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Puff Quilt Calculator

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This Puff Quilt Calculator helps you find out the number of puffs needed to make a quilt.

To use it, select a quilt size or input custom dimensions. Click the “Calculate.” button.

The results show the number of puffs required in width, length, and total.

Now it is easy to plan and create your puff quilt.

Calculator and formula to calculate the number quilt puffs

What is puff quilt?

A puff quilt, also known as a biscuit quilt or bubble quilt, is a form of quilt in which each block is filled with toy stuffing before the quilt is completed, creating a puffy impression.

Puff quilts are produced differently than traditional quilts, in which individual quilt pieces are normally combined to form the top layer, and three layers are sewn together.
Puff quilts have a textured, cushioned surface that makes them warm and eye-catching.

What is formula to calculate the number of puffs?

Total number of puffs = (Quilt Width / 3.5 – 2) * (Quilt Height / 3.5 – 2)

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