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5 Best 16×20 Heat Press Machines for Your Business

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One of the biggest reasons to recommend someone buy the 16×20 heat press machine is its large surface area. This is a thoughtful size that offers more than enough space for heat transferring designs. Such a large heat press is considered impressive for completing commercial and industrial tasks.

The large heating platen brings an opportunity to print higher volumes of products in a shorter span. If you have a large order to complete, this can save your reputation by letting you transfer the desired print, design, and images to large-sized items. 

With a top-quality press machine, you can keep printing bulk quantities of items all day and night. Moreover, if the materials are small, you are welcome to press multiple items in a single turn.

Of all the machines, it is flawless for sublimation business. The only problem is its huge structure, which needs a lot of space to be placed.

I bought 10 16×20 heat press machines and spent 20 days testing each. Here is what I found in my analysis. I have shortlisted the top 5 performers to make it easier for you to choose.

5 Best 16×20 heat press machines

Here is a short overview, review, pros, and cons of each 16×20 heat transfer machine:

Fancierstudio Heat Press 16×20 Heat Press Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press

FancierStudio never fails to amaze when it comes to the production heat press machine. They only construct heat presses with quality materials, advanced features, and manageable controls. This is exactly how they have made this 16″ x 20” press machine.

It has Teflon coating all over with a large heating area for extra smoothness. Apart from smoothness, the sheet levels the platen and makes it nearly harmless for every other textile/fabric. Moreover, the outlook is unique, and finesse is premium.

It runs on 110 Volts and produces power worth 1800 Watts.

Speaking of the temperature, it has a good range. The maximum value is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. As far as time is concerned, it offers a range of 0 to 999 seconds. Additionally, ease is boosted with electronic time and temperature control. Actually, it brings precision to setting them up.

The sturdy structure has a top-quality silicone gel baseboard. For stability, this best 16×20 swing-away heat press is glued down. You can adjust pressure as per the material’s thickness with a full-range knob.

This large digital heat press is pretty compact, letting you save big on space.

72.3lb29 x 24 x 180-500°F0-999S
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H-E 110V 20” x 16” Auto Open T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

One of the best automatic heat press machines ever made measures 20 inches by 16 inches. The real highlight of the product is its superlative and excellent magnetic auto open and assist lockdown. This feature tremendously doubles its value. That is not all!

The machine comes with a top-class digital time and temperature controller. It helps you set the desired values effortlessly. Another attraction is the PTFE; Fiberglass coated upper heat platen. Moreover, the clamshell design looks attractive and brings convenience. 

Do you know how amazing it is to use the over-center pressure adjustment feature? Well, it makes this machine a better fit.

Simply by turning the black screw clockwise, you will see the pressure increase. It shows the voltage and power values of 110 volts and 1600 watts, respectively. The machine offers the maximum heat of 250℃ or 482℉. Sounds impressive!

The time limit is the same as others that are up to 999 seconds. 

This clamshell heat press measures 16×20 and is made of professional-grade raw materials. It is an effortless machine as it opens automatically.

The company has designed this press machine to only offer high-grade precision. Additionally, it is a suitable pick for both beginners and specialized printing companies. The 2-year warranty is a big plus.

107.8lb30.31 x 24.8 x 23.230-482°F0-999S
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ePhotoInc 16 x 20 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Transfer

EPHOTOINC is another Teflon-coated 16” x 20” heat press machine made in the USA that is worth mentioning. The company has put forth magnificent efforts into constructing its sturdy body with HRPO laser quality steel.

The unique style is perfectly complemented with silver-ish finesse, seamless tech, and a Silicone rubber bottom pad. Pretty impressive and appealing!

The Clam Shell design appears to be practical. Its wide opening makes the positioning of materials more accessible. It would not be wrong to say this item is a space-saving machine used by any hobbyist, printing company, or art student.

The best part is that it is approved by UL/ULC/CE/ROHS. It gives peace of mind. The silver lining of this Scratch-resistant product is the lightning latch.

Apart from the auto-open feature and magnetic-assisted lockdown, it ensures uniform heat and pressure distribution.

Further, it is lightweight, which ultimately makes it portable. And how can you not admire the digital controls? It operates smoothly within the range of 200°F–400°F.

Consider how many unrivaled benefits it provides, all at an affordable price!

55lb‎36.3 x 19.8 x 16.70-500°F0-999S
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CO-Z Clamshell Heat Press Machine with Slide Out Base, 16×20 Inch Auto Open Heat Press

Look no further if you want to buy silver or white-finessed heat press machines!

The CO-Z heat press machine is a classic machine available in blue and white colors. Made with quality metal, it ensures a long life of service.

This 16 “x20” clamshell heat press offers robust strength and gives you the freedom to get creative in customizing shirts, tiles, bags, pads, and other flat-surfaced items.

Apart from practical commercial applications, it has a straightforward design that is easy to use. An automatic opening complements the professional quality print outcome based on the innovative electromagnetic system.

It is easy to operate and dramatically saves labor. 

Commercial-grade aluminum heating plates take it to another level of efficiency. Its performance is smooth, and it significantly prevents overheating and burning accidents. Moreover, the easy-to-use buttons assure excellent heat transfer.

For safety, there is a built-in fuse and emergency stop control. These specs enhance its value in the market. 

That is not all! 

The plate of this best 16×20 heat press with a slide-out drawer is made of durable low-carbon steel.

The handle is made of silicone and foam pads and offers an easy grip over the rails. Intuitive controls are another big plus for professional printing companies.

It has a temperature range up to 752°F or 400°C. The timer settings go up to 999 seconds.

50*lb22 x 19.5 x 170-500°F0-999S
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US Stock CALCA 110V 16” x 20” Auto Open T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

Oh, what a marvelous piece in black and red paint. CALCA is a large heat press machine that offers reliable quality and long-life performance. Reflecting top-scale quality, the finest print is guaranteed.

The heat press machine is designed for professional printing. It comes with an impressive manual override. Moreover, the digital display looks crisp and gives precise readings.

You can set your desired values for time and temperature easily. Besides, pressure is adjustable with a turning knob. No stress! 

The timer is complemented with an alarm that signals when the work is done. It goes well with most of the items and materials. The versatile press machine has an LCD touch screen.

The temperature range goes up to 250°C or 482°F. Additionally, the ease of use is credited to the auto-open feature. Ideal option for printing flat surfaced items. The 2-year warranty sounds incredible. Moreover, it is perfect for heat pressing hats.

121lb33.07 x 24.02 x 19.291-482°F0-999S
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need a 16×20 heat press?

You need this large heat press machine to print oversized garments or intend to print multiple small items simultaneously. If you have enough space to keep it in your room, it is a good fit for professional use where bulk orders are made.

What size table do I need for a 16×20 heat press?

Technically, a good measurement for adjusting this big heat press machine is 28 X 24 X 34.5 inches. You can go for 24 X 20 X 27 inches, as well. Besides, consider the model because the design tells you how much extra space you need for straightforward access and a whole opening of the platen. In the clamshell model, you need 2 feet of counter space, and in a swing-away model, 3 feet sounds good.

More space is required for swing away because it has an arm swinging up to a 360-degree angle.

How many amps does a 16×20 heat press use?

Generally, a full 14.5 to 15 amps is used for operating a heat press machine. The value is comparatively higher than that of medium and small. Moreover, the amps can vary according to their specs, function, battery, and machine.

For a safer side, we recommend using a 20 amp circuit.

Additional Questions

What is the best brand for a heat press?

Choosing the best brand depends on several factors including your individual needs, business size and budget. However, if pushed to mention a comprehensive brand that packs reliability, high performance and longevity, then Vevor would be a considerable choice. They have an impressive line of heat press machines that are not only heavy-duty but also consistently deliver quality results. I’ve also noticed that their machines come with user-friendly features, making the heat pressing process seamless even for beginners. You can explore their products yourself for more details.

Which are the top 10 heat press machines?

Deciding on the top 10 heat press machines is quite subjective as it significantly varies depending on personal preferences, unique business needs and industry demands. However, commonly celebrated brands in the market include Vevor, PowerPress, Fancierstudio, Cricut Easy Press, and Mophorn, to mention a few. Each brand has multiple models under it that cater to different individual needs. I would recommend researching these brands and their product lines, reading reviews and comparing their features to make a sound decision.

Is the heat press business profitable business?

Absolutely, launching a heat press business can be a profitable venture. It offers an excellent opportunity to imprint custom designs and graphics onto clothing, transforming them into unique pieces. Starting a heat press business allows you to tap into this potential by offering customers professional and customized clothing. You can indeed make a substantial profit with a heat press, considering the ever-increasing demand for personalized clothing. The exciting part about this business is that it requires minimal initial investment and can bring high returns when done right.

What heat press is best for T shirts?

If you’re planning to start a t-shirt printing business and are looking for a reliable and efficient heat press machine, the Vevor Heat Press might just be what you need. This machine has proven to be a remarkable piece for t-shirt printing. While it can certainly handle other fabric types, its incredible performance in t-shirt printing is something I, alongside many others, have noticed over the years. With this machine, you get to enjoy ease of use and excellent results, making your t-shirt printing experience hassle-free and rewarding. Well, that’s based on my experience and observations in the industry. Ultimately, your choice should align with your business requirements and budget.

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