Production capacity calculator

Production Capacity Calculator

Formula and calculator to find out the production capacity

How to Use the Production Capacity Calculator?

Find the fields of the calculator where you need to enter the information:

Total Machines: Type in the number of machines the factory has in total.

Shift Hours Per Day: Enter the number of hours per day that the factory is open.

Product SAM: Enter the Standard Allowed Minutes (SAM) for the product being made.

Line Efficiency: Enter the percentage of the average line efficiency.

For example, if the factory has 200 machines, runs for 10 hours per day, has a product SAM of 25 minutes, and has an average line efficiency of 50%, put these numbers into the appropriate fields.

To start the calculation of the capacity of a factory, click the button that says “Calculate Production Capacity.”

Check out the result, which is shown below the form:

In our case, the answer will be “Production Capacity: 2400 pieces.”

Based on the information given, this means that the factory can make 2400 of the product per day.

To do another calculation, just change the numbers in the input fields and click “Calculate Production Capacity” again. The result will be changed to reflect this.

What does "production capacity" mean?

Production capacity is a measure of how much a manufacturing business can make in a given time period. It is the most that employees can make with the tools, materials, and work hours they have. 

Production capacity helps businesses plan and schedule their production better, give more accurate lead times, and predict their cash flow.

In a broader sense, “productive capacity” means the most that an economy can make. It includes the productive resources, entrepreneurial skills, and production linkages that determine a country’s ability to make things.

Optimizing the manufacturing process requires knowing how much you can make, and the same general logic is used in different ways to design efficient production systems. 

Manufacturers need to think about things like the total number of machines, shift hours per day, product SAM (standard allowed minutes), and line efficiency to figure out how much they can make. 

By collecting production data and analyzing capacity, manufacturers can figure out what processes, equipment, or functions need to be changed to increase capacity and get more use out of their resources.

How to calculate production capacity?

To figure out production capacity, you need to look at things like the total number of machines, the number of shift hours per day, the SAM (standard allowed minutes) for each product, and the efficiency of the line. Here are the steps to figure out how much can be made:

Find the machine-hour capacity by figuring out how many hours the machines can be used to make things. 

For example, if a factory has 200 machines and runs for 10 hours per day, the total machine-hour capacity would be 2000 hours (200 machines * 10 hours).

Find the product SAM: Get the Standard Allowed Minutes (SAM) for the product being made, either from work-study engineers or by figuring it out yourself.

Calculate line efficiency: Get information on the average line efficiency from industrial engineers or figure it out using data from the past.

Use the production capacity formula. Once you have all the information you need, use the following formula to figure out production capacity:

Production capacity (in units) = (Capacity in hours * 60 / product SAM) * line efficiency

For instance, if a factory has a machine-hour capacity of 2,000 hours, a product SAM of 25 minutes, and an average line efficiency of 50%, the production capacity would be:

Production capacity = (2000 x 60 / 25) * 50% = (120,000 / 25) * 0.5 = 2400 pieces

If you need to figure out how much you can make of more than one product, first figure out how many machine hours you can use and how long it takes to make one unit of each product. Finally, figure out how much of each product can be made and add up the results to find the total amount that can be made.

What is capacity utilization?

Capacity utilization is how much a company or country uses its installed capacity to make things. It shows the relationship between the output made with the equipment installed and the output that could be made if the equipment was used to its full capacity.

This metric is important because it helps t-shirt printing businesses figure out how efficient they are right now and shows them how their costs will change in the short and long term.

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