Craft vinyl types

Types of Craft Vinyl and Uses (Adhesive and HTV Explained)

Craft vinyl is a sheet of plastic that can be cut and manipulated to fit a variety of projects. It is often used to make items such as signs, book covers, stencils, and much more. Craft vinyl is popular because it is inexpensive and easy to use.

Vinyl papers are a great choice for any artwork, whether it be designing or personalizing items. Its abrasive qualities make it adhere to particular types of surfaces. Use any surface you want and experiment with different crafts!

Mainly, there are two types of craft vinyl: adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Adhesive vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is a type of vinyl that has an adhesive backing. This type of vinyl is typically used for decals, labels, and signs.

There are two subtypes of adhesive vinyl:

  • Permanent adhesive vinyl: It adheres permanently.
  • Removable adhesive vinyl: You can remove it easily

Recently, we compared permanent and removable adhesive vinyl.

Furthermore, there are 7 different varieties of adhesive vinyl.

Stencil vinyl

Stencil vinyl is a versatile material that is mostly used for decorating, do-it-yourself projects, and craft work. The vinyl can be cut with a craft knife and applied to various materials like wood, metal, plastic, glass, and fabric.

The stencil vinyl can be used to create patterns on a variety of surfaces. Once applied, it can be peeled back to create a stencil. Vinyl stencils are often used by crafters for many different kinds of projects, such as making home decor items.

Stencil vinyl
Source: CraftCuts

Printable vinyl

Printable vinyl is a cheaper, do-it-yourself version of screen printing. A printable vinyl sheet is a thin sheet with a special coating on the bottom side that gives it a glossy finish on one side and a sticky side on the other. You can print anything you want onto this vinyl. Peel it off and stick it to your shirt.

It is most widely used for t-shirts and posters.

Printable vinyl

Etched glass vinyl

Etched glass vinyl is a polyester film with a special coating that allows it to be etched with a laser beam. It features a frosted or etched appearance.

Unlike regular vinyl, etched glass vinyl can be used for large windows and doors, because it is safe to be in contact with the elements. It is also used for signage on storefronts and interior decorating.

Etched glass vinyl
Source: Sure Print South

Glitter vinyl

Glitter vinyl is a thin vinyl film that has a glittery pattern that reflects light. Glitter vinyl is often used when creating temporary tattoos, costume jewelry, and temporary smartphone cases.

It is flexible, water-resistant, easy to apply, and inexpensive.

Glitter vinyl
Source: Go to shopping

Glow in the dark paper vinyl

Glowing dark paper vinyl is a material that reflects light and emits luminescence in low light conditions.

It can be used in signage, as a table cover, or to add a sense of drama to a space.

Glow in the dark paper vinyl
Source: Alibaba

Metallic vinyl

Metallic vinyl is a variety of vinyl that has a glossy finish. It is often used in flooring, and other commercial uses since it is more durable than standard vinyl. It has a smooth, shiny finish that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Metallic vinyl is less likely to scuff or scratch and is more stain resistant. They also have a more durable protective coating.

Metallic vinyl
Source: Aliexpress

Chalkboard vinyl

Chalkboard vinyl is an adhesive-backed vinyl that allows you to write on it with chalk or dry-erase markers.

It’s great for menus, signage, home organization, and kids’ projects.

Chalkboard vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV)

Heat transfer vinyl is a type of vinyl that can be used to make designs on different surfaces by applying heat. It can be applied to t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, phone cases, and more.

If you want to put a vinyl pattern over a solid object, adhesive vinyl is your best bet. However, if you intend to work with items that will not be damaged by heat or pressure, heat transfer vinyl is the better option.

Following are some varieties of heat transfer vinyl:

Glitter heat transfer vinyl

Glitter heat transfer vinyl is glitter material that is used to make a pattern on your t-shirt or any other cotton or polyester fabric. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is an easy way to put a pattern on any fabric with the help of a heat press. It is available in a variety of designs and colors.

Its uses include but are not limited to, personalizing t-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, and other garments with glitter.

Glitter htv vinyl

Stretch HTV

Stretching heat transfer vinyl is a type of vinyl that can be heated and stretched to produce a variety of shapes.

It is most commonly used for graphic design, vinyl lettering, and vehicle decals.

Stretch htv
Source: Snow Day Blog

Dark paper HTV

Dark paper HTV is vinyl that has a matte finish and can be used for a variety of projects with a dark theme.

It can be used to create shirts, bags, posters, and more!

Drk paper htv


What is vinyl used for in crafts?

Vinyl is used for a variety of craft projects. One popular use is for crafting with the transfer paper method. It is also used for decoupage and home décor projects, such as making clocks and photo frames.

Can I use regular vinyl on shirts?

Yes, you can use regular vinyl on shirts. However, you will need to use an adhesive that is suitable for both the material of the shirt and the vinyl.

Can I use removable vinyl for car decals?

Yes! Removable vinyl is great for car decals as it will not harm the paint of your car.

Can I use removable vinyl on tumblers?

Since tumblers are made of ceramic, it is not recommended to use removable vinyl because it will start peeling after a few washes.

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