A review of best sublimation heat press machines

7 Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation Printing

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Hihone 8 in 1 Heat Press MachineView on AmazonN/A
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Are you looking for a good heat press machine for your sublimation projects?

There are hundreds of heat press machines available on the market. However, not every heat press is good for sublimation.

The best heat press machine for sublimation is one that can manage high temperature, pressure, and polyester fabric without burning.

We researched and found these sublimation heat presses to be perfect for your projects.

7 Best heat press for sublimation

Here is what we liked and disliked about each item:

VEVOR 8 in Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

This machine is without a doubt one of the best options because it has the best quality, the best technology, and the best sublimation results no matter what kind of polyester you use. The standout feature of this best sublimation heat press machine is the 360-degree rotation design and 4/5” thick heating board, making it practical for printing on polyester-coated ceramic, glass, wood, and various fabrics. 

The swing-away layout comes with a Teflon-coated platen offering an extra punch of protection. Apart from helping you get rid of sticking problems, the built-in loud beep timer provides safety from burning your materials. The over-heat protection and built-in circuit breaker also limit the electrical faults. 

Besides that, the VEVOR heat press offers an incredible range of temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and a time of up to 999 seconds. The precise control of parameters is guaranteed with a dual LCD panel. Full-range pressure adjustment knob, detachable lower platform, and heat-resistant silicone-gel pad promise ease of transfer work.

Two 4/5” long-arm handles let you effortlessly handle this sublimation printer and heat press.

50 lb22.8 x 18.9 x 17.7 0-450°F0-999S
What we like
  • Solid build quality
  • Can produce great results
  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • Affordable price
  • Automatic detection of the external device
  • Temperature control is not very accurate
  • Controller is a bang-bang controller and lacks proportional control
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CREWORKS 12×15 Inch 360 Swing Away Sublimation Heat Press

With the CREWORKS heat-press, you get a lot of safety features, a strong frame that can turn 360 degrees, and new tech like a dual-LED display. A handle that won’t slip and a rail made of alloy are made for quick movement and easy handling.

This FCC-certificated item ensures supreme user safety with an integrated intelligent audible alarm, emergency stop button, and Teflon-coated heating area. 

The sturdy platens apply pressure evenly, which is easy to adjust with a full-range star knob. The temperature stays constant once it reaches the pre-set value, for a perfect result. It has a time (up to 999 seconds) and temperature (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) range fit for sublimation.

This best heat press for sublimation gives wonderful sublimated items without putting extra energy with user-friendly control pressure. For exceptional grip and thermal protection, it has a rubber coating.

34.9 lb19.5 x 18 x 17.50-480°F0-999S
What we like
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be used for making money or starting a small business
  • Has multiple attachments for different projects
  • Some reviewers have had to contact customer service for replacements or repairs, indicating potential quality control issues
  • There may be some difficulties with finding the appropriate heat settings for different vinyl brands
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TUSY 15×15 Digital Industrial Sublimation Machine

If you want to buy a machine that looks modern, works safely, and is easy to use, this digital heat press must be your first choice – perfect for printing flat-surfaced and circular items!

 The large TUSY heat press measuring 15×15-inch prints colorful images in industrial quality. You can use this sublimation heat press for professional and personal use.

The temp and time are adjustable up to 482 degrees F and 999 seconds, respectively. All it needs is 1400 Watts to run.

The advanced LCD Control panel lets you set the desired time and temp. At the same time, the full-range adjustment knob is for managing pressure. Moreover, the protective anti-overheating spec doubles the safety during sublimation.

40*lb15 x 15 x 1832-482°F0-999S
What we like
  • Great price for a heat press machine.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Good even heat and pressure.
  • Accurate temperature settings.
  • Great customer service.
  • Ideal for beginners and those starting a business.
  • Works great for quick projects and custom orders.
  • Perfect size for small projects like pressing comics.
  • Saves money in the long run for those who make one-off designs.
  • Great for guerilla marketing.
  • Limited space for larger items like hoodies.
  • Insert moves around and needs to be secured with heat tape.
  • Light board may have missing bulbs or burnt out.
  • Temperature readout may be slightly off.
  • Mat shifts around on the base plate.
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Hihone 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine, 15 x 15 inches Digital Sublimation

Running on 110 volts and 1000 watts, this sublimation heat press machine has all the specs one might be looking for easy printing.

Hihone press machine is highly functional, has built-in structural support, is easy to switch modes, and height-adjustable range. It serves the purpose of printing multiple items with eight attached accessories of different thicknesses of material with a temperature range of 32 to 430 degrees F and a timer range of up to 999 seconds. 

The premium components are used to make your arts and crafts enjoyable and safe. The swing-away design lets you turn around the upper platen, made with upgraded aluminum alloy, to place the materials easily.

The pressing pressure is adjustable with a full-range knob. The LED control panel shows temp in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

This heat press sublimation machine demands no extra space for storage. It means the size of the platen is adequate. The smooth operation design is the icing on the cake.

48.4lb17.72 x 17.72 x 15.7532 – 430°F0-999S
What we like
  • Its headline is the U-shaped built-in heating tube for even heat and pressure distribution.
  • Convenient to change heating accessories.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • Accurate display and setting of temperature and time.
  • Easy to use and heats up fast
  • Good for starting a small business or personal use
  • Prompt customer service for replacement parts
  • May need additional hardware for stability
  • Some parts may break easily
  • Faulty controller reported by one reviewer
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VEVOR Multi-Function 3D Sublimation 28000 Heat Press

Another brilliant 3D sublimation machine produced by VEVOR will impress you with its quality construction, matchless functionality, and mesmerizing marron/red color.

Apart from a superior body made with magnesium alloy, it has advanced tech integrated to bring perfection to your printing outcomes. The intelligent LCD control box is equipped with an automatic inspiratory countdown to boost safety. 

VEVOR 3D sublimation heat press machine promises powerful performance, top-level capacity, and professional efficiency. The even distribution is heat is guaranteed with far-infrared heating technology.

The futuristic warming system of this 3d sublimation vacuum heat press excels in performance and lets you save production costs.

Moreover, the quality of the transferred image seems clearer and more textured. And, how can you forget to admire its well-organized air filter? It enhances the machine’s durability.

45lb16.61 x 15.51 x 7.640-400°F0-999S
What we like
  • It is suitable for transferring images and colorful designs on all kinds of materials.
  • Amazing temperature regulation with intelligent control display.
  • Good insulation and wide temp range.
  • Large furnace area for batch printing and improved efficiency.
  • The operation is energy-saving.
  • The product heats up quickly.
  • It works well and can do amazing things when used properly.
  • The vacuum setup works well.
  • The delivery is fast.
  • 2800 watts are required to run the machine, which is relatively higher than other machines.
  • As it doesn’t use direct heat, the sublimation takes much longer.
  • The instructions are incomplete, wrong, or sketchy.
  • The product can be difficult to set up or use properly.
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VIVOHOME Upgraded 8 in 1 Combo Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Machine

The unique rail design and swing-away layout help you get the desired design or image on your shirt, mugs, tiles, caps, and much more by providing a full range press! This printing sublimation heat press measures 15 x 12 inches and comes in a classic red outer painting. 

VIVOHOME 8 in 1 Combo Printing Equipment has a steel body, a large LCD screen control box, silicone buttons, and a non-slip pull handle on top for quick and straightforward operation. The counting function and the alarm beeping sound improve printing accuracy and safety. I

It has three exclusive modes which can be switched anytime. The heating surface transfers even heat (from 104 to 390℉) and pressure. Two layers of thermal insulation are a silver lining.

Do you know how to make it safe to use? Maintaining the machine’s surface temperature at 50-70 °C even when the working temperature is high, up to 200 °C. And the credit goes to the double heating tube design. Also, the two plastic handles on this large heat press for sublimation are great for insulating heat and reducing the chances of getting burned.

45.1lb15 x 17.8 x 18140-392°F0-999S
What we like
  • The strong base and powerful steel frames for stable design.
  • The display panel shows temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • 8 in 1 set for printing designs on assorted surfaces.
  • The hexagonal design is removable.
  • Practical controllers and industrial strength.
  • The package comes with a pair of commercial-grade gloves.
  • Good value for the price
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with many attachments for different projects
  • Good for beginners to learn with
  • Heats up slowly.
  • It fails to maintain a steady temperature.
  • Swing away design may be difficult to use without heat tape
  • Plastic arm may not provide consistent pressure and may require modifications
  • May not be as well-built as other models on the market
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Nineaccy 12×15 inch Swing Away Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Press

Among all the heat press machines, the Nineaccy heat press machine made with industrial-grade steel is an excellent pick for sublimation, offering a temperature range of up to 430 °F (250 °C). The top-notch quality aluminum makes it last longer and is safe, as even intense heat dissipates effortlessly. Non-stick Teflon-coated surfaces and a soft, audible beep make this equipment easy to operate with no chances of burning or overheating. 

You can utilize this heat press for sublimation on several flat items. The structure has a powerful timer, making it heat up quickly. Setting the time and temperature is easy, and accuracy is ensured by an LCD control board where you can pre-set the values you want. Besides that, a full-range knob makes pressure adjustment easy. 

This heat press machine for sublimation runs on 110 volts and 900 watts.

Further, seamless heat transfers while printing are promised with silicon and sponge pads. These pads optimize the design with good elasticity and uniform thickness. It is great for all projects.

44.4lb15 x 12 x 120-430°F0-999S
What we like
  • A complete 360-degree rotation makes moving the heated platen convenient.
  • Heat press brings a 5 in 1 combo.
  • It accommodates nearly any material of different thickness levels.
  • Apart from platens, the package comes with a pair of tool gloves, a wrench, screwdrivers, and a detailed manual.
  • The machine heats up quickly
  • Has all the features you would usually only get out of a machine 5x the cost
  • Good customer service
  • Great value for the amount of product received
  • It Is a heavy unit.
  • The instructions are not clear in the manual.
  • Timer feature doesn’t work as stated in instructions
  • Shotty construction on control box
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Video summary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you heat press sublimation paper?

Heat pressing sublimation paper is similar to and as simple as heat transfer. The use of sublimation paper for heat pressing is a professional method that ensures the quality printing of t-shirts, mugs, cups, puzzles, tiles, mousepads, etc. 

You need paper, ink, and polyester-covered items for heat press sublimation paper. Start by placing paper on the platen and pressing it firmly. Upon heating at high temperatures, the sublimation ink turns into a gas. The pores in the polyester-coated items open, allowing gas to enter. Now, you remove it from the heat, and the pores close up, catching the ink inside the item, making the image an actual part of your shirt.

How long to heat press the sublimation tumbler?

Once you close the tumbler, you must only set the timer for 50 seconds. All you need is 1 minute for the heat to press the sublimation tumbler.

How long do I heat press sublimation FR plastic and hardboard?

  • FR Plastic for outdoor use (license plates): 80 – 90 seconds
  • Car Flags: 25 – 35 seconds
  • Hardboard (clipboards, coasters, etc.), FR Plastic (name badges, bag tags, etc.), and Aluminum (bookmarks, face down): 60 – 70 seconds
  • MDF (plaques, paperweights, etc.): 80 – 90 seconds
  • Phenolic and Aluminum (sheet stock and jewelry): 45 – 55 seconds

You can use this sublimation chart for more details.

Can you heat press sublimation on cotton?

The sublimation does not work on 100% cotton but only on polyester fabrics because sublimation ink tends to embed in the pores of polyester material that open up on heating. You can use a good sublimation spray on cotton.

It is available on the market or you can easily create the sublimation spray at home. Once the cotton surface has sublimation spray over it, you can heat press it or use an oven to sublimate.

How long to heat press sublimation on wood?

As long as the wood comes with a polyester coating, you can use a sublimation heat press for printing the desired outcomes. With light pressure and 360-degree Fahrenheit temperature, all you need is 10 minutes when sublimation heat press settings are concerned.

Do you need a heat press for sublimation?

Yes, because for the sublimation transfer process, you need firm, flat pressure that only a quality-made press machine can ensure for as long as you want for professional results. If the pressure is uneven or the heat fluctuates, you will get blurry results.

What is the difference between a sublimation heat press and a regular heat press?

Apart from the basic science of the transfer procedure, you can find considerable differences between sublimation and heat transfer paper. In a heat transfer, you will never be restricted to the substrate’s color that you intend to transfer the design. All colors are suitable. But in sublimation, only light-colored garments are suitable. Moreover, the sublimation limits polyester fabrics to either white or light colors. It fails to work on cotton or any other textile. In heat transfer, virtually any fabric seems compatible (polyester, cotton, blends, nylon, etc.).

Sublimation requires no cutting or weeding. With sublimation, you will not feel the image on the substrate material, and the print comes out very light-handed. The ink embedding in the pores makes it more durable than heat transfer paper. In heat transfer paper, the print might crack as the image is left on top, letting you feel the design. At the same time, transfer paper may need “weeding,” or cutting and trimming of the design.

If you are a starter, you must go with heat transfer paper as it is lesser expensive to pick than sublimation and heat transfer paper.

Additional Questions

What is the ideal heat press for sublimation use?

In my experience with sublimation, I have found that the larger Cricut EasyPress offers the best results. The heavier build of the machine contributes to a more uniform pressing. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the only choice. I’ve had success sublimating small projects using an EasyPress Mini as well. It all depends upon the scale of your work and the specific requirements of your project. The largest Cricut EasyPress, in general, is an excellent choice to use for sublimation.

What would be the best heat press choice for someone starting out with sublimation?

Entering the sublimation world as a beginner can be a daunting task, and making the right choice for a heat press machine is crucial. From what I’ve seen and worked with, the RoyalPress Industrial Machine stands out. It’s built with superior quality material and is an ideal fit for both beginners and experts. One of its features that I particularly like is the pull-away design – the large lower plate slides out from the heat press section, allowing you to focus on your technique without the worry of coming into contact with the heated plates. This safety feature makes RoyalPress Industrial Machine a perfect choice for beginner sublimation users

What is the best all in one heat press machine?

Choosing the best all-in-one heat press machine depends on various factors including the nature of your projects, the scale of your operation, and your specific requirements. As a professional, your needs may differ from those of a hobbyist, a startup, or a small-scale operation. Therefore, identifying the best all-in-one machine might need a bit more information. However, there are numerous options available on the market that perform exceptionally across different applications.

Do I need a particular heat press for sublimation?

Working with sublimation involves a specific kind of ink that penetrates into the fabric instead of just sitting on the surface like conventional heat transfers, leading to more durable and longer-lasting prints. Hence, you require a heat press machine for sublimation that can attain the necessary pressure and temperature levels. In my own experience, sublimation heat press machines are uniquely built to meet the requirements of sublimation printing. Essentially, these machines give you the leverage to extract the best out of your sublimation projects.

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