Best heat pads for shoulder pain

4 Best heat pads for shoulder pain relief

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In the past years, the issues of shoulder pains have significantly been raised. Multiple reasons can cause mild to severe shoulder pain. You can experience pain in arthritis or after a fall. Moreover, if you have been sitting in an uncomfortable posture or working continuously for hours, it will initiate shoulder pain. 

Your shoulder joint can look deformed. Most importantly, ROM and mobility will be restricted. The shoulder might swell, making your hand feel numb or comparatively weaker. The most common issues leading to shoulder pain include:

  • Dislocation
  • Fracture
  • Cartilage tear
  • Joint separation
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Impingement
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Fall or accidental injury
  • Heart problems

One of the most feasible, safest, and medication-free ways to eliminate shoulder pain is a heating pad. As soon as you apply heat, you will feel your stressed muscles relaxing. Heat gives a soothing feel to your tensed shoulder muscles. It supports a healthy blood flow, oxygen supply, and nutrients reach. Ultimately, it speeds up the recovery time of the damaged tissues.

Heating pads for shoulder pain

I bought the top 15 heating pads to test for shoulder pain. These 4 were appreciated by my patients.

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) estimates that 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s about 20.4% of the population. And chronic pain can lead to a number of problems for patients including depression, lack of sleep, and fatigue. Options like heating pads can help you ease the pain and continue the treatment.

1) UTK Far Infrared Heating Wrap Pad

For heating therapy, this reliable heating pad uses a good mix of Jade and tourmalines stones. It ensures good quality and a steady stream of heat. It has a quick heat-up time and lets the heat penetrate the skin, muscle, and tissue instantly. It is safe to use far infrared therapy for pain management. Moreover, it covers your neck and shoulder to offer maximum pain relief.

It is made for easy use and maintenance. UKT also makes top knee heated pads. It is suitable for all ages. It has understandable and likable time and heat settings. This heating pad offers maximum heat transfer and deeper penetration. It improves muscle flexibility.

If you’re looking for the best heat pads for shoulder pain, then I recommend that you buy this one. It does an excellent job of providing you with pain relief without ever having to put in any effort.

  • Carbon fiber heating material
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 40 Natural jade stones and 18 tourmalines
  • Flexible pad
  • Smart cord
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Auto shut-off for safety
  • Memory function
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    2) Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad

    Innovative tech is infused in this heating pad. You can purchase this heated pad at a competitive market price. It can nurture your damages and support individuals with shoulder pains. Effective in pain management, it can help you heal faster. It is based on infrared therapy that seems to offer several long-term advantages. You will never face skin problems such as burns and dehydration. 

    Thermotex heating pad has been approved by all international standards, in case you are still having second thoughts. The quality material has been used. Platinum System makes it a unique, popular, and versatile pick in the best heat pads for the shoulder. This therapeutic device has easily manageable heat inserts. You can also place this shoulder heat pad comfortably on any body part.

    • Patented technology
    • Safe use of infrared therapy
    • Three patented heat inserts
    • Offers deep penetrating heat (10x deeper compared to the traditional heating pad)
    • Supports blood flow
    • Reduces lactic acid and inflammation
    • Heat is not adjustable
    • NO auto-off

    3) Nature Creation Heating pad

    Are you experiencing discomfort in the shoulders and neck? Here is your solution!

    This best shoulder heating pad by Nature creation is specially made for your neck and shoulders. It is easy to use and maintain. Moreover, It heats up in no time to offer soothing effects of heat. The additional feature that distinguishes it from the rest is the aroma it carries. We all know how scents can be highly comforting. No matter if you need heating or cold therapy, it will give you both!

    Pregnant women can use this heated pad without worrying about anything.

    This heated pad for shoulders is appropriately weighted, so you don’t feel heavy when placing it on your shoulders. Efficient deep therapy is its forte. Consider a helpful gadget for promoting body relaxation. Place it In the microwave to warm it up for Heat Therapy. And, keep it in the freezer to chill it down for a Cold Therapy.

    • Reusable and Natural
    • High Quality.
    • It is dual purpose: Hot & cold therapy
    • The scent of fresh and ten different herbs
    • Offers aromatherapy that seems safe for daily use
    • Side Flaps for extra comfort

      4) Sunbeam Heating and Massage Pad

      This heating pad is the best pick if you are looking to cover the maximum shoulder area. It has a large pad that offers soothing heat for quick pain relief. In case you are having HIGHLY tensed pain, you can opt for massaging intensity, too. It will help you get rid of cramps in no time. Equipped with a magnetic closure, it keeps the pad safe and secure at its place without needing any readjustments. Its design will give you personalized fit and comfort.

      It’s time to get yourself a relaxing, massaging therapeutic heat. It has a distinctive shape that carries an upper flap with slightly weighted edges. This XL pad delivers maximum coverage. You can take it with you. You would enjoy its targeted relief mechanism.

      • Two heat levels
      • Four massage intensities
      • Digital LED controller
      • Ultra-soft Royal Mink
      • Extra-large wrap
      • 2-hour auto-off function
      • Gentle massaging heat
      • Suitable with moist heat
      • 9-foot power cord
      • Magnetic closure
      • Machine washable
      • Longer cord
      • Only two temperature settings

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      Additional Questions

      Are heat pads beneficial for shoulder pain?

      Absolutely! Heating pads, particularly those designed for shoulders and neck, can significantly aid in reducing pain and discomfort. They work by loosening tightness in joints and easing muscle soreness in the upper body. If we dive a bit deeper into the types of heating pads available, we find two main contenders: microwaveable heat pads which provide moist heat and electric heat pads imparting dry heat. Based on your comfort and need, you can choose between the two. As for me, I’ve personally found electric heat pads to be extremely efficient because of their easier usage and controlled temperature options. Importantly however, heat pads are indeed a great solution for shoulder pain.

      What is the superior choice in heating pads?

      Now, this can vary greatly based on individual preference, the area of pain, and different heat requirements. While some might vouch for electric pads due to their convenience and controlled heating, others might prefer microwaveable ones for their moist heat. In the realm of physical therapy, for instance, a different type of heating pad is often used—a clay and sand-filled hot pack which has been heated in something called a hydrocollator. This device contains water maintained at approximately 160 degrees, and the heat pack absorbs this heat before being wrapped in a terry cloth towel and applied to the problematic body part. Drawing from my personal experience as a physical therapist, I can definitely say this heating pad works wonders for pain relief.

      For how long should you keep a heating pad on your shoulder?

      Well, there’s no hard-and-fast rule about how long you should use a heating pad. But from my years of experience dealing with muscle and joint pains, I can confidently suggest that a window of around 10-30 minutes generally proves beneficial. If the heat is applied for too brief a period, the muscle or joint may not have a chance to properly warm up, thereby rendered ineffective for relieving pain. Remember, moderation is key and each person might have different heat tolerance levels. So, you should always listen to your body’s signals and stop if you feel discomfort. The goal is pain alleviation, not to add to it. Thus, a heating pad should ideally be kept on for around 10-30 minutes for experiencing its pain-relieving benefits.

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