Quilt binding calculator

Quilt Binding Calculator – Find out The required Fabric

How to use the Quilt Binding Calculator?

  • Input the Width and Length of your quilt. ( Enter all values in inches)
  • Enter the Width of Binding Fabric.
  • Input the Width of Binding Strips.
  • Specify the Desired Overage.
  • Choose between “Straight Seams (1/4″ seam)” and “Mitered or Diagonal Seams” for joining the strips.
  • Click the calculate button.
  • Check the “Quilt Binding Fabric and Strips Needed” section for the calculated yardage, strip length, and the number of strips needed.
  • Follow the provided instructions to join the strips with the chosen seam type.
Calculator for quilt binding calculation

What does a quilt binding calculator do?

A quilt binding calculator helps you figure out how much fabric you will need to bind your quilt.

It considers criteria such as quilt size (width and length), fabric width, desired width of binding strips, and desired overage for attaching the ends of the binding.

The calculator calculates the total length of binding, the number of binding strips to cut, and the yardage of fabric needed for quilt binding.

Why do we need to calculate quilt binding?

You need to do quilt binding calculations to make sure you have enough fabric to bind and finish your quilt the right way. Binding is the process of putting a strip of fabric along the raw edges of a quilt to make it look finished and protect the edges.

It helps you figure out how much fabric you need by taking into account the quilt’s perimeter and how much extra you want for cutting corners and attaching ends.

By carefully figuring out how much fabric you need for quilt binding, you may avoid running out or having too much extra. This can save you time, work, and resources. It also makes sure that you complete your quilt in a tidy and professional way.

How to estimate the quilt binding?

Measure the length and width of the quilt. Add both and multiply by two to get the perimeter. 10-20 inches should be added for mitering corners and joining ends. Select a binding width, such as 2.5-inch strips. For the required strip count, divide the binding length by the usable fabric width (approximately 40 inches). Round up to ensure you have enough strips.

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