Buyers Guide to Best Portable Heat Press Machines

  1. Cricut EasyPress 2 For T Shirts and HTV VinylProjects
  2. Tinkeal Portable Hand Free Rapid Even Heat Easy Press
  3. DODODUM Heat Press Machine for T Shirts HTV Vinyl Projects
  4. CO-Z 10×12 Inch Portable Heat Press
  5. AONESY Portable Hand Free Rapid Even Heat Easy Press

A portable heat press can benefit you in multiple ways, especially if you are an art student or a passionate crafter. Firstly, you can have it packed inside your bag whenever and wherever you travel. You never have to worry about picking hefty tools or printers. As they can fit even your handbag, you will not be paying extra money or taxes for carrying it along.

Moreover, investing in easy-to-carry machines will save your time, money, and physical efforts. Such machines come with smaller footprints but have all the required functions. Besides, you can use portable presses to create instant, small projects regardless of the material.

I bought 15 top-selling portable heat press machines from Amazon. I spent 30 days testing each machine. I tested each machine by keeping in mind the size, weight, portability, functionality, and price. Finally, I shortlisted 8 that performed the best. Here is my complete analysis:

5 Best portable heat press

Let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each machine.

Cricut EasyPress 2 For T Shirts and HTV VinylProjects

Cricut EasyPress 2 is one of the best portable heat presses that meets all your printing demands without asking you to pay hefty cash. It works brilliantly for HVT and sublimation projects. With an exquisite appearance in the raspberry shade, this easy-to-store press measures 12-inch x 10-inch. It can easily fulfill your t-shirt business needs.

This portable heat press machine has an impressive press speed but carries the utmost convenience of iron for printing. The machine ensures long-lasting results by transferring the designs on the material in 60 seconds or less with its professional-grade, ceramic-coated, advanced heat plate design. The design provides even, dry heat and uniform pressure distribution.

It can go as high as 400℉ (205°C) in the temperature range. DON’T WORRY! It has all the right features guaranteeing the safety of the user. First, it has a built-in timer to make you aware of the parameters. Second, the structure has an insulated Safety Base. And third, the auto-shutoff feature limits the probability of overheating.

  • You can enjoy precise temperature control, ensuring fool-proof results.
  • It will fit from small items to large.
  • Heats up within 3 minutes.
  • Despite being sturdy, the body is extremely lightweight.
  • You can find yourself an online heat guide.
  • The machine is workable with all Cricut Infusible Ink products.
  • The user must apply excessive pressure manually.
  • Lacks detailed instructions.

Tinkeal Portable Hand Free Rapid Even Heat Easy Press

Tinkeal heat press machine fulfills your heat transfer demands and makes sure that you are safe and materials are protected. It has a unique and handy body design in multiple colors. It features plenty of helpful safety features. Present in the dimensions of 1`2 “×10”, you can easily do sublimation and HTV Vinyl projects.

 The most striking feature is the sensitive touch screen. It helps set the parameters with ease. Also, you can adjust the temperature up to 392°F. For the time, this handy heat press has a limit of up to 999 seconds. The automatic pressurization function is another big plus. It saves you from applying pressure manually.

The heat platens have a premium coating of ceramic, making it harmless for fabrics. For extra protection, the structure has three layers of heat-resistant materials. The body or handle never gets hot. Heat is dissipated quickly, letting you achieve an impressive thermal transfer effect. The removable insulated safety base and automatic shutdown feature effectively control accidental burning and overheating incidents.

  • Wide application due to portable size, lightweight, and a sturdy body.
  • Unique pressure control system.
  • Easy to set and manage time and temperature settings.
  • Multifunctional as it can be used as iron and heat press.
  • The machine is relatively affordable.
  • The base feels unstable.
  • Got no silicone pad or anti-slip mat.

DODODUM Heat Press Machine for T Shirts HTV Vinyl Projects

Choosing one portable machine is difficult, but you don’t need to think if you have the DODODUM heat press machine in front of you!

A thoughtfully sized 9×9-inch machine is extremely easy to travel with and has three unique shades (green, gold, and red). It heats quickly and evenly with the advanced-designed heating pipe. The alloy soleplate is Teflon-coated giving it smoother and non-stick characteristics. It has 400℉ or 205℃ as the maximum temperature point. The portable press guarantees to provide classic and long-lasting results in 1 minute or less. On the top, it has a big handle for comfortability. Yes, this lightweight heat press is also FCC and UL certified!

Even if you forget to switch it off, it will shut down automatically after an inactivity of 10 minutes. Moreover, the safety is doubled with an insulated safety base, high-quality heat insulation layer, and built-in timer with an alarm. It can also heat press hats.

LED screen gives a clear view and easy control over parameters. The best part is the light indicators telling you about the time and temperature.

  • Reaches the highest temp point within 3.5 minutes.
  • It can work for consecutive 8 hours at 400℉.
  • Stylish and modern appearance.
  • Apart from a practical design, its digital control provides precision.
  • Safe and easy to grip handle.
  • The package has UL-certified 6.89 feet power cord.

    CO-Z 10×12 Inch Portable Heat Press

    Appearance? Stylish!

    Color? Decent white and black or eye-catchy red and black combo! Design? Extremely handy, innovative, and portable!

    This is how CO-Z will impress you – a lightweight machine in a 10×12-inch size for easy storage and carrying. It has a compact structure, but the heating area is big enough to accommodate large designs. The whole body is full of safety and intuitive features! This portable heat press for t shirts delivers results within 10-60 seconds. The distinguishing spec is its high-frequency vibration. Besides, the Teflon-coated plate ensures uniformly distributed heat for excellent transfer work. 

    The design is precise and offers an anti-slip grip and, in fact, hands-free use. The super-sensitive touch screen brings ease and effortlessness in operation. Moreover, the value adjustment and confirmation buttons are pretty understandable. For safety purposes, there is an insulating polycarbonate shell.

    • You can have a manual with instructions for quick installation.
    • Do not need any hard pressing.
    • Safe and durable structure.
    • You can assemble and set it up in a matter of minutes.
    • The intuitive control panel.
    • It can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
    • The pieces might fail to fit together.

    AONESY Portable Hand Free Rapid Even Heat Easy Press

    AONESY never fails to amaze, and this convenient and portable heat press machine is one of its masterpieces. It is balanced between built quality, parameters’ precision, and the convenience of an iron. Made with durable material and in 10 “×10” size, you can have plenty of bright colors. 

    This best portable heat press offers a digital display of temp and time for easy transfer work. Once your desired time has reached, it beeps once to aware you. The heat level can go as high as 400-degree F. The smart design has an ergonomic handle on the top. The control panel is easy to understand and operate. The power cable is safety certified. 

    The special feature is the pallet limit on the bottom. Besides, it comes with robust pallet support. It needs 3 minutes to warm up. It has a 10-minute safety-off. If you are looking for very small heat transfer machine, you can go for mini portable heat press.

    • It heats quicker than iron.
    • Its extensive heating area can handle various projects.
    • Flexible and extremely easy to use.
    • The machine can tolerate even higher temperatures without deforming.
    • It is versatile and can be used on various surfaces.
    • The timer has an alarm with a soft peeping sound.
    • Too small
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