Quilt BORDERS calculator

Quilt Border Calculator

Enter the width of each border (up to 5 borders):

How to use The Quilt border calculator?

  • Enter fabric width (minus selvage).
  • Input quilt width and length (before borders).
  • Provide border widths for up to 5 borders.
  • Choose corner type: Mitre or Non-Mitre.
  • Click “Calculate” button.
  • View results in the output table.
Calculator and formula for quilt borders calculation

What is quilt border?

A quilt border is a decorative strip that frames the design of the quilt and gives your work of art the final touch.

At first, we look at the main pattern of the quilt, but our eyes soon move to the designs on the quilt’s edges.

There are many different types and colors of quilt borders.

Borders can be used to frame the inside of a quilt, leave room between design elements to get the size you want, and create separate spaces for design elements like flanges, piping, piecing, applique, and scallops.

Why do we need to calculate the quilt borders?

  • To make sure the quilt is the appropriate size and looks excellent, the borders need to be measured.
  • It retains the shape of the quilt and keeps it from being too huge or too little.
  • You have to put together different lengths of cloth to make up for the lack of fabric.
  • If you don’t know how big you want each border to be, you can end up with a quilt that isn’t the proper size.
  • Measuring and pinning the quilt so that the borders fit perfectly helps keep stitches from going wrong.
  • In quilting, ratios, such as the golden ratio, are used to make sure that each border is the proper size.

What is the formula to calculate the quilt border?

There is no single way to find out the quilt border because it relies on things like the size of the quilt, the width of the border, and the finished size you want. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Add up the lengths of all the quilt sides, and don’t forget to add the lengths for the corners. This will give you the total length of the continuous border strip you require.
  • Or use this formula: (Top or Bottom Measurement + 2 Seam Allowances + 2 Border Widths) x 2. Add up both numbers, divide by 40″ (the normal width of fabric), then round up to the nearest whole number.
  • Add together the lengths of all four border strips to find the overall length of the border. Measure the width of the cloth and the length and width of the quilt and border.
  • For pieced borders, measure the length of one side of your quilt and divide it by the width you want the border pieces to be. Make sure to leave room for seam allowances on either side. You might have to change the width or the number of pieces to make them all the same size.
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