Cross stitch calculator

Cross Stitch Calculator

This cross-stitch calculator helps you find out the final size of a project based on stitch and fabric count.

All you have to do is to enter stitch width, height, fabric count, and choose inches or centimeters as the unit.

The calculator as a result of input shows the finished design size as output.

Calculator and formula for cross stitch calculations (1)

What is the purpose of the cross-stitch calculator?

It helps calculate the final size of a project based on stitch and fabric count, assisting users in fabric selection and project planning.

Will the calculator tell me how much extra fabric I need for framing?

The calculator shows the stitched area’s size. You’ll need to add extra fabric for framing manually, typically 3 inches on each side.

What is the formula to calculate the final size of cross-stitch project?

Let W = number of stitches in width Let H = number of stitches in height Let F = fabric count (stitches per inch or cm)

Finished Design Size (in inches): Width: W / F Height: H / F

Finished Design Size (in cm): Width: (W / F) * 2.54 Height: (H / F) * 2.54

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