Best heat press machine for crafters

8 Best heat press for crafters who Love DIY projects

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Are you confused about whether you should buy a heat press machine or not? Well, the truth is you should have one, especially if you are an innovative and passionate crafter.

It is undoubtedly an excellent idea to utilize a sturdy, multi-functional heat press rather than investing in regular iron.

A good-quality heat press machine is worth the money and ensures high-grade printing outcomes.

Heat press machines designed for crafters are a pretty modern and better pick. Why? Because they have advanced features such as a digital controller box for precise setting of time and temperature.

Apart from these, the full-range adjustment knob ensures a reasonable pressure adjustment.

For crafters, the heat press with even heat distribution and availability of temp values in both (F and C) degrees is good. You never have to worry about overheating or burning issues. The variety of sizes brings versatility and higher functionality.

My wife loves crafting. Since I have many heat press machines, she loves to test some of them. This time, she decided to buy heat press machines geared toward crafters. She bought five while testing 11 from my arsenal. Here is her analysis after testing 16 craft heat press machines:

8 Best heat press machines for crafters

Here is a short overview, review, pros, and cons of each crafter heat press machine.

Cricut EasyPress 2 – Heat Press Machine For T-Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects

The best thing about the Cricut EasyPress is that it comes in two thoughtfully chosen sizes, making it an excellent choice for crafters who enjoy designing multiple projects. It is compatible with all fabrics.

With Cricut EasyPress2, you will get a golden chance to enjoy professional-quality heat-transfer vinyl. No matter what project comes your way, you must be confident. 

The precise temperature control eliminates the possibility of overheating or burning. Another classic feature is the insulated safety base. It takes security to the next level.

To boost the user’s safety, the auto-shutoff feature is integrated brilliantly.

Easypress 2 will become an everyday essential because of the speed and user convenience. As per the company, it is rigorously tested for time, pressure, and temperature settings.

The latest heat platen design is ceramic-coated. Its body has unique white and raspberry color with superior quality. And, how can you not admire its built-in timer?

It genuinely works like a breeze.

  • Easy heat-transfer vinyl and sublimation printing
  • The machine is pretty lightweight.
  • Moreover, the suitable size makes it highly portable.
  • The design is made extremely easy to store.
  • You can consider it a fast machine for effortless results.
  • The parameter setting is pretty easy and quick.
  • None
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PowerPress HPM-0000-PK Heat Press Machine Portable-Pink

This heat press machine for crafters is ideal because it ensures a good heating surface area for printing designs on shirts, mats, tiles, etc.

The structure is sturdy and robust but made highly lightweight for easy storage and carrying.

The most incredible part is the latest and super sensitive touch screen control panel for accurate time and temperature settings.

You can call it a perfect piece to complete multiple tasks. 

You can use the screen for setting the desired values quickly, ensuring smoother operation. A safe anti-overheating system is top-tier.

Besides, the body is fashionable and comprised of three layers of heat-resistant material. For pressure maintenance, four regulating springs are incorporated. The user-friendly design finishes the printing job gently and seamlessly.

PowerPress has a shutoff feature to stop it from getting too hot and a base that can be used for two different things. Moreover, the design will stick even after repeated washes.

  • The framework is modern.
  • A Pressure-regulating system brings better pressure adjustment for quality results.
  • Suitable ranges for temperature and time for quality maintenance.
  • Protects your project from burning.
  • The body has strong insulation.
  • The heat is dissipated efficiently during Working Mode.
  • Some reviewers faced LED/touchscreen issues.
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Tinkeal Heat Press Machine for t-Shirts 12 “×10” Even Heat Easy Press

The Tinkerbell Heat Press Machine is another great option for all crafters. It offers a broader range of uses. The design is robust and chic and only comprises high-quality materials. It suits sublimation printing.

The framework is supported with excellent security to cater to your printing needs. The best addition is a sensitive touch screen design considering its economical price point. 

This practical machine for craftspeople has an automatic pressurization function that uses high-frequency press technology to ensure a good setting.

One of the biggest attractions is the unique temperature control pressure setup. It saves energy by not asking you to set or apply the pressure manually. It is also time-saving.

With the instruction manual, you can easily set the time and temperature. The appropriate heating plate size and weight of only 8 pounds make it convenient to carry. This best heat press for craftsmen fulfills all your DIY needs!

To ensure your safety:

  • The plate comes with a ceramic coating 
  • The structure has 3-layer heat-resistant insulation
  • Insulated safety base
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Feel free to set the temperature and time you desire.
  • The machine ensures super-fast heating.
  • It serves the dual purpose of a heat press machine and an ironing machine.
  • The machine comes with various functionalities for safety protection.
  • No silicone pad
  • Not suitable for larger projects
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AONESY 12 “×10” Heat Press Machine HTV Vinly Heat Press

Do you want to buy a heat press machine that gives long-lasting results? AONESY’s 12 ×10 heat press machine sounds like a good pick in two different sizes and classic red color.

Don’t worry; it is a good partner for life! Additionally, it gives you expert and fool-proof iron-on results rapidly. This is one large-size digital heat press suitable for oversized shirts and sweatshirts.

It makes printing unique and fun. You can complete various heat transfer tasks with this sturdy and lightweight machine. Aonesy portable heat press makes your hand free.

A newly designed temperature control and pressure system combines style with maximum functionality.

The buttons are manageable for time and temperature settings. It will give you excellent results within 1 minute or less. For the users, safety comes first, and so does the company. They have a heat plate with ceramic coating, which lets you handle the heat professionally.

The structure has an insulated safety base which eliminates the overheating and burning issues as it dissipates heat smoothly.

All you need is to apply gentle pressure for quality work. The helpful safety features make this heat press best for artisans is compatible with plenty of materials.

  • Consider it a multipurpose piece for sublimation Paper & Thermal Transfer Stickers.
  • The machine comes with a manual.
  • It is pretty easy to manage and store, carry and use.
  • Suitable for vinyl transfer.
  • Even heating with anti-heating features.
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    MKORMK Heat Press, Heat Press Machine for HTV Vinyl Projects

    Made with a 7” x 3.8” heating panel, this is the best heat press for craft lovers. It works well to give the platen even, dry, and uniform heat for the best iron-on results. You can buy this at an affordable price and create personalized projects involving shirts, bags, hats, pillows, and canvas shoes

    Safety auto-off mode is one of the most impressive features as it completely closes the machine automatically if not used for a maximum of 10 minutes.

    The auto-off feature comes with a standby of 10 minutes. There are many other safety protocols. 

    Moreover, the availability of three temp settings helps you meet your numerous heat transfer needs and art projects. The availability of three temp settings helps you meet your multiple heat transfer needs and art projects.

    Safety auto-off mode is one of the most impressive features as it completely closes the machine automatically if not used for a maximum of 10 minutes.

    • The evenly heated plate for classic results.
    • A perfect pick for multiple types of HTV heat transfer and vinyl projects.
    • It has the dual purpose of an iron and heat press machine.
    • The warranty is provided for one year.
    • It comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
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      DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine Easy to Use Small HTV Iron-on Vinyl Projects

      Are you looking for a quality-made mini heat press? DODODUM is the one for you! It has everything one can expect in a good machine. Firstly, it is easy to use. Secondly, it is suitable for every small and unique project. Thirdly, it is compatible with transferring letters, graphics, images, and texts. Moreover, the FCC certification is a silver lining. 

      Don’t mistake its size for its functionality and performance. This best heat press machine for DIY enthusiasts has the perfect timing, temperature, and pressure range.

      This mini heat press machine is unique in its heat settings as you can set it to high at 374℉, medium at 320℉, or low at 284℉. The safety feature makes the machine shut off after the inactivity of 10 minutes. 

      You will get a 6.23-foot power cord, a water spray bottle, and a small canvas bag in the package. The cord is also fully certified by UL.

      The sturdy framework is fitted with an insulated safety base for an extra boost of protection. Moreover, the durable soleplate is constructed from premium material and has a quality ceramic coating for dry and even heat distribution.

      • Maximum safety features for user’s security and material protection.
      • It is one easy piece of equipment to carry.
      • The footprint is very compact.
      • The machine is relatively small.
      • The temperature range can be better.
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      SUPALAK Mini Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts Bags Hats HTV Vinyl Projects

      SUPALAK Mini Heat Press is another mini heat press machine for crafters to complete unique arts and crafts projects.

      It can function as both an iron and a heat press. It will surely be a good fit for the art lover. Besides, it is a pretty economical pick. It is FCC, CE, and ROHS certified, and considering these certifications, it gives peace of mind.

      The company has adopted the auto-off design for maximum safety. During non-use, it automatically shuts down and avoids burning.

      The safety base protects your heating plate from any possible scratches. Don’t worry about high temperatures resulting in scalded platens.

      This doesn’t take much space. It is supreme for customizing items. Further, it heats up fast. Thanks to the ceramic-coated plate! 

      The even distribution of heat happens within 3 to 5 minutes. The ease of operation is doubled with the handle. Every setting is done with one button.

      • It has the potential to fulfill different heat transfer necessities.
      • It runs without an adaptor.
      • An ideal selection for traveling.
      • The most impressive spec is three heating modes.
      • Big and grippy handle making it suitable for craft enthusiasts.
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        Angoo Heat Press,12×10 Touch Screen Easy Press Portable Automatic Press Printing Machine

        The Angoo Heat Press heating plate size is large enough to print oversized shirts and pillows, etc. It goes along with all flat-surfaced items.

        The big size makes it pretty easy for transferring graphics. Besides, it can be used on any fabric and fiber, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, etc. 

        The features are taken to another level with hand-free, high-frequency automatic press technology. You never have to press manually, now! Moreover, setting the desired temp and time has never been so easy.

        The design is secure with ceramic coating. Furthermore, three heat-resistant layers in integrated into the construction. It is purposeful for insulating the external casing to keep it protected from the heat. Shutoff function brings safety and security.

        • Compatible with HTV Vinyl
        • No more issues of overheating.
        • Serving the dual use of transfer & ironing.
        • The built-in timer for protection
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          Video summary

          Crafter Heat Press Buyer guide

          Size & Portability

          One of the most important things to consider while buying a heat press machine for a crafter is the size. You can have them in plenty of options, from small to large, mini to medium.

          Pick the one that suits your tasks and meets the needs of your DIY projects. The best pick is the portable machine.

          The smaller the device, the more portable it will be. The ideal size for easy portability is the smallest, measuring 4″ x 4″, 4″ x 6″, 6″ x 8″, 9″ x 12″, and 12″ x 14″.

          Easy to set up and use

          Look out for ease of use. For instance, there must be one button for setting temp and time with a manageable full-range pressure adjustment knob.

          The switches must be at quick access. If the machine offers convenience, it will save your time and effort. Besides, it should have lesser parts to make it easier for you to set up in no time.


          Another essential feature is the display, which should be a touch screen. It will be simple to program precise temperatures and times. Moreover, the display must be clear and understandable. For temp, it must show F and C degrees.

          Supported materials

          Always go for a versatile machine. It must be multi-functional and serve compatibility with various materials such as fabrics or textiles, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, etc.

          Safety mechanism

          Never overlook the safety. Certain features are a must-have for a good user’s protection and the material’s as well. It includes:

          • Auto-shutoff feature
          • Built-in timer
          • Insulated base
          • 3-layer insulation in the framework


          Heat presses are technically a hefty investment. You must opt for the economical pick because there are many. Buying a mini heat press machine for a crafter will be a good pick as it will serve the purpose and let you save money.

          Additional Questions

          What is the best all in one heat press machine?

          As a general rule, the best all in one heat press machine can vary depending on your specific needs, the volume of your work, and your budget. However, the important features to consider would be its durability, reliability, versatility, and ease of use. We can’t clearly point out the best single heat press machine due to the diversity of user needs and expectations. So, take note of your unique requirements as you proceed to seek the best all in one heat press machine.

          What is the difference between the Cricut heat press and the regular heat press?

          The most standout difference between a typical, often bulky heat press over the Cricut EasyPress is the impressive portability and compactness the latter offers. Cricut EasyPress comes in a selection of sizes too, catering to your crafting ambitions wonderfully, whether large scale or small. In my years of craft-making experience, I’ve found this portability factor quite liberating, especially during the times when I conducted workshops in different locations. To think of a heavy heat press in those situations is just unimaginable. However, it’s not only about portability; the Cricut EasyPress stands out for the convenience it offers too.

          What is the best heat press for beginner sublimation?

          Sublimation for beginners can seem a bit daunting initially with the industrial-sized heat presses. In my own journey into crafting and sublimation, I came across the **Cricut EasyPress 2**. This compact and portable machine is a fantastic starting point for anyone venturing into the realm of sublimation. Although, do remember to opt for the EasyPress 2 specifically as the original EasyPress doesn’t have the capability to reach the heat levels required for sublimation.

          What type of heat press do I need for sublimation?

          Generally, most substrates for sublimation can be pressed using a flat heat press, with availability in various sizes and three different platen configurations: namely, clam-shell, swing-away and drawer. From my personal experience, I can suggest that the clam-shell units are the most prevalent among the heat-press types. Therefore, the type of heat press you’d need for sublimation would largely boil down to your personal preferences and the size and volume of your work.

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