Screen printing cost and profit calculator

Screen printing pricing calculator

How to use the screen printing cost calculator?

  • In the first field, you’ll need to type in the total cost of printing your project. Make sure to input a numerical value.
  • In the second field, enter the total cost of all the raw materials your project will use.
  • In the third field, type in the total cost of your project’s overhead expenses.
  • Click the “Calculate Net Profit” button to find out how much profit your project will make in the end. 
  • Right below the button, the result will be shown.
Calculator for Screen printing pricing and profit estimation

What is screen printing pricing calculator?

A screen printing pricing calculator is a tool that helps people or businesses figure out how much their printing projects will cost. It also helps you find out the profit.

To give an accurate price estimate, this calculator take into account things like materials, labor, overhead costs, and the number of items to be printed.

What is the formula for screen printing pricing?

Revenue – COGS = Gross Profit – Overhead and Operational Expenses = Net Profit


Revenue =The costs you charge consumers for screen printing services, as well as the markup on raw materials, are included in revenue.

COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) = COGS represents the direct costs of creating screen-printed items. These expenses include the costs of clothing, inks, film, labor, and other materials used in the printing process.

Gross profit =The difference between your revenue and your cost of goods sold is your gross profit. After deducting direct manufacturing costs, gross profit is the amount of money you made from screen printing services.

Overhead and operational expenses = These are the indirect costs of running your business, such as rent, utilities, insurance, marketing, and administrative fees.

Net Profit: The final profit after all direct and indirect expenses have been deducted. Net profit reflects the overall financial health of your screen printing business and can be used to assess the effectiveness of your pricing strategy.

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