Quilt backing calculator

Quilt backing calculator – Easy and Precise

How to Use Quilt backing calculator?

  • Open the webpage where the calculator is embedded.
  • Choose the desired unit of measurement (inches or centimeters) from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the quilt length in the selected unit of measurement in the “Enter Quilt Length” input field.
  • Enter the quilt width in the selected unit of measurement in the “Enter Quilt Width” input field.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to compute the required backing fabric dimensions.
Calculator for quilt backing calculation

What is quilt backing?

The bottom or third layer of fabric in a quilt “sandwich” is known as the backing. It is normally made of a single fabric with no patchwork or applique designs, though it can be sewn together from different fabrics.

The quilt top displays the quilt’s pattern, whilst the backing offers solidity and support for the quilt’s structure.

Quilt backs are typically composed of cotton fabric, although they can also be made of flannel, lawn, or fleece.

Why we need to calculate the quilt backing?

You need to figure out the quilt back to make sure you have enough fabric to cover the whole quilt, including the quilt top and the batting.

When figuring out how much backing yardage is needed, it is important to add a few extra inches to the quilt’s measurements.

This allows for any shrinking or shifting that might happen during the quilting process and gives enough fabric for long-arm quilting, which requires extra fabric to hold the quilt layers in place during the quilting process.

When you figure out the size of the quilt’s back, you may also determine if you want to use a single piece of fabric or if you need to sew together several pieces.

This information is important for getting the most out of the fabric and making sure the finished product looks good and works well.

How to calculate quilt backing?

  1. Measure the length and width of your quilt top.
  2. Add an extra 8 inches to both the length and width of your quilt if it is going to be machine quilted. This will give you 4 inches on each side and 4 inches on the top and bottom.
  3. Use one of the following formulas to calculate the fabric yardage:

a. (Longest length / 42) x shortest length = fabric yardage in inches. Then, divide the result by 36 to convert it into yards.

b. Yardage = (Quilt Back Height + 2 * (Quilt Back Width – Width of Fabric (WOF) + 2″)) / 36.

Note: To make it easier to cut in the store, round up the result to the nearest 1/4 yard or half yard.

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