Circle skirt calculator

Circle skirt calculator

This Circle Skirt Radius Calculator helps you find out the radius needed to create different types of circle skirts (full, half, three-quarter, one-third, and quarter circle skirts).

To use the calculator, you need to enter your waist size in inches or centimeters, choose the unit, and pick the type of skirt you want to make.

Click “Calculate Radius” to get the radius in both inches and cm.

This calculated radius will help you make the right circle skirt pattern.

Calculator and formula to calculate circle skirt radius

Why do we need to calculate the skirt radius for circle skirts?

Calculating the circle skirt’s skirt radius is important because it tells you how big the waist opening should be and helps you make the right pattern.

By using the waist circumference and the type of circle skirt wanted (full, half, etc.), the radius estimate helps make sure the skirt fits right and drapes and flows the way it should.

How to calculate the skirt radius for circle skirts?

To find out the skirt radius for circle skirts, follow these simple steps:

Measure your waist circumference (C).

Choose the type of skirt (full, half, three-quarter, one-third, or quarter circle).

Use the corresponding formula for the chosen skirt type:

  • Full circle skirt: Radius (r) = C ÷ (2 × π)
  • Half circle skirt: Radius (r) = C ÷ π
  • Three-quarter circle skirt: Radius (r) = (1.33 × C) ÷ (2 × π)
  • One-third circle skirt: Radius (r) = (3 × C) ÷ (2 × π)
  • Quarter circle skirt: Radius (r) = (4 × C) ÷ (2 × π)
  • Where π (pi) is approximately 3.14.

Note: Do not forget to add seam allowance. The above calculator has built-in function to include it. So you can use it for precise results.

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