperature can be adjusted by using the buttons at the top of the machine. These buttons allow the user to increase or decrease the temperature. When the heat press process is completed, the machine automatically turns off.

You can change the temperature utilizing the suggestions made on their given chart. 

For the time setting, the buttons are available on top of the machine above the center handle. You can choose the time required for your specific fabric. When the selected time is reached, the machine turns off.

Pressure is the same for all items so the machine makes it easier to adjust the pressure by itself.

Build quality

This machine is made according to modern needs and requirements. It is easier to handle and provides quality results. It is incredible for long-term usage for simple tasks. It looks solid. However, the build quality is not as great as other heat press machines.

Cricut easypress 2 build quality

Supported Materials

It can be used for fabrics like t-shirts, pillows, blankets, bags, and banners.


There are no accessories attached to it as it does not comprise any complex work. The advanced heat plate makes it relatively easier to adjust for starting the heat press process.


Users can request it using the user guide provided along with the product. Here is the detailed procedure to claim the warranty.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers who reviewed this product called it an incredible addition to the advertising industry. They highly recommended it as it is worth the money. According to them, it takes less time and space for work. 

There are no complex features involved in it that need to be understood before using it. Another feature the customer loved about this product is its portable size and less weight.

It can be purchased by small business owners who prefer to have a less expensive but reliable one. It is a good machine for their custom designs. Almost all of the customers highly recommend this machine. These are the reasons this machine features in our list of best heat presses for Cricut.

Pros and cons

  • It requires less attention and time.
  • Reduces labor input as lighter in weight and easier to handle.
  • Requires fewer voltages and does not make the heat press prices complex.
  • Creates less mess
  • Sometimes it distorts the color scheme as it has limited features and functionalities.

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How to set up Cricut Easypress 2?

Cricut easypress 2 size

It can be easily set up by reading the complete customer guide provided along with it. The power supply turns it on. You only have to place the fabric, adjust the time and temperature. Finally, press it over the design you have placed in the fabric.

Is the Cricut EasyPress 2 worth it?

Of course, a less expensive, easy to handle and portable machine which gives quality results will make you satisfied through its working. The money you will spend to buy it, you will not regret it.

How do I set the temperature on my Cricut EasyPress 2?

There are buttons at the top of the machine that allows you to adjust the machine’s temperature before starting the process.

What type of heating element does the Cricut Easypress have?

It consists of an advanced heat plate design, making the whole process easier like an iron.

Other heat press machines offered by Cricut include Cricut Mug Press and Cricut Mini Press.

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