Quilt batting calculator

Quilt Batting Calculator

This calculator helps you find out the required batting yardage for a quilt. Input the quilt width, quilt length, batting width, and desired overage (on each side) in inches.

Click “CALCULATE” to get yardage options for vertical and horizontal piecing.

Results include the no. of batting pieces, seams, and yardage in inches and yards.

Calculator and formula to calculate batting of quilt

What is Quilt Batting?

Quilt batting is the soft layer sandwiched between the quilt top and the quilt backing that provides the softness, warmth, and thickness to the quilt. It is used as an insulation layer in quilts and other sewing projects, adding warmth and weight. It is also known as wadding.

The three most common types of quilt batting are polyester, 100% cotton, and cotton/poly blends, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Wool, bamboo, and silk batting are also choices.

How to calculate the Quilt batting?

Here is the formula:

  1. Calculate the total width and length of the quilt:
    • totalWidth = quiltWidth + 2 * overage
    • totalLength = quiltLength + 2 * overage
  2. Calculate the number of vertical pieces and seams:
    • Vertical Pieces = ceil(Total Width / Batting Width)
    • Vertical Seams = Vertical Pieces – 1
  3. Calculate the vertical batting yardage
    • Vertical Yardage in Inches = (Vertical Pieces * Total Length) + (Vertical Seams * 0.5)
    • Vertical Yardage in Yards = Vertical Yardage Inches / 36
  4. Calculate the number of horizontal pieces and seams:
    • Horizontal Pieces = Ceil(Total Length / Batting Width)
    • Horizontal Seams = Horizontal Pieces – 1
  5. Calculate the horizontal batting yardage in inches and yards:
    • Horizontal Yardage Inches = (Horizontal Pieces * Total Width) + (Horizontal Seams * 0.5)
    • Horizontal Yardage Yards = Horizontal Yardage Inches / 36
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