Cast on knitting calculator

Cast On Calculator

The Cast On Calculator helps knitters calculate the number of stitches required for their knitting project.

Enter the width of your gauge swatch, the number of stitches within that breadth, and the desired width of your finished creation into the calculator.

The calculator will then calculate the number of stitches required to reach the selected project width.

This calculator can be used for both needle knitting and loom knitting.

Calculator and formula to calculate Cast on knitting stitches

What is cast on in knitting?

Cast on is the technique used to create the initial threads of a knitting project. It serves as the base row from which the remainder of the knitting is made.

How to calculate cast on stitches?

Here is the formula:

Cast On Stitches = (Stitches / Width) * Project Width

Cast On Stitches is the number of stitches to cast on, stitches is the number of stitches within the gauge swatch width, width is the width of the gauge swatch, and project Width is the desired width of the final project.

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