Raynaud Disease Gloves

Raynaud Disease Gloves : Do they really help?

Raynaud Disease is a rare disorder that affects the fingers and toes. It is caused by reduced blood flow to the lower limbs. When you feel stress or cold, your blood vessels become narrow, preventing blood from reaching the surface of your skin.

Loss of blood flow is often followed by redness, throbbing, or tingling of the skin; severe cases may cause sores or tissue death.

Heated gloves and glove liners are very helpful to lessen the pain associated with Raynaud disease. Blaze wear heated glove liners have become a prevalent remedy in treating Raynaud disease. 

In case you are facing Raynaud disease, then mittens are preferable to gloves. Mittens allow more movement of hand joints and will enable you to grip your fingers strongly. 

Moreover, fingerless gloves are a better companion for those who are suffering from SEVERE Raynaud. The reason is that they are lightweight and easy to wear, which resolves circulatory problems.

With a lot of gloves in the market, the question is, are Raynaud disease gloves any good?

Before we answer this, we need to know how we can control Raynaud’s disease?

How to control Raynaud’s disease?

Following are some tips to control Raynaud’s disease:

Keep your hands warm 

Control the temperature of your body if you are suffering Raynaud. Keep your hand warm and use hand warmer gloves. When you are outdoors, you must wear warm clothing with socks and gloves during cold weather. Furthermore, use skin protective gloves which keep your hands warm but not sweaty. 

The narrowing of thick vessels reduces the circulation in fingers and changes the color of your hands. For this, mittens are preferable to gloves as they allow good circulation and range of movement. 

Avoid Raynaud Syndrome Triggers

The major issue of Raynaud’s cause is poor circulation. Try to avoid tight-fitting things and improve circulation. Secondly, you must reduce alcohol and smoking. You should avoid using cold and allergy pills to control Raynaud. 


Exercise plays a vital role in blood circulation in the human body. It keeps the body warm and maintains the whole body temperature. 

It would help if you gave some time to exercise which will surely improve your living style. In addition, learn to handle your stress and worries by doing yoga, running, and all other possibilities.

Raynaud's syndrome gloves

What are the best gloves for Raynaud’s disease? 

Raynaud’s disease mainly affects the blood circulation ability to areas of thinner vessels like fingers and toes of the human body. The major symptoms of Raynaud’s are numbness, needles, throbbing pain, and feeling cold or stressed sometimes. 

If you are suffering from Raynaud’s disease, the only best way to treat this is to wear hand warmer gloves specially made for this purpose.

Types of gloves

There are a lot of gloves available in the market. We can try and find the best Raynauds disease gloves. 

Leather gloves might help you to avoid Raynaud’s, but they are not specifically made for this. 

Cotton gloves themselves look more stylish, but they will not keep your hands warm. 

Heated gloves are scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, so they are the best gloves for Raynaud’s disease.

Nowadays,  heated socks are also available to help you keep your foot warm with proper blood circulation.

Are copper and Silver gloves good for Raynaud’s disease? 

Mostly, the best gloves used in avoiding Raynaud’s disease are made up of copper and silver. Several benefits are associated with gloves made up of materials like copper and silver.

Firstly, copper and silver both are antibacterial. Since people with Raynaud’s disease have to wear these gloves throughout the day, they are the best as they won’t start smelling and stay hygienic the whole day. 

Secondly, heated gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome improve the circulation of blood, which is essential for the sufferers of Raynaud’s disease. Blood circulation keeps your hands warmer, and combined with these gloves’ warming properties; you will live a more comfortable life.

Managing Raynaud’s disease without Raynaud Disease Gloves

Besides Raynaud’s disease gloves, people ask about other ways to reduce the pain and improve circulation. Some important steps that sufferers should take to manage themselves are: 

  • Keep your house warm. 
  • You should wear warm dresses whenever you are in a cold place. Cover your feet and hands with socks and gloves especially.
  • You must quit smoking and other items that are harmful to your health. 
  • Try to avoid tea, coffee, and another stimulant that can disturb blood circulation.
  • You can wear battery-heated socks, rechargeable gloves, and battery-powered jackets.


Raynaud syndrome is common nowadays. It has affected 3-5% of adults worldwide. Mainly, it causes painful attacks to the sufferers and changes skin color. That’s why heating and maintaining body temperature is the major remedy in avoiding this. 

The heated gloves, hand warmers, and heated mittens are the best choice as Raynaud syndrome gloves. Best heated gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome not only keep you warm but also help in blood circulation. As a result, we can overcome the pain caused by the Raynaud disease.

So, Raynaud Disease Gloves are perfect for you if you suffer from this disease. Don’t forget to check the size and fit to take full advantage of these gloves.

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