4 Best Heat Press for Tumblers – Customized Tumblers

  1. CALCA 110V Tumbler Heat Press Machine
  2. PYD Life 110 V Tumbler Heat Press Machine Blue
  3. POVOKICI Heat press 110V Heat Transfer Machine for 20oz Skinny Tumblers
  4. SmarketBuy 3 in 1 Tumbler Heat Press Digital Heat Transfer Machine

Do you want to start a customized tumblers business? Do you want to impress your customers? Or do you want to create a personalized tumbler for your next DIY project?

This is where a heat press machine comes in handy. The advantages are convenience, speed, customization, and cost.

We can use heat press machines to apply logos, pictures, and text on tumblers. It would be best if you bought a heat press machine because it’s cheaper than having to get your tumblers printed at a printing company.

I bought 9 top-reviewed tumbler press machines from Amazon. I spent 12 days testing, analyzing, and recording my findings. I shortlisted 4 that were the top performers. Here is why?

4 Best heat press machines for tumblers

Here is a short overview, reviews, pros, and cons of each tumbler heat press.

CALCA 110V Tumbler Heat Press Machine

Get the most of your favorite cup of coffee or tea with this unique product. With CALCA Tumbler Heat Press, advertising, branding, and promotion are all possible. This product is easy to use thanks to its design and durable materials.

The CALCA Tumbler Heat Press is ideal for beginners. It comes fully assembled and with a certificate of CE and FCC approval. This machine is also straightforward to use with its step-by-step guide.

The CALCA Tumbler Press is perfect for those who need a reliable tumbler press machine. This machine has a 500W power and a 110V voltage, and it can heat your tumbler in a range of 0-428℉. The timer range is 0-999 seconds.

500W110v0-428℉0-99922 pounds20.8 x 14.1 x 12.7

You can also buy it from Walmart.

PYD Life 110 V Tumbler Heat Press Machine Blue

The PYD life Heat press machine is an easy and convenient way to get customized tumblers with the press of a button. Its small storage size makes it portable, making it perfect for crafting on the go! It comes with self-adhesive labels that are easy to peel off once you’re done.

With a temperature range of 0-464, a time range of 0-999 seconds, and 110 V/698 W power, the PYD Heat Press machine is the perfect solution for companies looking for more flexibility and control. Morevoer, it is easy to clean.

PYD Life Heat Press machine can handle and sublimate 2 and 4 pieces ceramic mug and tumbler simultaneously, which makes it a good choice for many potteries!

698 W110v0-464 F0-99921.7 pounds18.4 x 17.5 x 11.7

POVOKICI Heat press 110V Heat Transfer Machine for 20oz Skinny Tumblers

With this heat press machine, you can create tumblers with personalized designs, labels, or photos. It is easy to use, and it takes less than 3 minutes to make a customized tumbler. Perfect for parties, holiday events, competitions, giveaways, and more.

The POVOKICI tumblers heat press machine has a temperature range of 0-428℉, 0-220℃, and time settings from 0-999 seconds. Set the temperature and time you need for your tumblers, and then watch as the press adjusts automatically to maintain your goal temperature. This heat press is perfect for those on a budget.

The Tumblers Press Sublimation Machine is a digital heat press that lets you print your designs right on the tumblers you will be drinking from. It is easy to operate, suitable for both beginners and professionals, and produces high-quality prints securely.

500 W110v0-420℉0-99922 pounds20.16 x 13.98 x 12.6

SmarketBuy 3 in 1 Tumbler Heat Press Digital Heat Transfer Machine

SmarketBuy Heat Press is a professional 3 in 1 tumbler heat press machine which can be used for different sizes. This product is designed with high performance and durable construction that keeps it in good condition for a long time without breaking down.

With a wattage of 400W, a global temperature range of 32 – 430F, timer control from 0 – 999 seconds, and a digital LED controller, the SmarketBuy tumbler Heat Press is a powerful tool for any creative professional. This 20 oz tumbler heat press can print on a variety of tumblers.

Create your design with this best heat press for tumblers. It helps you transfer your favorite text and pictures and transfer them to tumblers quickly. It is easy to use and perfect for any DIY project.

1000W110v32 – 430F0-99953.3 pounds22 x 18.75 x 17.5

Characteristics of a good heat press machine for tumblers

A heat press machine for tumblers:

  1. Must have a strong build with durable construction.
  2. The material must be able to withstand the high temperatures that it will be subjected to.
  3. It should also have a large working area that can accommodate a large number of tumblers.
  4. Moreover, it should also accommodate different size tumblers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a mug heat press for tumblers?

Using a tumbler heat press machine

Usually, the mug heat press would not work well for tumblers because the mug press will not be able to apply pressure evenly on all sides of the tumbler. If your heat press is multifunctional, it might work for you.

How do you transfer designs on a tumbler by using a heat press machine?

To transfer designs on a tumbler using a heat press machine, you would need to use a heat press machine with a pad compatible with your tumbler. You would then place the design you want to transfer on the pad and then place the tumbler. Press the heat press for about 10 seconds.

Can you heat press plastic tumblers?

Yes, but only if the plastic tumblers are non-porous. If the plastic tumblers have a smooth finish, a heat press can be used successfully to print on the tumblers.

Can I sublimate tumblers in an oven?

You can use conventional (but still efficient) ovens to sublimate tumblers in an oven. Remember that ovens are of different sizes and capacities, so it might not work for everyone.

Can I sublimate a tumbler twice?

Yes, you can sublimate a tumbler twice. Just remember that there is a risk of ghosting if you do so, but it’s perfect for testing printer effects or learning how to create sublimation prints.

Do I have to seal sublimation Tumblers?

Sublimation tumblers do not have to be sealed. Sublimation ink is already embedded in the tumbler, so you do not need to worry about it coming off or fading away.

How to sublimate the bottom of a tumbler?

Put the tumbler upside down on the base if you want to sublimate the bottom of the tumbler.

Why does sublimation my paper stick to a tumbler?

To reduce the effects of a softened coating, minimize excessive heating during the mug transfer process. Remove the paper from your mug before it cools down.

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We discussed the 5 best tumbler heat press machines, their reviews, pros, and cons. Remember to buy a sturdy, portable, easy-to-use, and multifunction heat press if you want high-quality personalized tumblers.

We recommend CALCA Tumbler Heat Press Machine for best results.

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