capacity utilization calculator

Capacity Utilization Calculator

Formula and calculator to find out the capacity utilization

How do I use the capacity utilization calculator?

To use the capacity utilization calculator, you need to do the following:

Type in the current output

Find the field called “Current Output (units)” and type in your facility’s current production output. This number shows how much was made over a certain time period, like a month or a year. Make sure to enter a number that is not negative.

Write the maximum output

Find the field that says “Maximum Output (units)” and type in the most that your facility can make. This number is the maximum amount of production that your facility can make under the best conditions.

Calculate Capacity Utilization

Click the “Calculate Capacity Utilization” button to take the values you entered and figure out how much capacity is being used. The result will be shown below the button with the words “Capacity Utilization: XX%,” where XX is the percentage that was calculated.

Figure out what it all means

The percentage of capacity utilization shows how well your production facility is running. A higher percentage means that your facility is working closer to its maximum output, while a lower percentage means that there is room for improvement.

For example, if the capacity utilization is 75%, it means that your production facility is producing 75% of what it could produce at its full capacity.

What is capacity utilization?

Capacity utilization is how much a company or country uses its installed capacity to make things. It shows how the output made with the equipment installed compares to the output that could be made if the equipment was used to its full capacity. 

In other words, it means the manufacturing and production capabilities that a country or business is using right now. Companies use the capacity utilization rate to figure out how well they are running right now.

This gives them an idea of how their costs will change in the short or long term.

Production Capacity Calculator

What is the formula for capacity utilization?

The capacity utilization formula is used to figure out what percentage of the maximum production capacity is being used at the moment. Here’s how to figure out how much capacity is being used:

Utilization of Capacity = (Actual Output/Potential Output) x 100


The actual output is how much is being made right now.

Potential Output is the most that can be made under perfect circumstances

For example, a company’s capacity utilization rate would be:

Utilization of Capacity = (20,000/40,000) x 100 = 50%

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