Difference between permanent and removable vinyl

How To Tell If Cricut Vinyl Is Permanent Or Removable?

So, you have both Cricut permanent vinyl and temporary vinyl placed on your table. Can’t figure out which one is permanent and which one is removable? Here is how to tell if Cricut vinyl is permanent or removable.

Read the product description. Cricut clearly mentions the type of vinyl on their packaging. If you have already thrown the package away, flip the vinyl. The green squares indicate permanent vinyl, while the gray color indicates removable vinyl.

If you still can not figure it out, permanent vinyl usually has a glossy finish, while removable one has a matte finish.

Permanent vinyl vs removable vinyl

What is permanent vinyl?

Permanent vinyl is a type of vinyl that is heat activated. It means it sticks to a surface permanently because of its properties. The heat activates the adhesive present on the back side of the heat transfer vinyl or permanent vinyl.

Usually, the permanent vinyl has a glossy finish. This kind of vinyl is usually applied to mugs, outdoor signs, car decals, and other materials that will go through  

It can withstand the damages usually done by water and oil. That is why it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations.

 If you try to remove the permanent vinyl, it might damage the surface.

Permanent vinyl on decal

What is removable vinyl?

Removable vinyl is a kind of self-adhesive vinyl that can be removed easily without damaging the surface of the material.

Usually, the removal vinyl has a matte finish. It can withstand the damage done by water. That is why it is perfect for indoor usage.

Removable adhesive vinyl is a great choice for Window, wall, or bumper stickers.

If you try to remove this kind of vinyl, it will not damage the surface of the material.

Removable vinyl on plastic jars


Is Cricut permanent vinyl removable?

Yes, Cricut permanent vinyl is removable. However, it requires extreme attention and a good vinyl removal tool. Since it is permanent vinyl, there is high chance that it will damage the outer surface of the material. The wall paint or wallpaper might come off. So, it is better not to remove the permanent vinyl from the Cricut.

What are the uses of Cricut removable vinyl?

You can use Cricut removable adhesive vinyl in hundreds of crafts projects like making vinyl decals, wood signs, cell phone decals, and gift wrappers.

Can Cricut premium vinyl be used on fabric?

No, Cricut premium vinyl should not be used on fabric. It should only be used on smooth surfaces. If you use it on fabric, it won’t hold up for long and might peel off when you wash the fabric.

Can you iron on premium vinyl?

No, you can not iron on premium vinyl. You can easily apply it to smooth surfaces without iron or a heat press.

Is adhesive vinyl the same as permanent vinyl?

The answer is both yes and no as adhesive vinyl has two types: 1) Removable and 2) Permanent. Removable vinyl is essentially the same as adhesive vinyl. While permanent adhesive vinyl requires heat to work.

Can you make removable vinyl permanent?

No, you can not. Since the physical properties of both removable and permanent vinyl are different, you can not make removable vinyl permanent.

Can you use removable vinyl on shirts?

Yes, removable vinyl can be used on shirts in the form of stickers. However, it won’t last long. Fabrics work best with HTV, infusible ink, and sublimation.

How long does removable vinyl last?

The removable vinyl can last from 2-3 years when used indoors. When used outdoors, the removable vinyl will only 20-30 days.

How long does permanent vinyl last?

Since permanent vinyl is waterproof, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, it can easily last 5-6 years when used indoors or outdoors.

How to tell if vinyl is iron on?

Iron-on vinyl has a plastic backing, while adhesive vinyl has a paper backing. Also, the plastic backing on iron-on vinyl is see-through. So, you can easily differentiate both.

Is Cricut glitter vinyl permanent or removable?

Since Cricut glitter is not labeled as waterproof, dishwasher safe, or microwave safe, it is removable vinyl.

What’s the difference between htv and iron on vinyl?

Both have the same function and are made up of vinyl. However, there is a difference between their working mechanism. HTV transfers completely when you apply heat while in the case of iron on vinyl, only ink is transferred to the material.

What is removable vinyl used for?

Removable vinyl is mainly used for signage, wall decals, and other adhesive graphics. It can also be used to create stickers and labels. It’s easy to apply and remove without leaving residue, making it a popular choice for many projects.

How long does adhesive vinyl last?

Good quality adhesive vinyl can last for an average of 3-5 years depending on the quality of the surface it’s applied to, temperature, and other environmental factors.

Can I use permanent vinyl on shirts?

Permanent vinyl is not ideal for shirt decals as it won’t last long. However, it can be used as a stencil for fabric paint. For best results, apply permanent vinyl on smooth and hard surfaces, not on fabrics or clothing.

Is cricut vinyl sticky?

The Cricut adhesive vinyl has a sticky back while Circut HTV has heat-activated back.

Is permanent vinyl dishwasher safe?

No, permanent vinyl is not dishwasher safe, especially if the dishwasher has an automatic heating element. The heat may cause the adhesive of the decal to peel off.

If you want to make permanent vinyl dishwasher safe, you can apply a sealant such as Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge and cure it. Handwashing those items having permanent vinyl is still the best option to make the print last longer.

How to remove Cricut vinyl from plastic?

To remove Cricut vinyl from plastic, gather a heat gun or hair dryer, plastic scraping blade, adhesive remover, and decal removal wheel (optional). Heat the surface of the decal with the heat gun until the vinyl becomes flexible. Take a plastic blade tool and scrape the vinyl from the surface.

Clean the surface with soap and water, then use an adhesive remover like “General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner” by 3M Products Inc. to remove any remaining adhesive.

Always spot test an inconspicuous area before applying adhesive remover.

What is parchment paper?

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