Hexagon Quilt calculator

Hexagon Quilt Calculator

How to use Hexagon Quilt Calculator?

  • Enter the desired width and length of the quilt in the 1st and 2nd input fields respectively.
  • Enter the size of the hexagon in the 3rd input field.
  • Click the “Calculate” button.
  • The output includes: No. of hexagonal columns, rows, hexagons, half hexagons, and the actual size of the quilt top.
Calculator and formula for quilt hexagon calculations and patterns

Why do we need to calculate the Hexagon quilt?

  • To determine the number of hexagons needed
  • To Create a layout and design
  • To find out the quilt dimensions
  • To estimate the amount of fabric needed

What is the formula to estimate the hexagon quilt?

Here is the formula to calculate the hexagon quilt:

  • Rows = Y = (2L – d) / 3d Subtract 1 from the Y if it is an even value.
  • Columns = X = W / (d * 1.732)
  • No. of hexagons = (((Y3 / 2) + 0.5) * X2) + (((Y3 / 2) – 0.5) * ( X2 – 1))
  • No. of half hexagons = ((Y3 / 2) – 0.5) * 2
  • For Size of quilt: W = Xd(1.732), L = (((Y – 1) / 2) * 3d) + 2d

Where W is the quilt width, L is the quilt length, X is the no. of hexagonal columns, Y is the no. of hexagonal rows, d is the size of each hexagon, and 1.732 is the square root of 3.

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