Can I sublimate on glass? How to do it?

Yes, you can sublimate on glass. However, you will need to apply a polyester coating to the glass with a sublimation spray or purchase a pre-coated sublimation blank. Since there are chances of brittleness, you should also use Teflon sheets to cover the glass blank. 

Sublimation on glass also requires precise heat and pressure. Otherwise, you will ruin your design or break the glass.

If you want to use sublimation on glass, make sure to choose glass with an opaque surface to get bright and vibrant prints.

How to do sublimation on glass?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to apply the sublimation design on the glass.


What Materials Are Required For Glass Sublimation?

  1. Glass blanks (we will use the glass tumbler. You can choose it or any other glass item like the mug, glass frame, or cutting board)
  2. Sublimation spray ( If the blanks are not already sublimated)
  3. Sublimation ink
  4. Sublimation paper
  5. Sublimation printer
  6. Heat press machine
  7. Lint roller
  8. Heat-resistant tape
  9. Heat resistant gloves

Total time required

Maximum 30-40 minutes

Procedure to sublimate glass

Pint your design

If you have a ready-made sublimation design, you can print it on the sublimation paper straightaway. Otherwise, you can create your own design by using good sublimation software. Make sure to that it has bright and vivid colors.

Preparing the design for glass tumbler sublimation

The width of the sublimation print depends upon the circumference of the glass. Measure the circumference and set the size accordingly.

Remember, do not mirror the image if you want to transfer it onto the back side of the glass.

Print the design on transfer paper and remove the extra sublimation paper from the top, bottom, and sides.

Do not worry if the design look faded. It will improve when you heat press it.

Printing the designs by using the epson printer

Apply the sublimation coating on the glass tumbler 

You can skip this step if your sublimation blank has the polyester coating.

If the sublimation blank does not have a poly coating, you need to apply the poly coating to the surface of the glass blank where you want to transfer the design. You can buy a good sublimation spray or create the spray at home. Let it dry for some time.

Wrap the sublimation print on glass

Wrap the sublimation print tightly. Make sure that it is not crooked. You can use heat-resistant tape to secure it in its place tightly.

Using the tape for tight wrapping around the glass

Heat press it

Set the heat press ( or mug press if you have one)  temperature to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and select light pressure. I am using the PYD life tumbler press for this tutorial.

Setting the time and temp on PYD mug press

Your glass blank can break if you choose the tight pressure.

Keep the seam side up and press it for 60 seconds.

Rotate it to 180 degrees so that the sublimation wrap faces down and heat press it for 60 seconds again.

Repeat the process for all sides.

Use heat-resistant gloves to remove the sublimation glass tumbler from the heat press machine.

Let the tumbler cool down for some time.

Inserting the glass tumbler in the tumbler press

Remove the adhesive paper

It is time to remove the transfer paper. Remove it slowly to reveal the design.

Removing the transfer paper after glass heat pressing

You have successfully performed sublimation on glass.

Here is how my glass tumblers look like after sublimation

Can you sublimate on glass cups and mugs?

Yes, you can sublimate glass cups and mugs if they are of good quality, have a polyester coating, and can bear the temperature and pressure of a heat press. Sublimation blank mugs and cups are available that already have sublimation coating or you can use a sublimation spray.

What should be the temperature for glass sublimation?

For glass sublimation, the temperature should be 360-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to consult with the sublimation paper manufacturer for exact temperature settings.

What should be the optimal temperature and pressure to sublimate on glass?

The optimal temperature to sublimate on glass is 360-400 degrees Fahrenheit and light pressure on regular intervals of 60-90 seconds for each side of the glass.

Can you sublimate to all types of glasses?

No, you can not sublimate all types of glasses. First of all, not all glasses can bear 400F temperature and some pressure when you heat press glass. Secondly, not all types of glasses are suitable for sublimation prints because of the difference in thickness. Finally, if you want the sublimation works on glass, it should have a polyester coating.

Can You Sublimate on Glass Frames?

Yes, you can sublimate glass frames. For this purpose, you can either buy the glass frame sublimation blanks or apply a polyester coating to sublimate it.

How to sublimate on glass cutting board?

The process is the same as doing sublimation onto the glass tumbler. Get the sublimation blank cutting board or use a sublimation spray on a regular glass cutting board.

Prepare your design and print it onto the transfer paper. Do not mirror it if you want the design on the back of the glass. Use a heat press to apply the proper temperature and pressure. Finally, peel the coating to reveal the design on the cutting board.

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