best 5 in 1 heat transfer machine (heat press)

Best 5 in 1 Heat Press Machines

  1. VEVOR Heat Press Machine, 12×15 inch, 5 in 1 Combo Swing Away T-Shirt Sublimation Transfer Printer
  2. SURPCOS Heat Press Machine, 15″ x 12″ 5 in 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine
  3. Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press 12×15 inch Machine 360-Degree Swing Away
  4. CREWORKS Heat Press Machine 12×15 Inch, T Shirt Transfer Press with 5 in 1 Mug Plate Cap Set
  5. Angoo Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press, 12″ x 15″ 360-degree Rotation Digital Combo Heat Press Machine
  6. MYSUB 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine Swing Away 12×15 inch Digital Vinyl Transfer Multipurpose Combo
  7. EOSAGA 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 12″ x15″ Upgrade Heat Transfer Machine with 360-Degree Swing Away

Having a quality heat press machine is good but having a versatile heat press machine is BEST!

5 in 1 heat press is always a good pick as it will let you enjoy doing numerous projects simultaneously. For those who don’t know, a 5 in 1 heat press serves five purposes due to the availability of different attached accessories, solely dedicated for transfer work on particular items.

This type of combo machine carries differently shaped heating platens to complete various arts and crafts, for instance, maps, cups, hats, shirts, plates, caps, puzzles, mousepads, etc.

Investing in 5 in 1 heat press machine will always be a good idea because you will be designing unlimited personalized gifts for your customers and loved ones with one tool.

7 Best 5 in 1 heat press machines

We used 18 different 5-in-1 heat transfer machines. Our research showed that these 7 are the best ones:

VEVOR Heat Press Machine, 12×15 inch, 5 in 1 Combo Swing Away T-Shirt Sublimation Transfer Printer

Like always, the VEVOR heat press machine tops the charts with its brilliant construction, top quality, high-tech features, and convenience of use.

It is a market-proven versatile 5 in 1 machine that fits shirts, banners, cups, mugs, caps, hats, tiles, and so much more with a 12 x 15-inch platen. 

Teflon provides additional fabric protection as well as even heat and pressure distribution. Its swing-away design is fully complemented by the sturdiness of its nonstick Teflon-covered platen. At the same time, a silicone-gel pad brings extra smoothness and finesse to the printing outcome.

The built-in timer is equipped with a loud beeping alarm to warn you once the machine has reached preset parameters.

Moreover, it has over-heat protection and a built-in circuit breaker feature. You never have to worry about burning or accidental overheating.

The manageable control panel has a clear and crisp dual LCD. The temperature range is incredible, from 0 to 450-degree Fahrenheit. Coming to the timer, you can set it up to 999 seconds.

  • The package comes with five different attached accessories.
  • Absolutely cost-effective pick for start-ups and small-scale businesses.
  • Teflon saves your design from sticking to the fabric.
  • The silicone-gel pad can resist heat up to 250-degree Fahrenheit
  • Ensures complete control as expected.
  • Timer issues after repeated use.
  • Instructions aren’t clear in the manual.
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SURPCOS Heat Press Machine, 15″ x 12″ 5 in 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine

SURPCOS Heat Press Machine, available in the size of 15″ x 12″ with ergonomically designed handles and arms, is ready to help you create cute crafts with flawless combo features.

This fantastic 5 in 1 printing press machine has a digital display for precise setting and control. The frame is constructed with commercial-grade steel, making it extra safe even if intense heat is drawn. 

Besides, the credit for safety goes to the classic overheating protection function. It supports 900 watts at 110 volts. It offers a temperature and time control range of 200 to 450 °F and 999 seconds, respectively.

The timer has auto-notification features where it emits an audible beep upon completion of the transfer work.

The platens have Teflon coating, promoting fast and efficient transfer work. Two anti-skid silicone pads are heat-resistant. You can adjust pressure with its full-range adjustment knob, which is easily accessible.

  • The platens are flat and produce dry, even heat.
  • The selection of a 360-degree swing away layout supports ease of use, such as the placement of materials.
  • Suitable for sublimation projects.
  • Works for hobbyists and larger commercial projects alike.
  • Quick and effortless disassembly and assembly.
  • Design is stable, unique, and compact making it portable.
  • No more accidental contact due to swinging arm rotation.
  • The handle got hard to push down.
  • Flimsy buttons.
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Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press 12×15 inch Machine 360-Degree Swing Away

Slendor Heat Press is another worthy 5-in-1 digital pressing machine with all the attractive and tempting features packed into a 12-by-15-inch size.

This multifunction tool with a unique 360-degree swing-away style, non-skid and comfortable rubber handle, press-cast aluminum heating area, and state-of-the-art alloy guide seems good for all sorts of printing. 

Heat-resistant and non-stick Teflon coating is easy to clean and makes the platen harmless for fabrics. Moreover, a hot pressing pad comes with a temperature range of up to 482 °F.

When it comes to the timer, the highest value is 999 seconds. Managing heat and time is easier with a digital control panel.

The full-range pressure via the adjustment knob is extremely easily adjustable. The sound alarm beeps when the timer reaches the preset values. This warning keeps you safe, your materials safe from burning, and your machine from overheating. Silicone and cotton pads are removable.

  • Bonus 2 Teflon sheets.
  • Temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • The heating element is compatible with ceramic, fabrics, glass, and wood.
  • It is pretty suitable for HVT.
  • The machine is comfortable to handle.
  • The heating element is moved aside safely.
  • Instructions in the manual are provided for easy operation.
  • Some reviewers reported timer failures.
  • The machine might get super hot.
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CREWORKS Heat Press Machine 12×15 Inch, T Shirt Transfer Press with 5 in 1 Mug Plate Cap Set

Made of commercial-grade steel, the CREWORKS Heat Press Machine is an absolutely good pick when it comes to 5-in-1 combo machines in the appropriate size of 12 x 15 inches.

It has a safer, more practical, and FCC certificated 360-degree swing-away design. Innovative alloy rail brings utmost ease in transition or exchanging different platens.

The non-slip handle is made with quality rubber for comfortable handling. Besides, it helps to apply even pressure and heat. 

A smart, audible alarm, a protective nylon and fiberglass coating, and an emergency stop button make sure that the safety is the best it can be. For easy tracking and better control, dual LEDs are present to set temperature and time. 

The intelligent design shows temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius (convertible). The temperature goes as high as 500 degrees F. For the timer, you can set it up to 999 seconds. The pressure is managed with a user-friendly star knob.

  • Integrated electrical work supports the safe operation.
  • It gets ready to be used for arts in just 10 minutes.
  • Accommodates different crafters’ needs.
  • Quick installation.
  • Feels powerful in function.
  • The temperature is maintained once pre-obtained.
  • Control box issues as it stops working after repeated use.
  • Paint chips away too soon.
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Angoo Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press, 12″ x 15″ 360-degree Rotation Digital Combo Heat Press Machine

What a marvelous machine Angoo has designed! This 5 in 1 tool has a thoughtful 12″ x 15″ platen size and a practically feasible 360-degree rotation layout. It supports 110 volts and needs the power of 900 watts.

The platen can be heated from 200 to 450℉. In contrast, the maximum time limit ends at 999 seconds. 

This five-in-one heat press machine fulfills every crafter’s need with multiple accessories. The digital liquid crystal temperature control lets you set the desired temperature without extra effort. The easy-to-operate design has professional technology for safety.

The silver lining is the multiple spring balance pressure and one lengthened aluminum bottle heating pad. Additionally, the timer countdown seems like a big plus for convenience.

  • Temperature is convertible in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • It offers easy designs transfer on all clothing fibers, metal, wood, glass, and ceramic.
  • No chances of accidental contact.
  • Fast heating and easy printing are the significant benefits.
  • The heater element has a large surface area.
  • Easy and quick replacement or conversion of attachments.
  • The pressure knob and handles are hard to move.
  • Sometimes, the platen fails to heat up to the desired temperature.
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MYSUB 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine Swing Away 12×15 inch Digital Vinyl Transfer Multipurpose Combo

MYSUB’s 5 in 1 Heat Press is both affordable and functional. The functionality is doubled with a swing away style and a large 12×15-inch heating area.

Safe to use for sublimation, it has a digital control box for accurate time and temperature settings. The non-stick surface of Teflon-covered platen brings flow to your transfer work. 

The removable aluminum-alloy cradle lets you enjoy a total of eight elite functions. Integrated heating coils provide consistency throughout their surface.

Buying this multi-purpose heat transfer machine will give you a better temperature and timer range of 32 to 430 F and up to 999 seconds, respectively. The full-range pressure-regulating handle or knob is manageable.

In addition, it has an automatic timer buzzer that goes off when the handle is opened. Extra safety! The special thickened heating plate is literally a gift.

  • The durability of the structure allows for long-term use.
  • Extremely sturdy and well-designed.
  • The silicon pad can withstand a maximum of 350-degree F.
  • It is labor-saving.
  • Fully digital temperature and time control.
  • Suitable for ceramics, glasses, and textiles.
  • Directions are unhappily deficient.
  • The temperature fails to stay.
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EOSAGA 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 12″ x15″ Upgrade Heat Transfer Machine with 360-Degree Swing Away

You might not have heard about the EOSAGA 5 in 1 heat press machine, but it is an affordable tool for all DIY enthusiasts!

Creatively designed in a 12″ x15″ and 360-degree swing away layout, it supports a quick and efficient transfer of colorful designs. 

This 5-in-1 press comes with a crisp and fresh digital panel for perfect control over parameter settings. Say no to accidental burns and overheating incidents!

The company used commercial-quality steel for frame construction, making it last longer. Moreover, the safety is supported by overheating protection function and a robust timer. 

The platen has high-quality Teflon for printing on top and an aluminum alloy cradle that can be taken off to make it easier to move.

A digital LED controller keeps you informed of heat and time. Furthermore, the temperature range ends at 450 °F and the time range at 999 seconds.

No matter which heat press project, it will always give the best results.

Unique and easy pressure setting to save effort is provided. The anti-slip handle and silicone pads bring an extra burst of ease. The steel structure spindle makes the movements more stable.

  • You will get professional iron-on results in a matter of minutes.
  • It works for almost every flat surfaced item.
  • The machine heats up rapidly.
  • Smart design for easy operation.
  • Small enough to sit and not heavy to lift.
  • Fast and labor saving installation of the machine.
  • Problems with the reset button.
  • The inserts might fail to fit right.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set the timer on 5 in 1 heat press?

  • Switch on your heat-press machine.
  • Find your LED control panel and press the reset button.
  • Once reset, choose the “timer” settings.
  • To increase the time, press the key with an arrow in the upward direction, and for decreasing, press the key with an arrow in the downward direction.

How to assemble 5 in 1 heat press machine?

The answer to this question totally depends on the machine you have purchased. Most of the heat presses come with easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Regardless of the brand, you must follow the manual instructions carefully for effortless and right assembly. Usually, it starts with setting up a base, then integrates the handle, and ends with the platen setting and power connection.

How does a 5 in 1 heat press work?

A combo 5 in 1 heat press works like any other heat press machine. It uses the same principle of high temperature (heat) and pressure applied in uniformity for a particular time. Such versatile tools provide you with professional results by giving you complete control over setting parameters.

The user needs to switch on the machine and reset all the settings. Once you have preset the desired pressure, temp, and time, all you can do is wait and let the machine do the wonders of printing the design on your material.

What is the difference between 8 in 1 and 5 in 1 heat press?

As the name indicates, the significant difference is their functionality. You can find eight functions in the versatile 8-in-1 machine, which comes with more accessories to complete various tasks. In comparison, you can fulfill five functions with the 5-in-1 heat press.

If you own a Cricut cutter, here are the heat presses compatible with Cricut.

Additional Questions

What are the top 10 heat press machines?

Identifying the top 10 heat press machines would require consideration of a few factors including the type of the press (clamshell, swing away, draw), its size, the quality of its heat platen, user ratings, and the specific needs of the user. However, it’s worth mentioning that brand reputation also plays a crucial role in determining the longevity and effectiveness of a heat press machine.

What is the best heat press for sublimation and vinyl?

The best heat press machine for handling sublimation and vinyl is not a one-size-fits-all answer because the success of these processes greatly relies on the individual needs and budget constraints of the use. Regardless, it’s crucial to prioritize machines that can handle high heat and pressure, and that are built for longevity.

Is the Cricut press as good as a heat press?

This depends on your individual needs and specific project requirements. If your project uses Infusible Ink or Sublimation, then you may find that a traditional heat press, which is excellent at providing even pressure, is more suitable. However, if you have limited space or need portability, the Cricut Easy Press could be a good choice for you. I personally recommend trying out both to better understand what works for your specific needs.

Are all heat press machines the same?

Not all heat press machines are the same. While the ones we sell at our shop are designed specifically to handle transfers requiring high pressure, such as plastisol ink transfers, not all machines on the market are designed with such heavy-duty capabilities. It’s essential to consider what you need from a press before you purchase. For example, if you primarily work with plastisol transfers, then a heavy-duty machine is likely right for you. But if you mostly work with lightweight materials, such as vinyl, a smaller and more portable heat press may be better.

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