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This Quilt Piece Calculator helps you find out the no. of fixed-size quilt pieces that can be cut from a larger piece of fabric.

To use the calculator, input the dimensions of the desired quilt pieces (width and height) and the dimensions of the available fabric (width and height).

Click “Calculate” to find out how many quilt pieces can be obtained in both orientations.

This quilt piecing counter makes it easy to plan your quilt project and minimize fabric waste.

Calculator and formula to calculate the number and size of the pieces that can be obtained from given fabric

How to calculate the quilt pieces that I can get from fabric?

You can use this formula to calculate the pieces.

  1. Pieces (Original orientation) = floor(Fabric Width / Piece Width) * floor(Fabric Height / Piece Height)
  2. Pieces (Reversed orientation) = floor(Fabric Width / Piece Height) * floor(Fabric Height / Piece Width)

Here, “floor” means rounding down to the nearest whole number.

You can use the above calculator to save your time.

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