Fancierstudio Heat Press Review (2022)

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Fancierstudio heat press review

With electronic time and heat control, it is compact and upward-opening model saves space. It also comes with coating on the heat platen.Fancierstudio heat press machine is Ideal for applying transfers and letters. It is a good heat press for starters.

Fancierstudio is one of the most valued companies producing durable heat press machines that ensure long-lasting impressions and quality results. Although they are famous for heat-press, they also offer a classic assortment of equipment required for art students and photographers, whether professional or beginners.

Their impressive products include lights kits, green screens, muslin backgrounds, tri- and monopods, umbrellas, reflectors, and softboxes. You will indeed find what you are looking for on their site.

If you are into a quality product that also guarantees long-term use, Fancierstudio is an excellent choice. Their collection of heat press is respectfully appreciable. You can find them in various sizes, styles, and designs, but one thing is common…QUALITY!

I bought this heat press machine in October 2021. I have used it mainly for pressing shirts. Here is what I found in my analysis.

Fancierstudio Heat Press Machine Review

Machine type

Starting with the most important point, its type…it is a clamshell heat press. It comes with a variety of pros and cons. Where it benefits you with a compacted layout, it leaves you with a lesser surface for heating and pressing. While it ensures you the ease of use and practical value, its exposed structure increases the probability of getting accidental burns.

It falls into digital/automatic/electronic heat presses that require no extra effort and resources. All it needs is an electric supply, and voila!

Being a sublimation heat press, you will be stunned by its quality and precision. This type of machine is all-time ready to provide professional outcomes to help you craft a masterpiece effortlessly.


It is a medium-sized heat press the size of 15 x 15 inches. This Heat Press is compact as it opens upwards, covering not excessive space. It is absolutely a space-saving model that can fit even the cramped corners and allows you to work effectively.

As far as portability is concerned, you can carry it with you easily. It might feel slightly heavy, but with a small footprint, it is travel-friendly and easy to clean.

Fancierstudio Heat Press saves space

Display – Temperature, pressure, and time

Yes, this heat press has a classic LCD screen present at the top, ensuring precision and accuracy in timing and heat settings. The LCD screen displays the exact time and temperature for better control. The pressure is set with easy knobs present.

The addition of electronic time and heat control has been proved efficient in enhancing the overall performance. The precise time set-up ensures not only safety but also quality. It has an audible alarm that keeps you updated.

Pressure is adjustable as per the material thickness. For temperature, the range goes as high as 699 F. Moreover, you can set a timer for a maximum of 16 minutes/999 seconds.

Fancierstudio also features in our list of best affordable and small business heat presses.

Fancierstudio Heat Press machine controls

Build quality

The quality is satisfactory. The high-class materials are utilized to make it a piece of durable equipment. The framework feels robust enough to withstand pressure and temperatures. 

With this machine, sustainability is ensured. The structure’s quality has been increased by adding a Teflon sheet for safer heating. The silicon rubber base comes glued down. 

It offers sturdiness and functionality in one!

Fancierstudio Heat Press is compact

Supported Materials

Being a multi-purpose tool, you can use clamshell heat press machine for printing transfers, letters, numbers, and images on various elements. It seems compatible with plentiful materials such as t-shirts, garments, bags, mousepads or mats, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, ceramic tiles, and other items.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the item has to be flat surfaced. Overall satisfaction is provided, regardless of the item and material.

Customer reviews

Reviewers have rated this product as an effective heat press machine. It is appreciated for clearly visible settings on the digital display. Customers are living how it is durably built and comes equipped with advanced technologies. The best part is, it needs no large investment. 

The problem is that it is not suitable for high-end users . It is a good starter heat press machine and might not offer more than certain basic features.

Fancierstudio Heat Press results

Pros and cons

  • Electronic time and heat control precision
  • Delivers precise time set-up
  • The Teflon coated silicone-gel baseboard
  • Manageable and adjustable pressure
  • Energy efficient
  • Helps save time
  • Excellent stability
  • It can be used to apply a wide variety of transfers
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Moderate level functionality
  • It might give off a burning smell


How to use Fancierstudio heat press?

  • Turn on your machine 
  • Set your temperature and time
  • Choose pressure 
  • Now, wait for the heat press to warm up
  • Place the design and substrate
  • Once all set in place, close the lid and wait for the alarm to beep 

Is Fancierstudio a good heat press?

Yes, it is a good choice in terms of money value, reliability, and durability. The most striking feature is its durability. People want it the most for its quality built. It comes without any crucial disadvantages, making it safer to use with enough functionality.

It can work for a long time creating good prints. It is worth a try, especially if you are a beginner.

Why is my Fancierstudio heat press beeping?

There are multiple reasons behind your heat-press beeping. But, typically, it happens for one specific reason: a loose wire on the temperature controller. A loose connector on the digital computer gauge can make your heat-press beep continuously.

Where are Fancierstudio heat presses made?

Fancierstudio heat presses are manufactured in Hayward, California.

How do I set the temperature on my Fancierstudio heat press?

For setting the temperature on a Fancierstudio heat-press, you need to read the instructions first. It will help you use the controller for precise settings. Once the machine is plugged in, the temperature controller is used for increasing or decreasing heat levels. And you can see the set temperature on LCD for easy control.

What kind of film paper do you need for Fancierstudio power heat press?

It depends on the type of Fancierstudio heat press you are using. The film papers are available in a variety and so do press machines that are connected with the printers responsible for printing designs.

For the sublimation printer, you need sublimation paper. For a laser printer, you need laser transfer paper. Moreover, for an inkjet printer, you need inkjet transfer paper.

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