6 Best Heat Press Machines For T Shirts 2022

Are you planning to buy yourself a heat press machine solely for printing your t-shirts to give them a sense of customization and personalization? If you want to buy the best heat press machines for t shirts, many aspects are essential apart from your budget. There are certain factors that you should always take under keen observation. Remarkably, there are three top things:

  • A durable heating element must be covering the whole upper platen, ensuring even heat distribution.
  • A platen should be thick enough to retain the temperature throughout the printing process.
  • A feasible design for even pressing pressure to get [professional results.

Moreover, you should check if the machine has a digital control that tells the exact values. There must be a timer and audible alarm along with necessary safety features. Don’t forget to check if the layout offers easy positing of garments or not. The machine needs to be purchased following your workspace and workload. Lastly, check for the warranty.

6 Best Heat Press Machines For T Shirts

T-shirt press machineImageRatingsBuy
TUSY Heat Press Machine 4.8/5View on Amazon
PowerPress Heat Press Machine 4.7/5View on Amazon
Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press 4.6/5View on Amazon
PlanetFlame Heat Press Machine 4.5/5View on Amazon
Seeutek Heat Press machine 4.3/5View on Amazon

Here are the details and reviews of these best t shirt heat press machines.

1) VIVOHOME 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Are you looking for the best heat press machine for your t-shirt business? Look no further. Vivohome has everything you’d want in an ideal t-shirt heat press machine.

VIVOHOME is a brand with a strong sense of responsibility that has driven them to create pioneering machines, and this heat press machine is one of those ground-breaking tools. The heating press is optimized for delivering durability and quality performance. It is solely dedicated to making your printing more manageable and more enjoyable. The coupling of premium construction with a competitive price makes this option pretty desirable.

It gives you 360° rotation with its Unique design for easy setting garments and designs without taking ample space. The even heat distribution is assured. The display is entirely digitally controlled to show you the precise time, pressure, and temperature. The temperature has both Celsius and Fahrenheit options. It is Easy-to-use, and it means an easy life for t-shirt business owners.

The heating plate is made of reliable aluminium saving you from overheating and burning problems. The Teflon coating has added to its feasibility and functionality. Moreover, it can endure a maximum heat of 250°C. It is time to print your attractive designs on t shirts.

2) TUSY Heat Press Machine

TUSY Heat Press Machine is one of the top-rated t-shirt heat press machines and genuinely speaking, it deserves to be. With stylish and sparkling features, it has incredible performance. And durability? Oh, don’t talk about it. It is beyond what you can expect!

Yes, it is best for t-shirts but feel free to use it for pillows, bags, tiles, mouse mats, etc. You can use it for commercial, professional, and personal use at home. It has the ability to transfer heat evenly, efficiently, and quickly. It does colorful pictures and letters, anything you want. Moreover, LCD Control Board displays accurate pressure and temperature settings. Pressure is also adjustable for better transfer of the print to the substrate. Safe Anti-overheating spec enhances the performance of this top heat press machine for shirts.

3) PowerPress Heat Press Machine

PowerPress has made one-of-a-kind heat press machines that can be used for printing a variety of items. With maximum flexibility, adjustability and customization, it makes your job easier. Pressure and heat levels are adjustable, ensuring better printing results. The machine can withstand higher temperatures without annoying you with overheating or burning problems. And yes, it does come with the refined tech of LCD. It displays precise information. This fully digital temperature and time control let you set them as per your need.

PowerPress also features in overall best heat press machines.

For safety and quality, Teflon is used on the heating element. It is harmless to all fabrics. Unlike many other options, it is equally attractive in design. The use of industrial-strength material for construction offers maximum durability. Even the minute details are carefully laid out. For instance, the handle of this best t-shirt print machine is appropriately lengthened and weighted, offering optimum and snit-slip grip.

The Powepress reviews show that customers love the quality of t-shirt prints which this machine offers.

4) Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press

The no.4 in best heat press machines for t shirts is Slendor heat press machine.

Do you know what could be the best heat press machine to invest in? This amazing 5-in-1 machine serves various purposes. This excellent t-shirt heat press machine is designed by Slendor and has been helping in printing quality shirts, tiles, mugs, pillows, and mats. The key highlight is the double layering of Teflon for preventing sticking. The use of the finest materials in the making is something more than fascinating. It offers steady printing. With Teflon, it prevents the chances of burning or harming the fabric.

The handle is made firm to provide comfortable handling. Made with a swing-away design, it has necessary safety features, too. The digital control lets you set temperature and pressure quickly. This best t shirt heat press has a fuss-free design with hassle-free working. Set the pressure with an easy knob setting.

Package Includes

  • 1 – Assembled machine with platen press
  • 1 – Flat Hat press 5.5” x 3”
  • 1 – Mug press 3”-3.5”
  • 1 – Plate Press #1: 5”
  • 1 – Plate Press #2: 6”
  • 1 – Silicone pad
  • 1 – Cotton pad

5) PlanetFlame Heat Press Machine

The unique characteristic of this t shirt print machine is a durable Aluminum heating plate. It has the ability to adopt eight heating tubes. It improves the temperature range and heat distribution. It heats up quickly and spreads uniformly. Along with digitally controlled features, it comes with high-quality Buttons for adjusting the time, temperature, and pressure levels. Teflon sheet makes it harmless for the fabrics. Pressure knobs are unique and serve two purposes:

If you rotate clockwise, you will get “pressurization,” and when anticlockwise, “decompression” happens. Technical Parameters are highly impressive. This heat press machine has a practical Clamshell Heat Press design that suits the expert as well as beginners. The heating plate can dissipate heat significantly. Moreover, this top rated heat press machine for shirts can reach and maintain, tolerate and sustain higher temperatures.

Read a complete guide on how to start a t-shirt printing business?

6) Seeutek Heat Press machine

The last candidate in our list of best heat press machines for t shirts is Seeutek t-shirt heat press machine

One brilliant Heat Press Machine made with an exclusive Guide Rail and Swing layout. Practically, it is fantastic, along with providing efficiency and functionality. You can rotate the Swing Arm to 360 Degrees. It never damages your fabric and transfers the print clearly with even heat and pressure distribution. The Teflon layering makes it heat resistant. The layout offers easy and quick cleanup, too. The non-stick surface lets the print last longer without any scorching issues.

The design is comfortable, and the handle is firm. The technology is infused with safety for better performance and results. It offers complete digital control on temperature, pressure, and time settings. Moreover, you can see the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Audible alarm beeps when the timer gets off to ensure safety.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fully-assembled machine with platen press
  • 2 x Teflon Sheet
  • 1 x User Manual

If you are a beginner, don’t forget to read our heat press beginner guide.

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How to heat press a shirt?

  1. Choose your design
  2. Have your design printed on transfer paper
  3. Turn on your heat-press machine
  4. Set the temperature, pressure and put a timer
  5. Wait for the device to reach the temperature
  6. Do not touch the platens and
  7. Place the design/paper over the garment
  8. Close the machine and let it transfer the print
  9. Make sure that the design is left for a minimum of 24 hrs.

What is the best t-shirt heat press?

  • Fancierstudio Power Digital Heat Press
  • VIVOHOME’s 8 in 1 Combo Multifunctional Heat Press
  • ePhoto New Digital Heat Transfer Machine
  • VEVOR Heat Press Machine
  • TUSY Heat Press Machine
  • ePhotoInc Heat Press Machine
  • F2C Pro Heat Press Machine
  • F2C 15 x 15 Black Heat Press Machine Digital Clamshell 

How long to heat press a shirt?

The question about how long you must heat the shirt depends on the type of fabric you will be using. In typical practice, you must keep your heat level at approx. 350 °F, especially when applying to light-colored materials. The temperature of around 320 °F sounds suitable for dark-colored material. Maintaining these temperatures, you need to press the shirt for 20 seconds or less. Generally, the range is from 45 seconds to 3 minutes, considering the heat press mechanics and quality.

How much is a heat press for t-shirts?

The price is usually affected by multiple factors: the shape, size, style, add-ons, versatility, and the list continues. But, you can have a good t-shirt press machine within the range of $150 to $250-$300. The top quality with premium features and luxurious appearance can go as high as 700$. 

It is a price range for a standard 15×15-inch model. If you buy 5 in 1 heat press, you will find it a bit pricier.

What stores sell heat press machines?

You can buy yourself a t-shirt heat press machine from any specialized store or mall. You can find the best variety either on unique printing shops that could be available within your locality or at Amazon. They have a massive collection of heat press machines. They might get you a discount, too.

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