Best heat transfer paper for inkjet printers

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Inkjet Printers

  1. Jet-PRO SS JETPRO Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
  2. NuFun Activities Inkjet Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper
  4. PPD Inkjet PREMIUM Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers Paper
  5. Transfer Master Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper

Inkjet printers are the most popular type of printer in the world. They are affordable, efficient, and can be used for printing on any document.

The only downside is that they don’t print on paper or fabric well because the ink can pool onto the item’s surface. This is where heat transfer papers come in handy.

A thin sheet of plastic with an adhesive back is an inkjet printer’s heat transfer paper. It can be used to transfer inkjet prints onto fabric, wood veneers, or other surfaces that are difficult to print on.

5 Best Heat Transfer Papers For Inkjet Printers

We have researched and tested different transfer papers. Our research showed that these 5 transfer papers perform best with inkjet printers.

Here is a short overview, user reviews, pros, and cons of each product.

Jet-PRO SS JETPRO Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

This premium transfer paper is made with a silky-smooth, glossy surface that offers a natural finish while providing long-lasting protection for your creations. I

t is an excellent choice for businesses and hobbyists alike, thanks to its non-shiny finish, perfect for use on light backgrounds.

Jet-PRO Transfer Paper is a versatile paper that works well with cotton, cotton blends, and synthetics. It features a non-stick coating that makes it easy to remove your transfers without damaging your project. Moreover, it is compatible with all inkjet printers.

Save time and money with Jet-PRO Paper. This fabric transfer paper is easy to use and gives a finish that looks like it was done by a professional, with clear lines and bright colors.

NuFun Activities Inkjet Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper

NuFun Heat Transfer Paper is the perfect way to create unique designs with heat transfer printing! This versatile heat transfer paper can be cut and ironed to reveal any pattern you want on your clothing, accessories, or crafts.

Once printed, these patterns are incredibly durable and washable–so they’re perfect for your next party or holiday!

It is the perfect solution for printing your designs, transfers, stickers, crafts, and more. Use it with your home inkjet printer or commercial equipment to create professional-looking projects.

Use your imagination to create fun and exciting images on these great printable sheets of paper. It is a perfect choice for adding a personal touch to clothes and giving as a gift.


If you’re looking for professional-grade transfer paper, look no further than NEENAH Transfer Paper. This commercial-grade transfer paper will allow you to quickly and easily transfer your designs onto multiple surfaces.

NEENAH Transfer Paper is the ideal transfer paper for your home or office. It is commercial grade and perfectly sized for your inkjet printer.

NEENAH Transfer Paper is a high-quality, low-cost transfer paper that is easy to use. It is a high-quality transfer paper with a clear, durable coating that easily transfers images and text. It is long-lasting and will not tear, shrink, or distort the prints.

PPD Inkjet PREMIUM Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers Paper

With PPD Inkjet Transfer Paper, you can print custom text, images on any fabric. This pack of 300 great inkjet heat transfer papers is a great way to save money on your next project. It comes with full instructions and everything you need to start printing.

PPD is a new and innovative inkjet transfer paper that can be cut by using standard scissors and cutting machines. The paper is compatible with all inkjet printers and can be used on all types of dark surfaces.

You’ve got a great idea for a cool shirt or jacket with your favorite logos, pictures, or designs. Now all you need is the perfect shirt to display it on.

With PPD Inkjet Transfer Paper, you can use your design to transform any piece of clothing into an instant masterpiece. You’ll never have to worry about being bored with the same-old color again.

Transfer Master Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper

Transfer Master inkjet transfer paper will help you increase the visibility of your colors with amazing results.

These transfer papers are economical yet of high quality. These best affordable inkjet printers for heat transfer heat up instantly to produce a flawless print.

Transfer Master Paper, the best inkjet transfer paper for heat pressing, is easy to use and saves you time.

Use this paper with any inkjet printer to print on high-quality, clear inkjet heat transfer paper for your wall art, fabrics, DIY projects, and more!

Buyer’s guide

High-quality inkjet heat transfer paper is a must-have for any graphic designer. In this buyer’s guide, we will be discussing some of the factors to consider when buying heat transfer paper for your inkjet printer.

Compatibility with printer

Most inkjet printers use heat transfer papers to transfer media onto paper. The heat transfer paper has a special coating that helps maintain quality when in contact with an inkjet printer’s elements. If you have an inkjet printer, you should make sure that transfer paper is compatible with it.

If you are into sublimation, you need to buy a sublimation printer for the best results.

Compatibility with heat press/Iron

It is important to determine whether the heat transfer paper will be compatible with your heat press machine or household iron. Here is a complete guide on how to use a transfer paper.

Ease of use

Heat transfer paper is usually relatively easy to use. However, it is crucial that the paper has a good surface for adhering, and it should be easy to print on.


The size of the printer usually determines the size of heat transfer paper.

Resistance to spatter

Spatter can happen during printing and can be very difficult to remove without sanding down the paper. A good heat transfer paper should be resistant to spatter. Here is how to clean a heat press.


Not everybody can afford expensive transfer papers. A single mistake can cost you a lot of money. So, it would help if you kept the price of heat transfer paper for inkjet in mind.

Fabric type and colour

Remember that, there are different heat transfer papers for different types of fabric colors. So when you buy an inkjet heat transfer paper, keep the fabric in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does inkjet transfer paper work?

Inkjet printer for heat transfer paper

Yes, inkjet transfer paper works and works well. Inkjet transfer paper has a similar smoothness and absorbency to printer paper and is relatively inexpensive. Despite the relative ease of use, inkjet transfer paper will not work for too heavy or thin paper.

Can I use any inkjet printer print on heat transfer paper?

Yes, any inkjet printer can be used for heat transfer paper. For best results, consider getting a high-resolution printer with superior color accuracy and range and print on thermal printing paper. It should also use pigment-based inks and use a higher DPI (dots per inch).

What is the best heat transfer paper for inkjet printers?

Jet-PRO Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper is the best heat transfer paper for inkjet printers.


For a good printing outcome in heat press printing, selecting a good heat transfer paper for an inkjet printer is essential. You should consider your printer, heat press/Iron, and transfer paper size before you buy it.

Our research found these three transfer papers good for inkjet printers:

  1. Jet-PRO Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
  2. NuFun Heat Transfer Paper
  3. NEENAH 3G Heat Transfer Paper

Additional Questions

What is the top-performing inkjet paper for heat transfer paper?

Many reputable brands are offering heat transfer paper in the market, but one that stands out for its quality and versatility is the PPD Inkjet Premium Heat Transfer Paper. Lauded for its ease of use, this product is a favourite go-to material for at-home crafters, aspiring entrepreneurs in the custom apparel business, and even seasoned professionals in the field. The pack comes with 10 sheets that are both efficient and versatile as they can work well with a standard home iron or a professional heat press machine.

The primary reason that the PPD inkjet paper outshines others is its remarkable ability to transfer a spectrum of designs – text, illustrations, and even high-resolution photographs, onto white or light-coloured fabrics seamlessly. This makes the PPD heat transfer paper not just suitable for customizing clothing items, such as t-shirts, but also ideal for designing home decor pieces like cushion covers, canvas, etc, thus opening up a wide range of creative possibilities. In my experience, the results are always impressive and long-lasting.

Is it possible to use an inkjet printer for heat transfer paper?

Absolutely. The type of printer you can use heavily depends on the specific transfer paper being used. Heat transfer papers are usually specifically manufactured for each type of printer – be it inkjet or laser, and, unfortunately, they are not interchangeable. As such, you should ensure that the heat transfer paper you are using is compatible with the printer you have. If your printer is an inkjet one, it naturally follows that you should be using inkjet transfer paper. The same reasoning applies to laser printers.

In my years of experience working with various transfer papers, one essential thing I have learned is to match the printer with the correct transfer paper. This not only guarantees successful results but also helps prevent possible damage to the printer that incompatible materials could cause.

Can I use iron on transfer paper with an inkjet printer?

Definitely! Iron-on transfer paper works seamlessly with home printers, as long as they are inkjet ones. The process involves printing your chosen design or image onto the transfer paper using your inkjet printer and then using an iron (or heat press machine for a more professional finish) to transfer that print onto your medium, which could be a cotton shirt, a tote bag, or a range of other fabric-based items.

Simply put, you can certainly use iron-on transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Having done this numerous times, I can personally validate the ease and effectiveness of this process. Just ensure that the iron is set to the appropriate heat level corresponding to your fabric to prevent ruining the material or the design.

Can any inkjet printer print on heat transfer vinyl?

Unfortunately, the ability to print on heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is not a universal feature of all inkjet printers. HTV requires a particular kind of printing technology, namely wide-format printing. This means that, regretfully, regular inkjet and laser printers don’t have the capability to print on HTV.

Though I understand the appeal of printing on vinyl due to its durability and vibrant colour results, it's worth noting that investing in a wide-format printer is only worthwhile if you run a business that requires frequent HTV printing. For hobbyists or occasional crafters, it may be more cost-effective to explore other methods or seek services from specialized print shops.

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