savior heated gloves review

Savior Heated Gloves: Are These Budget-Friendly?

Do you know what body part is mostly exposed to the cold in chilly winters? Your hands! That is why keeping your hands toasty warm while you finish your daily chores seems pretty challenging. I have experienced the same problem. Winters can get harsh for hands, not only in dehydrating your skin but also making them numb and frozen due to excessive cold.

Let’s proceed to Savior heated gloves review.

If you are also like me and can’t tolerate working with frozen hands, you need to do what I have done! But what exactly have I done?! Well, I have invested in a pair of good quality, easy to wear, functional, and stylish heated gloves. Yes, you have heard it right. Many people say HEATED GLOVES ARE THE WASTE OF MONEY, but in reality, heated gloves are proven to be good for health!

my heated gloves collection
My heated gloves collection

Today, I will show you the facts and reasons for buying a pair of heated gloves because I used to be like you, believing that it is not worth your money. I came across a product that changed my views and convinced me to think a bit more about buying it. And Viola – I have them, and I ENJOY HAVING THEM WITH ME. Because these “Savior Heated Gloves” keep my hands warm and help me complete my work trouble-free.

Buying experience

After reading multiple reviews and blogs on cold-weather accessories and essentials required, I finally chose this pair, and I am glad I did. You have unlimited options to pick from, but I would recommend you to buy Savior Heated Gloves. As far as my experience is confirmed, it is pretty satisfactory. I received these heated gloves on the same day because I am an Amazon Prime member.

Savior gloves are my no.1 choice in the overall best-heated gloves list.


It came in good packaging. It was packed safely to keep it protected from impact injuries.

opened box of savior heated gloves
I opened the savior heated gloves box


Savior gloves are made out of a unique knitting strategy mix. 40% lambskin, 60% polyester are found in the external layer, while the internal part features lightweight & ultra-soft peal cotton pieces that have been imported from Holland. The heat elements and HIPORA waterproofing material provide this product with an extra edge. The material used in these electric gloves makes them water-resistant, windproof, and surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Savior heated gloves testing
Savior heated gloves testing


These Battery heated gloves are designed to heat up your hand quickly. They use far-infrared heating elements that cover the whole of the back and all five fingers to provide a more even heat output.

You can easily set the 3 Temperature Settings: High, Medium, Low. It comes with 2pcs CE& UL Certified Savior 7.4v 2200mah rechargeable batteries that last up to 7 work hours when fully charged.

Outdoor testing

I wore these multiple times outdoors for testing purposes. They gave my hands a cozy feel without adding bulk. Even in the rain, snow, and harsh windstorms, they withstood the conditions perfectly. Besides, I am not the only one; thousands of Amazon shoppers have provided these gloves with their approval.

This pair offers everything you must be looking for. In my better experience, its compatible controls and snugly fit have played a vital role. It comes in handy when planning to go running, hiking, cycling, camping, climbing, snow skiing, skating, snowboarding, ice fishing, or hunting, and cannot because of cold hands. Savior heated gloves have kept my hands warm in nasty winter conditions. They seem to be made for handling even the most demanding weather states.

These are the best if you want to use gloves for heat therapy.

skiing experience with savior heated gloves
Skiing experience with savior heated gloves

Standout features

  • It is designed for both: men and women.
  • The company has used fabric for these unisex heated gloves that are not only water-resistant but also windproof.
  •  The gloves have a breathable membrane and soft lining complementing polyester’s external layer to ensure comfort.
  • They are lightweight to make your wearing experience super comfortable.
  • The gloves are supported by a rechargeable battery that can run up to 7 hours if fully charged.
  • They can heat up quickly and start warming your hands with a direct stream of heat produced by the far-infrared fiber heating elements.
  • Easily Adjustable Thermal Control – High, Medium, Low. You can check the level of heating by the displayed bars (2 for medium, 1 for low, and 3 for high).
  • Simple to use, press the ON/OFF button.
  • The design features curved fingers assuring an anti-slip and flexible grip.
  • The Touchscreen compatible index fingertip and thumb makes typing and browsing easier.
  • Are you suffering from severe joint pains or joint problems such as Raynaud’s, arthritis, or Rheumatoid arthritis? It is your quick solution for pain management. 


  • They are not machine washable. If you machine wash them, the heated elements can be damaged.

Do I recommend Savior heated gloves?

You all must be having a single thought at the end of this Savior heated gloves review. “Would I recommend it?”. Absolutely yes, I do! There are many reasons to buy it but none to NOT BUY it!

Whenever you are battling freezing temperatures, it can be your real saver. Not only comfortable but also a durable product. It is innovatively designed; premium quality full finger gloves give a comfortable fit and gentle warmth to your palms and fingers. It has a button closure that guarantees a secure fit, not letting the warmth escape.

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Savior-heated socks are also the best if you are looking for something good for your feet during the snowy days.

Additional Questions

Are cost-effective heated gloves worth the investment?

Yes, indeed! A stellar example of affordability paired with excellent quality would be the Hot Hands Heated Fleece Glove/Mittens. These gloves demonstrate that a lower price point does not necessarily mean a compromise in effectiveness. The idea behind these gloves stems from the traditional, inexpensive method of using chemical hand warmers. They provide a distinct advantage in battling the biting cold without leaving a significant dent in your wallet. I recall a hiking trip to Yosemite in the heart of winter. Equipped with these heated gloves, I could feel the enveloping warmth seep through the layers, as if there were a mini fireplace tucked inside each glove. It truly convinced me of their worth.

Is Savior Heat a reputable brand for heated gloves?

Based on my personal experience, I must unanimously vouch for Savior Heat. A couple of winters ago, I came across their rechargeable glove liners and decided to give them a whirl. They proved to be not just thin and comfortable but also notably warm, a perfect amalgamation of comfort and functionality. If temperatures plummeted below zero, these liners paired conveniently well with another layer of gloves. For anyone seeking light yet adequately warm gloves, I have found Savior Heat to meet these expectations rather brilliantly.

What is the top pick among heated gloves available in the market?

When it comes the question of the best heated gloves, I would point towards the Outdoor Research Sureshot Heated Softshell Glove without a doubt. This pick stands out as an all-rounder winter glove, making it a personal favorite of mine. I had the chance to use them during a snowmobile tour last winter and the experience was nothing short of impressive. The level of insulation against the bitter cold was splendid and made me appreciate this model for its well-rounded attributes.

What are the downsides to using heated gloves?

While heated gloves offer an impressive array of benefits, there are a few drawbacks to be mindful of. Firstly, they are generally more expensive than disposable hand warmers. This can pose a hurdle to those looking for a budget-friendly solution. Secondly, once their battery is depleted, they require recharging or a fresh charged battery for use beyond six hours. This can be somewhat inconvenient for extended use on trips or outdoor activities. As a frequent user of heated gloves, I’ve faced instances where I had to resort to disposables due to lack of access to a power source. Nonetheless, despite these minor inconveniences, I still find heated gloves a worthy investment in the long run.

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