Hourglass quilt block calculator

Hourglass Quilt Block Calculator

The Hourglass Quilt Block Calculator helps quilters calculate the appropriate cutting dimensions for creating Hourglass quilt blocks.

When you input the desired finished block size, the calculator shows the cut sizes for Fabric A and Fabric B, Grid Size, Unfinished Block Size, Center/Midpoint Measurement, and Trim Block To dimensions.

Calculator and formula to calculate hourglass block of quilt

What is Hourglass Quilt Block?

The Hourglass Quilt Block is a well-known quilting pattern that uses triangle shapes. To make this block, you don’t need to cut a single triangle or deal with a bias edge.

It is essentially a quarter square triangle created from two distinct fabrics, and it is frequently referred to as a “Cotton Reel.” This design can be used as a whole block or as the basic unit for multiple quilt blocks.

The Hourglass Quilt Block is versatile and can be made in a variety of sizes, making it an excellent addition to any quilter’s toolbox.

It is also known as the Big Dipper, Yankee Puzzle, Whirling Blade, Reverse X, Bow Ties, and Pork and Beans.

How to calculate the Hourglass Quilt Block?

Here is the formula:

  • Grid Size = (Unfinished Block Size – 1) / 2
  • Finished Block Size = Unfinished Block Size – 1/2
  • Center/Midpoint Measurement = (Finished Block Size / 2) + 1/4
  • Trim Block To = Unfinished Block Size + 1/2
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