Heat press error codes

How to fix heat press error codes? ( PF, E1, E2, & E3)

Are you seeing error codes on your heat press machine?

Do you want to understand why an error code alert occurs and how to fix it?

In this guide, we will explain the error codes and methods to fix them quickly.

First of all, let us understand why these error codes occur.

Since a heat press machine is a piece of electric equipment, it requires due vigilance and maintenance with time.

If there is something wrong, the machine alerts you through these codes. So, these codes tell you what actually the problem is.

Fixing heat press error codes

Power Failure (PF)

PF is one of the most common error codes that a heat press beginner faces. 

It tells us that the machine can not complete its operation because there has been a power failure during the process.

Power Failure error is very easy to fix.

If you want to continue the existing cycle, press the START button. Otherwise, press the STOP (Cancel) button. It will clear the screen.

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Software mismatch (E3)

Mostly, E3 error occurs when the machine is in Diagnostic Test Mode. 

It tells us that there is a mismatch between the user interface ( Software or key switch) and the hardware.

If you have installed a new component, make sure the component number matches with instructions provided by the manufacturer. Check console switches and do indicators tests.

Make sure that the touchpad is also working because E3 can also indicate loss of electronic control in the touchpad.

Thermistor Closed (E2)

If the thermistor of your heat press has shortened, the E2 error will flash.

The solution for E2 and E1 is the same, so we will discuss fixing E2 in the next section.

Thermistor Open (E1)

Your heat press flashes E1 when the thermistor is open.

To fix E1 and E2, you will need to perform a thermistor test.

Before starting the thermistor test, make sure that the lint screen is clear and the dryer is empty.

  • Select the COTTON (TOWEL) cycle.
  • Choose the time option ( More or less it does not matter).
  • Select end of cycle signal (HIGH).
  • Select START. Make sure that the heat press door is closed.

The possible outcomes include: 

Flashing of E1 or E2 when the dryer shuts itself. Check the electronic control and thermistor. If there is no issue with the wiring, replace the thermistor.

Another possible outcome includes the dryer appearing to work correctly. Separate the vent and start the dryer. Make sure the exhaust temperature matches those given in the machine manual.


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How do I reset my heat press?

Press the reset button located on the heat press. Most machines have this button on the ride side. If it does not work, remove the heat press plug from the outlet and wait for 3-4 minutes before plugging it again. It will reset automatically.

Why does my heat press machine keep beeping?

If your heat press machine is beeping continuously, it means that the timer of the heat press machine has reached zero. If the heat press is in the closed position, you need to open it because it has reached zero.

How do I fix my cricut easypress 2 error code e5?

Error code E5 indicates an internal temperature error. To fix this error, unplug your Cricut EasyPress 2 for 10 minutes and then plug it back in. If the issue persists, please contact Cricut support for further assistance.

How to fix e3 error on cricut easypress?

When the Cricut EasyPress shows the E3 error code, it’s usually because the temperature sensor inside has stopped working. To fix this, you will need to contact Cricut customer service for assistance in troubleshooting and repairing the device. Copy to editor

How to repair heat press machine?

To repair a heat press machine, first you need to identify the problem. If it is showing an error code, it can be fixed by reading the manual that comes with the heat press.

If the manual does not answer your question, you should consult the manufacturer.

Remember that, once you open a heat press machine, the warranty is void.

Why is my heat press beeping?

If your heat press keeps beeping when it is in the closed position, it means the transfer has completed.

If you heat press beeps when it is in open position and no transfer is going on, it mean there is a loose connector. You can fix it by reading the manual or contacting the manufacturer for further guidelines.

What does e3 stand for?

E3 is a heat press error that means that the user interface and the hardware do not match up. It is also a sign of a malfunctioning touchpad.

How to reset cricut heat press?

To reset a Cricut Heat Press, turn it off and unplug it from the wall. Then, press and hold down the power button while plugging it back into an outlet. Keep holding down this button for 10 seconds before releasing it; you should see “Cr” appear in your LCD screen’s top left corner.

What does e1 mean on cricut easy press?

E1 on the Cricut EasyPress means it is overheating. There is a problem with the machine. You should consult with the Cricut team to get more information.

What does e3 mean on cricut easy press?

E3 on Cricut Easypress indicates that the thermal fuse has failed. Only the Cricut team can replicate it. So, do not try to open it and change it. Otherwise, you will lose the warranty.

What does e2 stand for?

E2 means the thermistor of your heat press has shortened.

How to fix heat press not heating up?

  1. Check the power cord and plug to make sure that it is securely connected and plugged in correctly.
  2. Check the thermostat settings to make sure that the heat press is set to the correct temperature.
  3. Check for any broken or worn wires, connections, switches, or other components in the power system of your heat press.
  4. If necessary, replace any damaged parts with new ones from a local hardware store or online source.
  5. Make sure that all connections are securely fastened and tightened properly so that they are making good contact with each other.
  6. Clean away any dust or debris buildup around the heating elements of your heat press and check for signs of corrosion or wear on electrical components such as wires and plugs.
  7. If your heat press still isn’t heating up properly after following these steps, you may need to contact a professional service technician for further assistance diagnosing and fixing the issue.

Why is my cricut beeping while cutting?

The Cricut beeps while cutting if the pressure settings are too high. Try to lower the pressure and cut again.

Why is my Cricut mug press not heating up?

Following are some reasons why your Cricut mug press in not heating up:

  • If the power button flashes orange, it means you have not completed the activation process. If you have already activated, turn off the machine. Turn it on after 5 seconds.
  • If the 4th LED is on, it means E02 error. This error code indicate that machine is extremely cold. Let the machine adjust the temperature for a few hours before reattempting.
  • E03 is indicated by flashing 4th and 5th LEDs, it means the blanks are too cold. Let the blank adjust to room temperature before reattempting.
  • E04 is indicated by third LED. It is due to unexpected objects. Make sure the material is compatible with the Cricut mug press.
  • E08 is indicated by 2nd LED. It means the machine is not receiving enough voltage.
  • If the 2nd and 5th LEDs are on, it indicates E09 error. it means the power button is stuck
  • If the 2nd, 4th, and 5th LEDs are on, it means E11 error. This is similar to E02. However, it is caused by a different sensor.
  • E18 and E19 mean the firmware did not load properly. E18 is indicated by 1st and 4th led lights while E19 by 1st,4th, and 5th.
  • E13 is indicated by 2nd, 3rd and 5th LEDs. It is similar to E04. However, it is trigged by a different sensor. Make sure to use a compatible materials.
  • If the LED timer does not start, it means the mug press failed to recognize the mug. To resolve this issue, life the lever and press it again.
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