Vevor Heat Press Review: Everything You Need to Know

Vevor heat press machine review
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Vevor heat press machine is a versatile heat press machine. It is a cost-effective machine and comes with a lot of features like a safety alarm, overheat protection, Teflon coat, and 360-degree rotation. However, the instructions and customer service needs improvement

Vevor is a Chinese company that released the first commercialized heat press in 2011. They offer heat presses and several other tools. In this Vevor Heat Press Machine review, we will discuss Vevor multifunction sublimation heat press machine.

Vevor Heat Press Review

It is a swing away heat press machine that can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Vevor heat press box


The size of the product itself is 12×15 inches. The platen embedded in it is larger as compared to other popular heat presses. It is portable and requires little space.

vevor heat press machine packaging


There is an LCD in it which serves as a control panel. Users can set the timer by using the control menu from the LC. Moreover, the temperature can also be chosen according to the product.

Vevor heat press buttons

Temperature, pressure, and time

As the LCD has the control menu, the user can easily adjust the temperature of 0-450° F or 232° C. The timer can also be chosen between 0 to 999 seconds. Moreover, it also has a safety light and provides burning protection.

Build quality

Vevor heat press machine is robust and sturdy. The weight of this heat press machine is 20 pounds and includes nonstick Teflon-coated press platen. This platen prevents sticking and provides extra protection. This product is made up of Aluminium and includes various extraordinary features.

Vevor machine in action

Supported Materials

This 5 in 1 heat press can be used for heat pressing caps, hats, shirts, cotton, and vinyl, metal, ceramics, plates, and glass.


The product is eligible for return or to be replaced.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers who have purchased this product have positive reviews. It was an incredible product for those who own businesses, even small businesses. Moreover, the versatile range of supported items makes the users more comfortable. The customer guides make it easier to understand the procedure.

Vevor heat press features in our list of cheap heat press and small business heat press machines.

Pros and cons

  • It comes with a timer alert.
  • Precise controls
  • The Teflon layer prevents stickiness.
  • 360° rotation
  • It is not beginner-friendly.


How to use a Vevor heat press?

Vevor machine in action

To use a Vevor heat-press, place the fabric on the heat-press. Set the time, temperature, and pressure.

The fabric should be sandwiched between two cloths or layers of paper. Place the heat-press over the fabric and let it heat up. After about 15-20 seconds, remove the heat-press. Place your hand on top of the material to quickly release the pressure.

Where are the Vevor heat presses machines made?

These are made in Shanghai, China. They also have warehouses in different cities of several countries.

What is the best heat temperature to make a t-shirt on a Vevor heat press?

It should be up to 350° F to make a heat press over a t-shirt. Here is a complete time and temperature chart for different fabrics.

How to set time and temperature on the Vevor heat press?

To set time, press the “time” button until the desired setting is reached.

To set the temperature, press the “temperature” button until the desired setting is reached.

Is Vevor heat press with the money?

The Vevor heat press has a lot of benefits that will save your business time and money, which could be used for other things. It can give your business a competitive edge over other businesses and gain more customers because of the quality printing.

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