T-shirt pricing calculator to find the profit margin

T-shirt pricing calculator

T-Shirt Pricing Calculator

How to use the t-shirt pricing calculator?

  • Access the T-Shirt Pricing Calculator located above.
  • Locate the input field labeled “Cost to Produce T-Shirt ($)” and enter the total cost of producing a single t-shirt. This cost should include all expenses incurred, such as materials, labor, printing methods, and overhead. Make sure to enter the cost in dollars and cents, using decimal points when necessary.
  • In the input field labeled “Desired Profit Margin (%),” enter the percentage of profit you wish to earn from the sale of each t-shirt.
  • After filling in both input fields, click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will process the information and display the calculated selling price of the t-shirt in the “T-Shirt Price ($)” section below the button.
  • Review the calculated t-shirt price to ensure that it meets your desired profit margin. If necessary, adjust the values to find out the perfect profit margin for your t-shirt business.
Formula and calculator to find out the t-shirt pricing

What is t-shirt pricing formula?

The T-shirt pricing formula is used to find out the selling price of a t-shirt based on the production cost and the desired profit margin.

The formula is as follows:

Price = Cost + (Cost * (Profit Margin / 100))


  • Cost represents the cost of producing the T-shirt, including materials and labor.
  • Profit Margin is the desired profit margin expressed as a percentage of the cost.
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