10 Best Fabric Cutting Machines For Quilting and Sewing

Fabric cutterImageRatingsBuy
Cricut Maker 3 4.9/5View on Amazon
Sizzix Big Shot Machine 4.8/5View on Amazon
Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus 15 Inch Version 4.8/5View on Amazon
AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter 4.7/5View on Amazon
Cricut Explore Air 2 4.7/5View on Amazon
Sizzix 657850 BIGkick Machine 4.6/5View on Amazon
Hercules AS100-K Electric Rotary Fabric Mini Cutter 4.6/5View on Amazon
Mophorn Fabric Cutting Machine 4.5/5View on Amazon
Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutting Machine 4.5/5View on Amazon

In printing, we need plenty of supplies to complete the task successfully and effortlessly. One of the essential things is a fabric cutting machine. This is a tool that will help you cut the fabric in the desired shape and size.

Fabric cutting is a crucial step, and it is nothing like general cutting. Remember, the cutting technology you choose for fabric cutting directly influences the fabric wastage.

There are various fabric cutting machines depending on the fabric type, process, and project purpose. They cut the fabric as per the crafted curves, lines, and turns. Fabric cutters sections, angles, and severs the garment converting them into precise dimensions, patterns, and styles.

Last month, I decided to buy 15 top-rated cutting machines on Amazon. After using each machine for 2 days, here is my analysis about the top performers.

Fabric Cutting Machine Reviews

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic DIY Cutting Machine with Scanner

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E is one of the most appealing and efficient cutting machines made in Titanium/Aqua shade to keep the fun alive. Being a 2-in-1 tool, it is used for printing certain media (Card stock, Labels, Fabric, etc.).

Its unique technology supported with a built-in scanner allows you to scan drawings, converting them to a cut file. The most surprising factor is its ability to scan UP TO 600 DPI – high resolution. This brilliant machine comes with a half-cut setting.

Even if you are working at night, you can do it smoothly because it is whisper quiet.

Brother Fabric cutter can help you create great projects while staying within your home comfort!

The exceptional versatility of 682 built-in designs comprising 100 quilting patterns and nine fonts make this item a classic piece. It is capable of cutting printed stickers directly.

A USB port, 5-inch LCD touchscreen display, and wireless capability maximized the ease of use.

This DIY cutting machine comes with automatic material sensor technology helping you detect the material’s thickness ending your worries to adjust blades.

You can cut materials with 3mm thickness. It has a standard 12” x 12” tack adhesive mat with an auto blade and blade holder. With the internal memory feature, it saves designs.

  • Very advanced machine
  • It is very quiet
  • Versatile in nature as it can scan, cut, and helps in crafting
  • It features lots of preloaded images for cutting and drawing
  • Multipurpose feature of cutting multiple materials
  • Create Sticker, Labels, and Applique
  • The manual is missing some important details.

Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Maker 3 creates eye-catching designs in no time. Maker 3 lets you experience a pro-level cutting that is also 2times faster than other Cricut Maker cutters. And, yes, it does have ten times strengthened cutting force. Keeping it versatile, you will find it with more than 300 materials.

It is compatible with 13 tools that can also be purchased separately. It guarantees to provide super-long, super-precise cuts approx. 12f. You can use it for Cricut Smart Paper, Cricut Smart Vinyl, and Cricut Smart HTV Iron-On.

Feel free to use it for cutting, scoring, engraving, debossing, and embellishing tasks!

Do you know it can work without needing a machine mat? This is one of the biggest achievements.

You can make this tremendous machine work with Rotary and Knife Blades, Scoring Wheels, and Foil Transfer Tool. Moreover, this fabric cutter does have a USB Cable and compatible Power Adapter in the kit.

The Free trial subscription to Cricut Access is a cherry on the top!

  • Its intuitive feature is amazing
  • Machine is fast
  • It feels great not needing to switch tools for everything
  • You CAN cut non-smart materials
  • It works quietly and creates no noise while cutting or scanning
  • Design space app is incredible
  • Software issues leading to problematic foil and leather cutting.

Sizzix Big Shot Machine

There are multiple reasons for recommending Sizzix Big Shot Machine. It is best for die-cutting and embossing projects. Consider this a good die cutting machine for fabric and epic equipment for creating a broad range of artistic pursuits. The beginner, as well as the expert, can handle this machine.

It is compatible with several materials from card stock to vellum, from leather to mat board, sized up to 6-inch wide.

It is capable of cutting versatile shapes and creating intricate designs. It comes loaded with loads of captivating designs in the Sizzix product library.

Apart from being appealing, it is quite durable. This cutting machine has a sturdy outer casing and core roller system made with hard-wearing steel.

The company has made it with an ergonomic handle that aids in quick and feasible roller action. The biggest plus is the Paper Sculpting Kit. This is available in white and gray colors.

  • You can carry it anywhere and anytime
  • Looks fairly decent overall
  • The footprint of this machine is relatively compact
  • It cuts beautifully
  • Machine is economical
  • It might have a short lifespan.
  • It takes a little work to move the rollers through multiple layers.

Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus 15 Inch Version

Silhouette Cameo Plus can help you create masterpieces without worrying about uneven or low-quality cutting. It is a bigger and refined version of the Cameo 4 desktop cutting machine.

It can cut material with a maximum width of 15 inches. Moreover, it can cut multiple products. It means you can use it for every other art and craft project.

Being small in design, you can store and carry this fabric cutter feasibly. Handily stored in the tool’s compacted pull-out drawer, a built-in roll feeder is solely created to cut materials directly from a roll quickly. On the back, it has a built-in cross cutter.

The Cameo 4 Plus works at supreme speed. Apart from the unique dual carriage, it comes with an ultra-smart system such as tool sensor technology. Once the type of the tool is detected, silhouette Studio software is triggered to make necessary adjustments automatically for smooth cutting. All credit goes to a solenoid motor.

With smart tangential technology in this fabric cutter, you can cut thicker materials. 

Even if you are dealing in intricate cuts, the Cameo 4 Plus will cut or sketch effortlessly, in fact, three times faster than older models. Feel free to reset the AutoBlade with a single tap. It comes with Bluetooth.

If you are using a heat press machine for printing. Here is how to use a transfer paper.

  • It creates a sharp, precise, and straight edge cut.
  • The infusion of smart technology
  • It is straightforward to use
  • Variety of 4 blades letting the users cut in a variety of shapes, sizes, depth, and design
  • Its ability to connect via Bluetooth
  • No instructions provided
  • Print and cut feature appears inconsistent

AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

AccuQuilt is a good machine for quilting. This one great fabric cutter that is a must-have tool when it comes to quilting and sewing. It cuts sharply, precisely, and brilliantly without causing any trouble. It keeps the edges straight and clean. You can get as creative as you want with this versatile tool.

AccuQuilt Fiber cutting machine is designed to cut multiple fabric layers. And not only cut but cut 90% faster. It is nothing like traditional cutting. It is folded for easy storage. Moreover, the easy-lift carrying handle adds to the convenience of use.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty. It has a sturdy construction and impressive design. Furthermore, practicality and functionality are provided.

This Fabric Cutter looks eye-catching in its high gloss exterior supported with a neutral, light shade working surface. If you want to experience accurate and stable cutting, you must buy this item to get precise shapes.

It is free of troubles such as slipping rulers or measuring problems. It can help reduce fabric waste. Finally, It is the best lightweight fabric cutter.

  • You can carry this portable-no electricity or batteries needed; device anywhere.
  • Easy storage for its compact size
  • It has a comfortable roller handle that offers easy and firm grip
  • No issues of cutting fingers have been reported
  • It is not compatible with 10-inch-by-10-inch or 10-inch-by-24-inch
  • It takes some muscle to use

Cricut Explore Air 2

Are you looking for a tool that will become your practically feasible personal DIY cutting machine? This is your solution! The Cricut Explore Air 2 is capable of cutting more than 100 several kinds of materials flawlessly. It gives you unlimited creations.

You are welcome to make custom stickers and even personalized home décor.

This fabric cutter machine comes with a Circuit Premium Fine Point Blade and Housing. The map is 12-inch x 12-inch in size with a Light Grip Adhesive at the back.

Cut and write quicker and more accurately with these series of fabric strip cutting machines

You would love the Circuit’s free design software design space to design and craft your images. It is compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones.

You would surely admire its double tool holder allowing cutting and writing or cutting and scoring in a single, straightforward step. The adjustable cutting and writing speed are impressive.

  • The machine is an easy pick for creating a broad range of arts and craft projects.
  • Help make personalized gifts.
  • More than 100,000 images and fonts in Circuit’s vast library of
  • The machine cuts so quickly and precisely
  • Software issues
  • Drawing a design takes forever; you cannot set references to draw at all.
  • The Internet is required for connectivity.

Sizzix 657850 BIGkick Machine

The striking feature of this compact fiber cutter machine is three easy steps for using it. It is made lightweight but offers maximum durability. You will love how brilliantly it cuts your materials and leaves clean, sharp edges.

The layout is practical and usable. This tool will support your creativity.

 This fabric strip cutter is compatible with Bigz Movers & Shapes XL Bigz Originals Framelits Textured Impressions Thinlits Embosslits and Sizzlits.

In a kit, you find a pair of standard cutting pads. Well, that is not all; it does have an extended multipurpose platform.

It is a must-have for making embossed textured cards. It can create timeless designs for your projects. Moreover, it does paper-crafting and quilting tremendously. It has a stylish appeal and is considered portable. Furthermore, it is an affordable die-cutting machine.

  • It is big but can be carried anywhere without any trouble
  • The perfect combination of style and versatility.
  • The kit has the smallest dies to huge 6-inch wide plastic-backed treasures as well as embossing tools.
  • Easy to crank the handle
  • Super easy and quick to do machine
  • Handles all thickness and manage more die plate right through without extra force
  • Some reviewers reported less cutting pressure

Hercules AS100-K Electric Rotary Fabric Mini Cutter

This Mini Cutter for fabric is not only powerful but also agile and feels Light to carry. Running on a hard-wearing AC motor, it will cut through materials with ¼-inch thickness.

The addition of the adjustable front knife-guard makes sure that it works safely. The company has kept the removable aluminum footplate extra thin to keep it lightweight. But, it still provides accurate and smooth cutting.

The Built-in recessed sharpener is responsible for instant blade sharpening. If you need narrow curves and sharp corners, it is best! You can cut single and low-lays with its carbide blade.

You can find shielded ball bearings that need no lubrication or servicing. It makes the operation run efficiently and quietly.

It has double insulation to minimize the issues of overheating. The 10-foot-long power cord makes it easier to use. And how can you NOT like its 6-side cutting blade!?

  • Useful for people with severe arthritis
  • It is easy to use
  • Can cut several layers of linen, leather, neoprene, and other fabrics
  • Great price point
  • You can turn it on by simply tapping the power button.
  • It’s tricky to cut notches and corners
  • The instructions provided are almost non-existent

Mophorn Fabric Cutting Machine

Mophorn is one high-speed Fabric Cutting Machine that works seamlessly. It ensures you are provided with clean and sharp edges. This Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine is worth the money.

It runs on 750W and is ideal for Industrial Fabric Cutting procedures. However, you can use it at home, too.

The most impressive specification is the automatic knife sharpener. It has to keep the blade precisely sharped all the time. It has an edge of 8-Inch that gives a rotary speed of 2850 RPM. Sounds brilliant!

This fabric cutting machine for home has a compact layout with easy to use design. It is suitable for fabrics with light- to medium-weight, such as woven or knit fabrics. For the user’s concern, it comes with fool-proof safety mechanisms.

Say goodbye to cuts and harm. Besides, it is a powerful item making the cutting feasible. It provides premium cutting quality. Its non-slip handle works as per the human body mechanics.

  • It is safe to use
  • Easy lubrication for non-stop working
  • Minimum vibration and noise while operating
  • The steel-made blade is sturdy and long-lasting
  • Able to cut thick or batches of fabrics
  • Blade dulls very quickly.
  • The “spare blade” is mild steel and will not even sharpen.
  • Poor customer service

Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

Yes, Reliable 1500FR is made of plastic, but the quality…AMAZING! This is on the top of the list of Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutting Machines. This pattern cutting machine is incredibly lightweight but ensures reliability, just like the brand name reflects.

It is undoubtedly a High Power Fabric Cutter. It runs on a Powerful AC motor that works safely. It can cut through a 1-inch thick fabric smoothly.

Apart from outstanding Cutting Capacity, it has Knife Guard and Automatic Sharpener to offer. It comes with a Thin Base Plate that adds up to the lightweight features.

You will always get sharp-edged cut fabric! You can use it in sample making and other light-duty operations. The blade has a carbide tip and a spring-loaded lower base. Finally, it will avoid all possibilities of jamming. 

  • It is very versatile and easy to use
  • You can carry and store this lightweight machine easily
  • It cuts a lot of material in a short amount of time
  • It is not very loud
  • Able to cut through multiple layers of sequin fabric
  • No jagged edges
  • The safety covering on the blade at all times
  • Need no extra routine maintenance
  • Warranty and repair issues
  • Not for professional and heavy-duty tasks

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Fabric cutting machine buying guide

No more time wasted on cutting! No more limitations to creativity! No more uneven, sloppy, or unprofessional cloth cutting!

Think about any design, and this machine will turn your ideas into reality. It is the best item for quilters and crafters. If you buy a quality fabric cutter, be ready to get perfect fabric cuts with clean edges. Well, few pieces tend to come loaded with additional features, including digital scanning and built-in rotary blades/sharpeners, making them the more impressive option. They can have hi-resolution touch screens, too.

Types of fiber cutting machines

1) Manual

As the name reflects, such machines are operated manually. Once you have placed your fabric between the die and a mat, start turning the handle. The handle will make it run through the entire material. The die is responsible for creating shapes of the pieces of cloth. Up to some extent, it guarantees detailed and perfect cuts. Besides, it is a safer alternative as you will not be directly in contact with the blade.

If you are a beginner, a manual should be your choice. It is easier to use and maintain due to lesser moving parts. Besides, it is cheaper and found to last longer than electronic pieces. You can use it anywhere because, luckily, it works without any power source. You will get the most machines in collapsible designs. A perfect portable pick!

No doubt, it ensures superior control. But, the only problem is the labor and effort it needs to give you the best outcome. They don’t possess versatility and work best when used on thinner materials. It might not be as precise as it should be. And, yes, they do have a narrow cutting breadth in usual.

2) Semi-automatic

Best if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds! It has its fantastic perks. That is why it is the best pick for any innovative DIY project. The semi-automatic fabric cutting machine ensures a perfect balance of good precision and control.

It comes in three varieties. “Straight Knife cutting machine” is on the top list for its versatility, adaptability, portability, and lower cost. Used in old-fashioned cutting rooms, this reliable machine gives accuracy in curved cuts. It is easy to maintain and makes the whole procedure of cutting easier. Then comes the “Band knives.” It provides more accuracy in comparison to the straight knife. The last option is the “round knife.” It is designed to cut straight lines or lesser lays with fewer plies.

3) Automatic

Opposite to the manual, digital or automatic cutting machines use no dies. It simply cuts the fabric to the desired curve. Instead of dies. digital designs are used. That means you will have endless design options! All you need is to upload the design without any cost, unlike dies where you have to spend money on dies. Sometimes in intricate designs, digital machines might take longer.

No more physical labor! With computerization comes meticulousness. Being the most uncomplicated fabric cutting, it is a helpful device for people with arthritis or joint pains.

If you are short on budget, you cannot buy this. Electronic or automatic cutters tend to fall into a category of a higher price range. But it is worth the money. They are compatible with a variety of materials, ensuring their versatility. Apart from being expensive, it might demand trial and error to check if things are in their place.

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What to look for in a fabric cutting machine?

When it comes to buying a fabric cutter, there are not one but several factors that need your attention. Quality work is guaranteed when you have a quality-made machine. But how can you know WHICH machine is best for your use and will give professional results? Well, as we said, it needs effort and time!

Let’s dive in!

What to look for in a fiber cutting machine

1) Machine type

The very first thing that should be considered is the type of machine. Choose if you want a manual or automatic machine. Or you can also go for a semi-automatic device. You must look into the business needs and budget and then personal preference for choosing a cutting machine.

Want to save money? Go manual!

Want to save time? Go digital!

Manual machines or die-cutting machines are easy to use, maintain, and store. Besides, these are cheaper and can fit your budget easily. You can buy a manual if you have a labor force that can run its easy-turn lever and steel dies.

The fabric can be cut into the desired shape with electronic or digital fabric cutting machines, but they might require extra money. And, remember, it will need timely maintenance and add up to your expenditure being run on electricity. The design and material versatility are the biggest plus. At the same time, the portability of manual machines is its most significant advantage.

Are you a perfectionist? If yes, then nothing can beat the precision provided by the sharp blades of electronic machines. When compared, the preferable option will always be an electric fabric cutter.

Machine size, Storage, and Portability

Where machine type is vital, size is equally important!

For every fabric cutting machine, size matters a lot as it will be affecting multiple aspects. Choose a device of a size that can work efficiently inside your room or workspace. They are made in various sizes, choose larger or compact, it is your choice! Besides, it should not be too small for projects or too large that it feels like wasted money.

Mostly, you will get manual machines in a compact footprint, offering easy portability. Stash them in the corner or any rack; it will not cover much space. If you have no worries about cramped spaces, an electronic cutting machine will not be the wrong choice. Usually made in a slim profile, they appear somewhat similar to the printers in design. In terms of portability, digital models are not compatible.

Well, we can change the meaning of size here!

By accurate size, we also mean “what size cuts would your machine be creating?” Do you need fabric strips or sewing panels? The machine should be chosen as per the purpose.

Ease of use

No matter how expert you have become, it would be best if you always went for the machines that are easier to use and offer feasibility within their practicality. Look for the functional design. If your cutting machine is too complicated to use, you might never want to use it. Generally, automatic machines are more complex and intricate. But, you can get yourself one in a user-friendly design, too. Manual machines have no moving parts and blades. This makes it easier to use.

A smart machine will always be your durable companion! You can have an idea about its use by reading the product manual and description. Or, you can go through some customers’ reviews. Choose one that is not only offering a comfort level but also meeting your business demands.


It goes without saying but look for the prices. Naturally, electronic machines will cost higher than manual machines. Once you have your budget clarified, start looking for the machines within your price range. Despite personal preference, pick one that caters to your business requirements. As they are made highly durable, consider these machines your long-term investment.

You can get a manual for $80 approx. But for electronics, you need to extend your budget to $300-$500.


Always check the accessories list before finalizing a deal!

Always look if the kit has all the related accessories. The accessories are required for the fabric cutting machine to work. Typically, they have starter mats and dies. Electric ones may also have built-in designs. The box should have a manual, as well.


Versatile the machine, the better the performance! Versatility means how good can the machine be cutting a variety of fabrics/materials – at what speed, with how many layers, etc. The question will be “whether it can be utilized in doing more than one crafting project.”

What if you change your mind and want to try new shape cutting or style or craft? Obviously not going to buy another machine!

Buy a machine that offers various options for creating fun crafts by providing compatibility with multiple accessories. The manual and digital machines are usable in making paper crafts or stickers. Electronic machines are versatile as they come with several attachments aimed to be used during different operations.

Uses of cutting machines

1) For Beginners

If you are a beginner-level crafter, a fabric cutting machine will be your supportive friend who will accompany you in every task to complete it with efficiency. You can do wonders with a quality-made fabric cutting machine. Apart from cutting fabric, you can use it to cut or shape paper, cardboard, felt, foam, plastic (thin), and the list continues.

These cutters give you the power to cut and design virtually everything. It gives you the freedom you desire to create masterpieces. Feel free to use them for making:

  • Home décor
  • Greeting cards
  • T-shirts or mats
  • Quilts
  • Stickers
  • Signs
  • Jewelry
  • Decals
  • Appliques

2) Quilters

For quilters, a fabric cutting machine is a must-have accessory. Fabric cutters give accurate cuts. They can save your time, effort, labor, and resources. Besides, who doesn’t like to enjoy the accuracy!?

You will come across certain fabrics that are too tough to be cut with scissors. That is when fabric cutters come. It offers precision that is important when it comes to quilting. You can minimize the risk of potential injuries while quilting if you decide to use a fabric cutter machine.

3) Artists

If you are an art and craft expert or professional artist, you can utilize fabric cutting machines in crafting projects. How? Because cutters offer professional quality results with clean edges and sharp styles. While using electronic models, you can use your designs to keep the factor of customization alive. 

You are welcomed to make the best out of your fabric cutter machine in montage art, laser projects, card creation, and much more.

4) Businesses

Fabric cutting machines have extensive application in a variety of businesses. They are implemented in multiple industries but primarily in textile. It is one of the essential items for clothing, garment, textile businesses.


What does a fabric cutter do?

Cutters’ primary duty is to prep fabric/material for sewing into a whole garment or an entire pattern through measuring, accurately placing marks, and finally cutting the piece of cloth to the proper dimensions as asked. A fabric cutter is helpful in multiple environments handling tons of tasks related to textile.

Which Cricut machines can cut fabric?

All Cricut Machines are capable of cutting fabric. When it comes to Cricut Explore Cutters, you need to stick the fabric with a stabilizer before cutting. But, the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Maker 3 don’t need any stabilizer. In fact, Cricut Maker 3 can help you cut more than 300 materials rapidly and precisely.

Which Cricut is best for cutting fabric?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is undoubtedly the best variant of the circuit made for cutting fabric. Being a best-selling Cricut item, it cuts 100+ materials. It is workable on even faux leather and vinyl.

Can Cricut maker cut any fabric?

Yes! You can use Cricut for cutting any fabric material even without bonding your fabric before cutting. It can be used for something as mild as tissue paper to as thick and sturdy as leather.

Can you cut fabric with a paper cutter?

Not really!

Using a paper cutter for fabric will be a non-sensible decision. It will give you blunt and inaccurate cuts with uneven edges. No matter how sharp the blade is, paper cutters are not for fabric.

Is it possible to die-cut fabric?

Yes, especially if you’re a quilter. A die-cutting machine is a feasible item and can save your time and effort while ensuring high-quality shaping and cutting results. Follow the easy steps:

Remove Wrinkles

Prepare the Machine

Cut Your Fabric

Do electronic fabric cutting devices require a die?

No, electronic/automatic/digital cutting machines need no dies for functioning. It simply follows a curve and line, cutting the fabric as the cloth moves through the machine. The digital designs are used rather than dies.

Why automatic fabric cutters are better than rotary cutters?

No doubt, a rotary cutter can be your helpful partner. BUT, if you are really into arts and feel the urge to craft from time to time, a fabric cutting machine is a must-have. Although rotary cutters are considered economical and convenient, a fabric cutting machine can help you save time as it works quickly and gives professional results. You will get your work done at a faster pace without using your hands a lot.

Will a Silhouette Cameo Cut Fabric?

Luckily, yes!

Silhouette CAMEO can cut fabric material. It has sharp and clean blades that make cutting easier. It not only cuts every fabric but also ensures precise cuts.

Are manual fabric cutters worth it?

Yes, absolutely! They are budget-friendly and offer ease of use. You can easily carry them anywhere whenever you want. Although they have limited versatility, they provide complete control over cutting, guaranteeing the high-quality end-product.

Are Automatic fabric cutters worth it?

Yes. These are equally important and worth the money. They should be your priority despite being expensive. They are versatile and adaptable and offer precision and high-standard results.

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