Rag quilt calculator

Rag Quilt Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate the no. of rows, squares per row, total squares, squares per fabric, fabric strips, and fabric length of each rag quilt fabric.

All you need to use this easy rag calculator is to provide the square size, no. of fabrics, desired quilt width, desired quilt height, and fabric width in inches.

Calculator for quilt rag fabric calculations

How to calculate the rag quilt fabric requirements?

You need the following parameters in order to calculate the fabric requirements for a rag quilt:

  • Finished square size
  • Number of squares per row
  • Number of rows
  • Total squares for both layers
  • Squares needed for each fabric
  • No. of squares that can be cut from the fabric’s width
  • No. of fabric strips needed
  • Fabric length needed

Here is the formula:

  • Finished Square Size = Square Size – 1
  • Squares Per Row = Quilt Width / Finished Square Size
  • Number of Rows = Quilt Height / Finished Square Size
  • Total Squares = Squares Per Row * Number of Rows
  • Total Squares With Back = Total Squares * 2
  • Squares Per Fabric = Total Squares With Back / Fabric Count
  • Squares Per Width = Fabric Width / Square Size
  • Fabric Strips Needed = Squares Per Fabric / Squares Per Width
  • Fabric Length Needed = Fabric Strips Needed * Square Size
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