Best table for a heat press machine

7 Best Heat Press Tables To Keep Your Machines

  1. Seville Classics Rolling Lockable Cabinet Storage for heat press machines
  2. LapWorks Link-It Utility Cart Heat Press Stand
  3. Seville Classics Heat Press Stand for Heat Press Machines
  4. Hotronix Heat Press Counter Caddie Stand for heat press machines
  5. InstaKart Heat Press Rolling Cart
  6. HEAT PRINTING EQUIPMENT CART for Heat Press Machines
  7. Safco Products Deskside Wire Machine Stand

Whenever you buy a heat press machine, always get yourself a stable and sturdy table. With a standing table, you will keep your heat press placed correctly. The correct machine placement helps you use it properly without difficulty or safety issues.

In short, with a good heat press stand, the user can work efficiently. But ensure that purchase a purpose-built table that is robust enough to bear the machine’s weight.

I bought 15 different stands and tables. I spent a month in order to find the best one. I tested by keeping in mind the weight of the table, wheel or wheel-less, drawers, and the ability to withstand the weight of a heat press and cutting machine. I have shortlisted the top 7 performers during my analysis.

7 Best Tables For Heat Press

Seville Classics Rolling Lockable Cabinet Storage for heat press machines

When it comes to buying a robustly stable and strong-built table, you cannot miss out on the “Seville Classics Rolling Lockable Cabinet.” It is one appealing, unique, and spacious cabinet storage made with hardwood. It measures 18″D x 28″W x 34.5″H and weighs 105 lbs. Moreover, the eye-catching granite grey shade and 5-inch heavy-duty wheels will surely impress you. 

The powder-coated finesse not only looks lavish but makes it last longer to cater to your needs. The work surface is a 0.75-inch thick solid. The use of heavy-duty stainless steel for making durable doors is exemplary.

The highlight of this ergonomic product is key lock security. The shelf of this heat press stand is also height-adjustable for convenience. Free shipping is available when you buy it from Amazon.


  • Great to keep heat press safe and stable.
  • Loading capacity is marvelous, up to 300 lbs.
  • The wheels have two lockings.
  • The steel body comes with an exotic powder coating.
  • Multipurpose item as you can use it for keeping things safe in garage, mailroom, or another work center.
  • A decent unit of high quality and at a lower price.
  • Adjusting the height is more manageable and quick.


  • It requires assembly, which is time taking.
  • Gray seems pretty dull to some.
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LapWorks is a great heat press workstation that can hold your heat press safely and efficiently to let you complete your transfer work quickly. With the dimensions of18.5 “D x 14.5 “W x 23 “H, you can arrange your things and roll them under the desk – space saving pick!

This 2 Tier, heavy-duty utility cart is made by LapWorks, weighing only 10.6 pounds. 

This heat press stand has a keenly engineered frame guaranteeing strength and durability. The attractive black platform is accented with shiny chrome poles. The black finesse will compliment your furniture for sure. Besides, you can add more shelves to make it more useful. The modular system boost ease of use and safety. The top work surface is heavy-duty and sealed with a high-quality coating.


  • This heat press stand is not only durable but also expandable.
  • The table comes in handy to use indoors and outdoors.
  • The Rolling cart has a nice balance between handling the weight.
  • Easy assembly and comfortable use.
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Designed for multifunctional use.


  • A bit expensive
  • It is often out of stock
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Seville Classics Heat Press Stand for Heat Press Machines

Not a fan of multi-tier storage systems? Not a problem as we have one of the best options for minimalist lovers, “multifunctional Seville Classics Computer Desk Table.” The solid hardwood top with a scratch-resistant coating measures up to 48-inches. Feel free to place it anywhere with an enticing granite gray and rectangular strong steel frame body.

 For easy access to storage, the table has an adjustable UltraHD workbench. The powder-coated finesse looks startling and compliments the wood structure. You can quickly adjust the height of this heat press table from sit-to-stand within 28-42 inches with screw-in locking knobs. All you need is a push of a button! Standing on four telescoping legs, it lets you keep your heat press or do your transfer work on oversized shirts effortlessly.


  • The package comes with 2 top crossbars and one bottom crossbar.
  • Quick assembly and versatile.
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • Load capacity is a maximum of 1000 lbs which is fantastic.
  • Good pick for home and office use.
  • Easy to clean shelf.


  • The height is adjusted manually.
  • Single shelf with no expandable options.
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Hotronix Heat Press Counter Caddie Stand for heat press machines

Hotronix table for heat press
  • Sits on a flat counter or tabletop
  • 30″ table height is recommended
  • No Assembly Required
  • One year warranty through Hotronix
  • For use with MAXX and Auto Clam Series
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If you want to bring the best counter caddie stand for your machine, look no further! WE have found the ideal choice, “Hotronix Heat Press caddie stand,” to keep your items stable even when loaded with multiple items. The best part is that you can use it with MAXX and Auto Clam Series. It brings efficiency to your work with its industry-exclusive threadability. It works best with a 30-inch high table.

Moreover, hotronix heat presses table sits effortlessly on a flat counter without covering much of your space. The robust top lets you place your garments onto the press for easy decoration. The patented time-saving feature is a silver lining of this product. It measures 22” X 12” X 6” and weighs not more than 26 lbs.


  • The table has high-level power.
  • Ensures a secure and stable setting.
  • Maximize heat printing productivity.
  • Goes well with flat work surface.
  • It requires no assembly.


  • A bit expensive for beginners
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InstaKart Heat Press Rolling Cart

My new instakart for heat press machine
  • Heavy-duty steel cart
  • Industrial-grade swivel casters allow moving heavy equipment safely, and all wheels lock to ensure stability
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Quick & easy assembly and disassembly
  • Includes two shelves to maintain clean & organized workspace
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InstaKart Heat Press Rolling Cart is exactly what you need right now for quick and convenient transfer work. It is recommended for its ability to place your machine just at the appropriate height you need for maximum efficiency. The cart will catch your attention with commercial-grade quality swivel casters. 

Relocating your presses is no more a challenging task with a heavy-duty steel cart as the caster allows easy moving. This heat press machines table comes with two shelves for storing extra supplies and keeping them at easy accessibility. It offers the right blend of convenience and durability. Its purpose-built framework of 106 lbs. with a holding capacity of 300 lbs. supports machines. It comes with the dimensions of 30.3 L x 27.6 W x 30.3 H.


  • The cart is made with solid materials to ensure sturdiness.
  • Lockable wheels for stability.
  • It is capable of bearing the weight of heavy-duty press machines.
  • Quick & easy to assemble.
  • Cart optimizes machine operation. 
  • Right height and maximum mobility.


  • No wood as steel might get rusted with time.
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My EQUIPMENT CART for heat transfer machine
  • No assembly required
  • Holds up to 600 lbs.
  • Lockable, pivoting wheels
  • Casters allow the cart to be moved.
  • Actual weight – 122 lbs
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A heat printing equipment cart is a must-have for all the crafters, especially those who prefer using a heat press. It is, undoubtedly, the ideal platform with secure bodywork. Most importantly, it boosts the convenient portability of a heat press. Well, you can use it for plenty of other machines. The adjustability feature brings comfort to the user. And, yes, you can also use it as an extra layout table. MARVELOUS! 

It has a workspace of 37” x 23.75”. This is one heavy-duty steel cart with the capacity to hold up to 600 lbs. of load. The easy-to-move casters let you relocate or take your machine to any part of your house or office. You can increase the height of the crank up to 35-inch and goes as low as 17-inch. Moreover, it is also recommended by heat press nation.


  • No assembly is required.
  • Adjustable height offers reliable support.
  • Sturdy and supportive crossbars.
  • Easy relocating of heat press machines.
  • The locking wheels keep it in place.


  • Holding capacity can be increased.
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Safco Products Deskside Wire Machine Stand

One simply cannot love the “Safco deskside wire machine stand.” It has an appealing black outlook, handy framework, stable feet, durable materials, two height-adjustable lower shelves, and better capacities for completing tasks. Moreover, you can take advantage of its holding capacity of 200 lbs. The table has overall dimensions of 24 “W x 20” D x 27 “H. It is also available on heat press nation and being used in heat press nation offices.

The top comes laminated. But, the best feature is the dual shelves to stash other accessories. Its stand’s steel wireframe stands on 4 swivel wheels for trouble-free movement. You can lock two wheels to keep it standing in its place. The incredible powder coating saves you from the trouble of chipping and scratching. The onboard storage coupled with a wheeled base – remarkable. Keep your supplies, heat press vinyl, and press machines within easy reach!


  • Table supports easy mobility of machines.
  • Sturdy construction and simple assembly.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • It gives a professional appearance.
  • Use it for private offices, home offices, or in a warehouse.
  • Enjoy exceptional stability and support.


  • Holding capacity is comparatively very low.
  • No use of wood.
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Buying guide

Redditors have been experimenting a lot when it comes to a stand for a heat transfer machine. We put up this guide to help you find a good table or create your own if you are into DIY.

When you start looking to buy a heat press table, you might get confused. There are unlimited options available, but you need to be careful and buy the table only if it fulfills all your requirements. Certain factors need your attention, and we have created a buying guide for you.


The very first thing you must keep in mind is that “you need a strong and sturdy heat press workstation. You will definitely like to see it broken after a single use or a couple of months.

You need to decide what material seems preferable, wood or steel. Where wood is not prone to corrosion, steel cannot be burnt. All have its perk, BUT the material should reflect premium quality. Wood should be challenging, and steel must be of industrial quality.


What if your table fails to provide you with the right height? It will only make your work harder. That is why you must choose the one that suits your height requirements. Besides, if you will need to change the heights multiple times for different projects, go for the table with height adjustability. If shelves are movable, it will double the ease of use and storage.


Never compromise on size! The size is as important as other factors. It should be big enough to let you arrange large items but not be too big to cover massive ground. If you have a heat press with a lot of attachments, consider a big one. I prefer heat press tables with a compact structure for easy placement and storage. Besides, the small size supports portability.

Wheels or wheeless

Genuinely speaking, wheels are essential. If you plan to move around your house, office, or garage with a machine, you better have them on a table with wheels for easy relocation. With the wheels or swivel castors, you would move quickly. Before buying, check if it has locks for wheels or not. The better option is always the lockable wheels in safety and stability. You can find both on swing design, Amazon, and heat press nation.

Storage space

Look for the space it is offering. It must be enough to let you place your heat press or any other machine with ease. Moreover, it should give extra space for storing supplies such as heat press vinyl and accessories at easy access when doing some fantastic projects. Something with underneath storage is definitely a plus!


What kind of table to put a heat press on?

A table for heat press should have features such as:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Strength and power
  • Loading capacity
  • Lockable wheels 
  • Portability and easy to relocate
  • Enough storage space 
  • Height adjustable shelves 
  • Multiple shelves

Can you put a heat press on a plastic table?

Yes, why not! You can use a table made of a plastic top for a heat press machine. The only condition is that it must be durable plastic with the capacity to tolerate heat.

Can I use a heat press on the floor?

Absolutely! You can use a heat press on the floor unless it is made with material not capable of bearing heat. The wooden, laminated, or ceramic-made floors seem good. The floor should be flat, and even so, when you are pressing hard, it will handle and stay stable.

What do you put under a heat press?

You must keep a Teflon sheet under your heat press. There are multiple reasons to choose the sheet as it is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and offers smooth printing quality. Instead of Teflon, you can use parchment or baking paper. The last option is to use a tea towel.

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