Do compression gloves work for arthritis? Are they safe?

Arthritis results in joint pain. The pain is accompanied by stiffness and swelling. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to do regular activities. 

The exact cause of the arthritis is still unknown.

However, we can use different therapies like heat, heat and cold, and heat and compression to get rid of swellings and pain. This can be achieved by wearing arthritis gloves.

Therapists have recommended wearing compression gloves for arthritis to carry out regular activities. 

Arthritis Compression gloves ease the pain by applying constant pressure to your joints. But does this solve the problem? Do compression gloves work for arthritis?

Do compression gloves work for arthritis?

To answer this question, we need to understand the different types and mechanisms of compression gloves.

Types of compression gloves

Following are three types of compression gloves:

  1. Normal arthritis gloves
  2. Heated gloves
  3. Glove splints

Normal arthritis gloves

Normal or regular arthritis gloves are specially designed to offer compression. Your hand joints are slightly compressed, and mild heat is provided. As a result, you feel less pain and focus on your routine activities.

Heated gloves

Heated gloves keep your hands warm while you work or play outdoors. These gloves come with a heating mechanism and a thermoregulator so that you can control the heat level. Moreover, heat combined with a bit of compression makes heated gloves a perfect choice for arthritis symptoms.

Glove splints

Glove splints keep your joints immobilized so that you feel less pain. Glove splints can help you recover from moderate swelling and soreness. 

Don’t forget to read the compression gloves reviews whether you select the fingerless compression gloves or hand compression gloves.

What are the best compression gloves?

If you are searching for the best compression glove, don’t forget to check those having following characteristics:

Constant compression: A good compression glove offers moderate and continuous compression. As a result, your joints stay in place. 

There is a mild compression that helps blood flow. As a result, it helps reduce swelling, pain, and soreness. This is an ideal scenario to reduce arthritis pain, swelling, and other types of hand pain.

Heat: Heat therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain. 

Heat is known to alleviate muscle and joint stiffness. It may be used to relax muscles, lubricate joints, or ease muscular spasms.

Either the compression gloves material should offer the maximum warmth or have a built-in heating mechanism for maximum effectiveness.

Good for work: There is no point in buying those compression gloves that can not work when they are required. These gloves should allow you to do normal activities while keeping your hand joints compressed with a bit of warmth. The size and fit should allow you to work/play easily without feeling the joint’s pain.

If your foot joints feel the same, heated socks are also available.

How long should you wear compression gloves?

This depends upon your activities. If you are working or playing, you need to wear the arthritic glove until you stop your activity. If you are wearing sleeping gloves for arthritis, you should wear them for at least 8 hours so that you can sleep properly.

So, do compression gloves work for arthritis?

Yes, compression gloves work for arthritis. They appear to improve hand symptoms in RA considerably. This implies they are effective in treating hand pain, stiffness, and swelling.

You need to select the best arthritis gloves or arthritis pads to benefit from this heat or compression therapy.

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